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Finally free from the assembly she completely ignored, Silence walked to the espionage block, the smallest of the blocks, to go to her home-room. She walked through the corridors amidst a myriad of 20 others who seemingly were with her. She eventually walked into the door labeled 1-E-A. The seating plan on the board dictated that Silence was to sit at the back window seat, so she headed there quickly. She had no one next to her, so she liked it.

The home-room teacher, a man wearing a lab-coat and glasses with wacky white hair popped into existence behind the teachers desk. Originally Silence questioned if he was her teacher, since the guy stuck out like a saw thumb. Remembering how he teleported into his seat, she quickly dismissed such doubts.

"Welcome. This is the espionage class, and here we do things like spy-work, stealth missions and other stuff. First off, let's have everyone introduce themselves with nick-names and a little something about you or your power. Let's start alphabetically according to nicknames, so 'Camo' first please." He spoke with vigor, and with a few shallow sighs to start it off, everyone in turn introduced themselves.

Starting with camouflage, to teleportation and people with increased regenerative abilities, the class had a range of people with seemingly important abilities. Most were arguably more useful than Silence's, but lacked the discipline and the level of control Silence's had.

Eventually it was Silence's time to introduce herself. 

"Hi, I'm Silence. I like silence," she introduced herself succinctly. 

Some shock came from the others, whispering that this seemingly weak girl in the corner of their classroom was in fact and elite ranked in the top 100. It didn't bother Silence though since she expected it by now.

'My rank came from my use of my power without any movement on my behalf. I think of an area I want the barrier to appear, and it does. Minimal lag, minimal energy required and minimal tell makes me in the top 100. Also that cocky high-ranked mage duel increased it... but that shouldn't even count as a challenge.' she thought to herself, ignoring the rest of the speculations made of her.

The school ranking system is done by comparing the usability of the power to the course the user does. Since Silence was in the Espionage course, her ability was well suited to the course. But this alone put her in the top 200, rank 133 to be exact. The thing that pushed her into the top 100 was the duel she did on opening day. It was a battle between her and the mage dubbed 'Lunar' who, at that point, was rank 35. Now Lunar was ranked 90 and Silence became rank 73. It was mainly about this duel the people were now talking about.


After introductions the class went on a full tour of the school, a means of preventing them from getting lost. They had maps, but the teacher wanted them to be able to visualize the area. So, going as a class they walked around the campus. The massive building in the center was the military block. It was the largest due to having the largest population, which related to its budget. As such the Espionage block had the smallest size, population and budget to match. The layout of the various blocks wasn't that complicated, but some of the blocks looked nearly identical. For instance, there were only minor structural differences between the Medical block and the Science block.

Oh yeah, there were normal blocks too. The ability courses served as the main part of what you'd be learning, training for the entirety of monday, wednesday and friday. Saturday and sunday are the weekend, so no lessons are done then. Tuesday and thursday were spent doing your minor courses like English, Maths and Science. Surprisingly maths was the most hated subject at this school, considering the other crazy courses the school offer like international politics and Heroism.

By the way, today was friday, serving as a tutorial day instead of a full on training day. There were three periods a day, the first being the assembly earlier which kinda ran into break, second being home-room introductions which was now. And according to what the assembly and what the student handbook had said, third period should be training introductions.


With the tour of the different blocks done, they had ended at the right time to get dismissed for lunch without any waiting. Due to her status, Silence went to the elite cafeteria, which was located in the elite block. Yeah, this school had no signs of elitism or anything...

Silence walked up to the staff at the gate.

"Who..." they mimed the rest, being 'goes there'. Silence used her ability to shut them up mid-sentence, creating a one-way barrier over their mouth, meaning attempts to speak were fruitless.

"I'm Silence. Ranked 73," she stated whilst bringing out her student ID card to prove it.

Accepting it, the staff member swiftly opened the gate and allowed her to pass. Whilst going through, Silence kindly removed the barrier on the staff member's mouth, allowing them to talk again.

Silence seemed to have caused a scene, given that she was now the center of attention, noticing even the harem king Thor and his harem of prestigious girls were fixed on her. She simply walked over to the queue, and waited for her turn to order whilst ignoring her spectators.

As expected of an elite cafeteria, the choice and quality of food were superb. The best part being how the food was completely free. The elite were basically given everything except for utilities, electricity and their schooling for free, but would be expected to pay them back tenfold after graduating.

Silence ordered simple rice with salmon, then fell into a problem, there was no empty table to eat at. This didn't faze her for long, since she just left the cafeteria looking for a peaceful place to eat outside, after seeing others leave with their meals, she assumed she was no different.

Whilst looking around, she saw a somewhat abandoned field behind the maths block. There were a couple trees spotted around, one being a cherry blossom. She started to doubt herself, since she assumed such an area would be popular due to it's beauty. But no signs or people tried to stop her, so she eventually decided to start eating there until someone stopped her.

She sat down, put on some barriers, turned on her stereo and started to eat her meal. The salmon was cooked to perfection, as expected from the 'elite' cafeteria. Savoring every mouthful, as the seconds passed she truly felt bliss. She always hated crowds since she had always hated talking and noise. So she felt glad her ability allowed her to ignore these aspects she loathed, but the times her ability wasn't needed were also nice.


She eventually finished, with about ten minutes of lunch left. So she threw her chop-sticks in the closest bin, returned her plate for washing and went to class. People stared and murmured between themselves, but Silence ignored them. Becoming the first person to re-enter the 1-E-A classroom. She was looking forwards to seeing what her training entailed, so waited patiently for lunch to be over.

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