Different World along with One Piece System

Different World along with One Piece System

by BlueFish

BlueMoon Continent there are many different types of elements that people cultivate. Chris is a fan of One Piece, he is the self proclaimed Number One fan. A single wish caused Chris to be thrown into another world with an exchange system that had all the One Piece qualities. You’re the number one cultivator? I’m the King of the Pirates! You have an army of 1000 men? I have a fleet of 10000 Pirates! You have 100 high class beauties at your side? I have… ok, you beat me there! ------------ This work of fiction is just for me to have fun with. I don't have any goals for this, just something I want to do. From the title, you can tell that this is highly inspired by In a Different World with Naurto System. But also from One Piece as well. Casually written, just made for fun. Read along, don't expect anything, just enjoy. Lots of spelling/grammar mistakes, but i'm not bothered about it. Don't care too much about it, not a professional nor trying to be one. Written for fun.

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Word Count (14)
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Table of Contents
38 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1 - Birth of Yan D. Yu ago
Chapter 2 - I'll also become the greatest swordsman! ago
Chapter 3 - Strange Flame ago
Chapter 4 - During those three years ago
Chapter 5 - Pirate types ago
Chapter 6 - I'm Going to be King of the Pirates ago
Chapter 7 - Who's a cultivator? ago
Chapter 8 - Face in the sky ago
Chapter 9 - The Alliance decides on a big move! ago
Chapter 10 - Fifth realm cultivator ago
Chapter 11- The second time he's mentioned ago
Chapter 12 - Le Long ago
Chapter 13 - Encountering ago
Chapter 14 - New item at the Auction House ago
Chapter 15 - Strong Mortal ago
Chapter 16 - I need your help ago
Chapter 17 - Prisoner ago
Chapter 18 - No direction ago
Chapter 19 - A new town ago
Chapter 20 - What can you do for me? ago
Chapter 21 - Holy Knight? ago
Chapter 22 - Elements ago
Chapter 23 - Leah's return ago
Chapter 24 - Gaining a lot from... ago
Announcement + Update! ago
Chapter 25 - World's Biggest Eater ago
Chapter 26 - Arrival of the Dawn Pt.1 ago
Chapter 26 - Arrival of the Dawn pt. 2 ago
Chapter 27 - End of Dawn ago
Chapter 28 - This is evolution ago
Chapter 29 -The First Immortal ago
Chapter 30 - Strange feeling ago
Chapter 31 - A God ago
Chapter 32 - Mother ago
Chapter 33 - Inscription Master ago
Chapter 34 - Extra hand ago
Update~ ago
Not a Chapter~ ago

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There are two kinds of fanfiction: the good one and the bad one. I can proudly attest that this fanfiction is the former. In fact I can say that this fanfiction is better than the original. Now, onwards to the review!



I like your style of writing. Very simple yet defenitely shows everything neccissary. The style is infinitely better than the original (whether translation or raw).



Although there are some typos here and there, the grammar is definitely better than the original.

Note: Don't forget to double check your sentences.



You used One Piece instead of Naruto. At first I thought this would just be a carbon copy of "In Another World with Naruto System". It seems that I was wrong. The first few chapters have a slight similarity to the original fanfic but as the story progresses, the difference can clearly be seen.



Now here is where most of your problem lies. I'll be blunt, your naming sense sucks. I believe in "the name makes the character", so try to improve your naming sense.

Also, the main character is a goddamn hypocrite. It's also as clear as day that the side characters are more well written than the Main Character, so try to fix this.


All in all, you did a good job. I look forward to more chapters in the future.


Cypher out!


Nice but pls dont drop  .................................................................... Nice


 personally at chapter 3 i was getting so tired of the repeats of "me your father" that i was just about ready to drop this. To my pleasant surprise the author's style vastly improves past chapter 3-5 and everything just becomes so much better

My advice to the author is to tweak the first couple chapters since if i were to base my review on those i'd give 2.5 stars compared to the 4 stars at chapter 21


Read it, because One Piece > Naruto

 I see what you're doing here ;)

Well it is better than the Naruto system one, considering things make at least some sense. I mean, it's not top kek, but this is just writing for casuls isn't it? GJ, 5/7.


Makes more sense than Naruto System that's for sure. There's some small grammar mistakes but if you can get past all that, you'll see a gem of a story that mixes Xianxia tropes like Cultivators and One Piece logic nicely. It's a must read for any One Piece fan that has seen Xianxia's and Wuxia's before.


Wow it's been a while since I've read anything here. This is a fanfic which puts the original "In a different world with Naruto system" to shame both in grammar(translator) and story(author). I can't wait for more, such an adventure! XD kinda like One Piece before fillers and intro's taking half the episodes. It starts...shocking and after that it's a bit copied but I guess necessary for the intro, after all it's the same system only with One Piece instead of Naruto. Sometimes I find it really funny even though it's not meant to be funny? Anyway....enjoy

Btw I disliked all the other "reviews" bcoz ... "I like it" is not a review, you need to describe why you like or don't like it... it's one of RR faults

Edit: As William says "I, your father" is overused but I think that was attempt at being funny, not that it matters as the MC doesn't speak that way anymore

@G4merSylver I see you didn't read this is a fanfic based on Naruto system which is also a xianxia where Blue Moon continent would be a pretty normal name, as for speed it's the same with the Naruto one and actually pretty good since most fanfics are dropped, giving this one a chance to actually be completed since xianxia novels usually take 700+ chapters


I like it. just dont end it too quickly

Has potential  just dont make this a short novel like the naruto system novel. too many novels have ended prematurely . 


i like it when will you continue the story?


One of the best PLZ don't drop

of all of the books i have read this one is one of the best i have found thats simmilar to a book i read and from this one to the others this one is so far number 1 keep at it dudelaughing


Just what i was looking for

This fanfic is pretty good. It has better grammar then it's counterpart, in a different world with a naruto system and god of soul system.

Hopefully, this fanfic won't be as cliche as the others on novel updates. "I, your father" won't fly anymore though, since this isn't a translation. 

So keep it up author-san.