The conversation froze, as Silence considered whether or not to answer her sister's question. Every second built up the expectation and her clock's ticking wouldn't allow her to lose count of this.

With a bit more thought, she stood up from her bed and walked around her room whilst succinctly replying before Helen's patience wore thin, "I'm on my school's Beam Toppling team."

A small pause and deep sigh later, her sister made her bemused comment, "Huh, you weren't kidding..." she changed her tone to a more uplifting one and continued, "Sorry, I meant to say congrats but... I'm confused."

She left no room for an explanation before speaking again, "I don't really understand what your school is thinking unless they really want to use random factor..."

"Er... What are you talking about?" Silence interrupted, tilting her head on her side of the call.

"Well, You're an audio user, right? How do they expect you to topple anything when all you can do is silence them," she explained.

"Uh, I think you misunderstood. I won some exhibition matches, hence I'm on the team. I've proven myself capable of doing the event. Hell, my only reason for training is to get a better method of toppling it that doesn't strain my voice. Though it's not going well right now," Silence replied.

There was another pause, soon broken by Helen, "Oh..."

She broke into a small fit of laughter before continuing, "I thought that they just picked you because you're highly ranked. Yeah, I know it sounds stupid, but a lot of pretty high ranking schools did that last year since they had no one else to do certain events."

Another pause was broken by Helen, although with a more serious tone, "By the way, you know that you'll need to use your full name in it?"

"I do... I was told that you dealt with 'that' already, but I'd be lying if I said I was fine with it," Silence answered with a sombre voice.

"Mel..." her sister said in an almost pitying tone.

"Well, now that's out of the way, I'm sort of bored of talking about myself. So how are you?" she asked in a subtly annoyed tone.

Helen sighed, "Well it was going well until some idiot challenged me to a duel. I don't know what I'm going to do about it, though..."

Silence was almost breaking into a laugh at hearing it, rhetorically replying, "Huh. So someone is actually willing to duel with you?"

"Yeah... I'm at a training session hosted by Forth High, but it seems that someone else has the same nickname as me, so took offense. I think they're from fifteenth High, but there're eight other schools here, so I'm not sure. I don't really know if the individual cares about it, though," she explained in a worried tone.

"Well, it's your choice to accept or reject the challenge," Silence said indifferently.

"Yeah, I'm going to wait on making a decision. But that's pretty much all that's going on right now. How are your studies?"

"Well, to an anticlimactic degree. I thought high school was going to be hard, but... the 'espionage' test was a piece of cake, and science is so simple easy to understand it's stupid. Though, I'd have more notes if my damn pens didn't run out..."

Her sister responded with a lighthearted joke before actually giving a serious opinion, "Cool down hotshot, you're only in the first week. Just wait, Maths will probably wipe that confidence of yours. Also, science is just a dos at my level, let alone yours... Know how simple powers correlate? If you do, you'll pass with no problems since that's all that science is."

"Really? I thought it would be equations and stuff," she stated.

"Well, there are equations and such... But at this level you'll only get one, maybe two, very simple ones," Helen said.

Helen cut out of the call, murmurs from someone else coming through Silence's phone. Soon enough her sister's voice came back, "It appears I need to go and eat. I'll see you next week, try not to ignore me next time. Please?"

Feeling the blow, Silence became meek in her response, "Sorry about that... Have a good week until then."

With the call ended and she started to stretch. Looking at her watch, it was about six in the afternoon.

Accompanied by a yawn, she crawled back under her covers. But within ten minutes or so of rolling around and contorting her body seemingly randomly, she gave up, having realized she was tired enough to sleep.

'Dammit! What to do, oh what to do... Oh, right. It's the weekend so that'll work,' she got up to fumble in one of her drawers, putting her entire arm inside before dragging out a familiar handheld console. She then rummaged around a nearby bookshelf full of games, drawing out her choice from her collection before sitting down to play it.


Two hours passed like minutes as her continuous tapping of buttons repeated like her clock's tick. Her deadpan expression occasionally being overcome by small fits of joy and laughter, as her eyes laid locked permanently on the small screen as the colourful characters on it started to kill one another in bloodless but violent displays in front of her.

A grumble soon disrupted her playing session as a hungry stomach spoke up.

With another stretch, which cracked a shocking amount of joints, Silence walked towards a cupboard in the corner of her room. As her hands escaped, they revealed a series of chocolate bars, all of which she engulfed them in rapid succession to sate her hunger.

Afterwards, she went to bed with her game and played until she finally slept again.


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