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OldBegginings:[Yeah, don't worry. This just made more sense as a side chapter, so I'm posting it now, and releasing another chapter soon. (I'm still writing it, but I'll try to finish it before I got to sleep tonight, but it might be after midnight until it's actually finished...)


Well anyway, thanks for reading. I hope you enjoy this side chapter, and the real one later. Sorry for possible confusion, and a enjoy.]

A new poster had erected on all the bulletin boards, the construction and cheering teams had both be finalized. Although, there was confusion over another change they made.

"So, wait... Shouldn't Silence be in this contest? I swear our teacher let her leave lesson early because of it," Camo asked, going through the list once more just to check. His eyebrows furrowed as he focused intently.

"'Silence'? Who... Wait, her? Yeah, she should be here," one of his friends remarked, pointing at a name that said 'Mellisa Shard (???)'. After reading it he joined his friend's confusion.

"Huh, that's her real name? So why isn't her nickname there? Everyone else's nickname is..." he replied, starting to distract himself.

"Wait, didn't tons of schools do this last year? I seem to remember that the guy who got second in the cross-country last year did the same. Also, a lot of them did that in the first race, didn't they?" his friend replied, a smile forming on his face as his eyes looked up to the orange-tinted sky.

"Of course you'd know that... Anyway, so are you saying that they're allowed to hide those things? If so, why do they even post any of them?" Camo asked, his brain fried from the whole week of struggling in every lesson.

"I think that it's a one per year sort of thing, I have no idea why, though... It shouldn't matter anyway if 1st High's team has anything to say about it. They still have Newton to destroy her with. I don't even want to think about 3rd high's team..." his friend replied, shuddering as he tried to remember last year's event.

"I wouldn't be so sure, knowing her power, but meh. The picks seem pretty good this year, though picking Lead instead of Graphite was probably a bad idea..." Camo said, doubting the construction team's designer.

"Probably luck of the draw or something. We ended in 93rd place last year, so I doubt we'll do much worse this year," his friend stated, shaking off Camo's doubts.

Whilst focused on the sky, the friend finally realized how late it was. Telling Camo one last thing before leaving, "Snap! It's this late already? My opinions similar to yours, but they still need to do their work against their competition. Have a good weekend, my sister's going to kill me anyway..."


With his friend's departure, he disappeared out of the school gate soon after.


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