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Neku Sakuraba is your average teenager, he aspires to be the ultimate emo and nothing more. His life radically changes when he's dragged into the troubles of a random girl. Suddenly, Neku finds himself in the middle of a dangerous conflict. He discovers his latent talent to wield magical pins, which become his weapon of choice to defeat his pursuers. Every new enemy is stronger than the previous, and Neku's pins always look crappy in comparison. Will Neku defeat the vastly superior enemies? Can he ascend the ladder to become the strongest pin user in the world!?

Note: Other than borrowed sprites, character names and pins - there's no real connection between this story and The World Ends With You. You neither need to play the game first, nor will this story spoil the game.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 01: The Girl ago
Chapter 02: Pins ago
Chapter 03: The Third Member ago
Chapter 04: Boss Battle!!! ago
Chapter 05: Higashizawa ago
Chapter 06: Free Time ago
Chapter 07: The Noobs Return! ago
Chapter 08: Level Up! ago
Chapter 09: Recruiting ago
Chapter 10: Team Neku Attacks! ago
Chapter 11: Math Freak! ago
Chapter 12: Team Shiki Strikes! ago
Chapter 13: Team Beta Eliminates! ago
Chapter 14: Rhyme ago
Chapter 15: Kill Man ago
Chapter 16: Names... ago
Chapter 17: Tournament ago
Chapter 18: Neku vs. BJ ago
Chapter 19: Shiki vs. Uzuki ago
Chapter 20: Shiki vs. Uzuki! Again... ago
Chapter 21: Beat vs. TJ ago
Chapter 22: Joshua vs. Kariya ago
Chapter 23: Neku vs. Kariya ago
Chapter 24: Beat vs. Pink Witch ago
Chapter 25: Beat vs. Uzuki (Part 2) ago
Chapter 26: Beat vs. Uzuki (Part 3) ago
Chapter 27: The Finals! Neku vs. Beat! ago
Chapter 28: The Champion ago
Chapter 29: Zombie ago
Chapter 30: Shiki's Past ago
Chapter 31: Final Arc ago
Chapter 32: Shiki's Death ago
Chapter 33: The Best Pin ago
Chapter 34: Neku vs. Joshua ago
Chapter 35: W ago
Chapter 36: Charge! ago
Chapter 37: Final Boss! ago
Chapter 38: Showdown! ago
Chapter 39: It's Not Over Yet ago
Chapter 40: The Plan ago

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Best Worst story I've ever read

This story... well it doesn't merit a traditional 5 stars.

The level of story telling is quite adjusted to the media, which makes it look awful but the author is surprisingly deep, and to be honest I did laugh at this... which is new, I normally avoid comics like the plague because they simply annoy me.

This deserves 5 stars because the Author achieves and pulls out basically the best he could by using the most troll media he could... it attests to the authors creativity to pull this off as I doubt that many others honestly could.