All of the students took off soon after getting grouped together. The field they were in was about a hundred meters from the building they needed to enter. It was located in the northeast area of the campus and north of their current position. Considering the building matrix to the south of them and the small forest to the east of the entire campus, getting to the building seemed deceivingly easy. But since this was the same building from last time, all the students knew not to underestimate it.

Each group did their own thing, with some blindly facing the shell of a building with their half-baked plans that got foiled by simple guard placements and walls. And others taking their planning to the next stage. Going off to secluded areas like the library or empty fields to discuss their methods in further detail. Or that's what they claimed to the teacher at least since most of these groups ended up just prating about in the various cafeterias or playing fields dotted about the campus.

Silence and the two boys grouped with her had claimed to go for the former. They ended up letting Snake go forth to get intel before they made an actual attempt. His power of his ultra-perceptive and quiet movement gave him the best chance of successfully infiltrating them. The other two just went to a field overlooking the fort as they waited for his return.


From the dense building matrix near the field they all started on, Silence and Headache overlooked the small fortress

A critical flaw in their plan was quickly realized by all parties, when he appeared again, one of the agent-like guards on either side of him. Seeing him get dragged off into a smaller building next to their target, Silence and Headache looked at one another and froze for a moment before the latter prompted a conversation.

"So... now what?"

Silence, looking into the distance, paused for a while before giving her answer, "Hm... We could just wait, or go in for it and hope we don't get caught. Either way, I doubt it'll do much. We have as many tries as we want in the three days, but the guards don't seem to be asleep like last time."

Headache shrugged, "Yeah... those are our only options. But 'which' should we do?"

"Going in seems like a pain, staying here seems dull. So I'll leave that choice up to you," she replied.

"Let's just go. We probably won't do much, but there's a chance of us finding something important now rather the later. So how?" as Headache asked yet another question, Silence had started walking towards the building.

Aiming to head through the forest-like area to the east of the building, Silence was soon pursued by two guards, who noticed the little girl visibly. Noticing this, she started to sprint. She was slower than her pursuers, however, she passed the treeline with the guards following slightly later.

The rest of the guards in the vicinity followed suit in charging after her, leaving a large opening in the front. Realizing his chance, Headache acted on it by sprinting to the exposed front door. His thirty-meter sprint went well. That is until he got through the door.

With some ironic timing, he ran into some people inside the building. Before he could react, he was lead to the make-shift jail.


Meanwhile, Silence had managed to lose her chasers in the forest. She was hiding behind a tree, waiting for the first two to run past her. Using a bit of sound amplification to mimic wind blowing on the leaves. This lead the two suited men on for a significant distance from where she actually hid before realizing they lost her. With a chance to catch her breath, she ducked under a nearby bush before crawling towards the treeline.

However, the larger group who had followed them formed an intricate human net, which gradually closed in on her position with every precise step. As she watched them from cover, the two men who initially ran after her came back. Finding her, they crept up behind her and picked her off her feet. She too was carried towards the small building and joined with the other two.

Minutes of awkward silence followed until they were released for a break.


Doing her normal activities, Silence returned to the field they started on and waited for the others to come by lying down. Rudely awakened by someone shouting at other people and the on-going preaching of the teacher back, she built up her concentration level as the teacher droned on.

When her ears finally started working again, she heard the teacher's voice dominate all the far off sounds trying to compete with him.

His tone started off bitter, but gradually became more tranquil, "So, apart from those groups who completely wasted your time pointlessly talking and eating, You lot are doing as expected progress for the first period. Although only one group seemed to make an attempt, the plans the rest of you made seem good enough for more attempts to be made today too. But don't forget the three failure rule, because in real life you'd only get one attempt. I did say that I was going to be merciful and give you five tried. But keep in mind that this is the only exception to that rule. Anyway, that's enough from me. Good luck this period and see you all next after lunch."

With the teacher finished, all of the teams split up and went their own ways once again. More groups headed towards the guarded fort this time, but Silence's group went to the library to discuss their next plan.

Headache was forced to break the ice since the other two refused, "So, what do you make of their defenses?"

"The south seems guarded heavily, and the east is patrolled regularly. The north seemed unprotected, but I also didn't see any entrances there. And I have no idea about the west, but since there's no cover like the east, I doubt it's feasible," Snake stated.

"Really? I feel like they'd also expect that, seeing how they guarded the place last time. But I think the north would be a good call if they have no guards there," Headache replied.

Silence and Snake agreed, with different levels of enthusiasm, and they began to plan their placements since they were all going in this time.


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