A Dance of Poison and Curses

by CrystalSquirrel

Original COMPLETED Action Adventure Fantasy Romance Female Lead High Fantasy Magic Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

For Liliana Rose her family is absolute.  Her loyalty is absolute, and if her mother or father demanded anything of her she'd give it to them without a thought.  Yet in the end she realized how little she'd given to her family, and how she was nothing in comparison to her parents.

To that end Liliana chose to leave her family behind, setting out on a journey to find her own value, and a way to help cement her own legacy.  What she found was something beyond her imagination, and it would eventually lead to her discovering her own place within the Empire.


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Word Count (14)
5th Anniversary
Top List #70
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Vol. 1 Chapter 1 - Every Rose Has Thorns ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 2 - Escort Missions Suck ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 3 - Tea Time At Midnight ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 4 - Out Of The Frying Pan ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 5 - Something Wicked This Way Comes ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 6 - An Infection Of The Soul ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 7 - A Sliver Of Crimson ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 8- Borrowing A Cup Of Sugar ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 9 - A Nighttime Stroll ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 10 - Exposition For The Soul ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 11 - An Uneventful Trip ago
Vol. 1 Chapter 12 - The Home Of Myths ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 1 - The Emerald Rose ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 2 - The Fun Trip Home ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 3 - The Rock In The Rose Garden ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 4 - The Oak That Fell Silent ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 5 - A Nice Dream ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 6 - Here Comes The Rain Again ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 7 - Everything Turns Out Perfect ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 8 - From Oakvale To Rivers Edge ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 9 - The Trees Come Marching ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 10 - The Calm Before The Dance ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 11 - The Cobra Effect ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 12 - Unexpected News ago
Vol. 2 Chapter 13 - Exposure Of The Soul ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 1 - Chaos At Sea ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 2 - A Fishy Scenario ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 3 - Truths in Moonlight ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 4 - Into the Jungle ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 5 - The Sword and the Monsters ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 6 - A Sight For Sore Eyes ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 7 - A Warm Night ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 8 - A Fury Unleashed ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 9 - What Lies Within ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 10 - Conception of Fate ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 11 - Homeward Bound ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 12 - Promises Of The Future ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 13 - The Burden Of Life ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 14 - The Emperor ago
Vol. 3 Chapter 15 - The Lily's Denouement ago
Vol. 3 Epilogue - Five Years Later ago

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This is probably my favourite original FF of all the ones I've read here and on japtem. It has a bit of a slow start but it gets awesome after a chapter or two. Go check his other works at japtem if you enjoy it.

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Amazing Story, Must Read

 Every other story that has a romantic aspect of any sense that I have read so far becomes bogus after a while with the harem aspect, yet this does not. For it flawlessly executes a believable relationship between 2 that captures the heart of the reader. Both characters are lovable and fun to read, not OP but fun and strong in their own right. This story deserves to be in the Top 10, hell I would go so far to say in the top 3.


Forgetting about the romance, I cannot begin to talk about how I cannot wait to see how she will live out her life and how he is going to affect her life. One thing that I love even more is that we don’t have an over reliant characters in this story. It pisses me off most of the time [ unless story is well written to the point where it does not make a difference ] when either a female or male character cannot stand on their own without help … And this does not which pleases me quite a bit.   :) Other aspects of the story are well defined and executed perfectly 10/10 from me . 


One thing that I love is the detail that you pay attention to combined with a slight comedic but pleasant mood makes me want to read more and more. The charcters, and problems that she comes across are all interesting to read, something that other stories fail to accomplish. Honestly, your writing skills in fiction far surpasses my expectations…. 


Another thing that I would like to mention is that I personally don’t prefer reading stories from a female perspective, and I shy away from them. Since I find it difficult to place myself in their shoes, but however for this I find no difficulty but rather it was amazing to read through her perspective. I loved it and I hope you continue this amazing story of a slice of her life :)



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This story is very good.

The style is very clear and feels natural.

The story is interesting and has a very nice concept that isn't like the generic reincarnation or transferred to another world.

Grammar is very good. Clear language, nicely built scentences and rare spelling mistakes.

Characters are pretty well explained. No random falling in love and instant harem things which would make things feel rushed. Though most is from a personal view of the lead MC.


In short: this is a true Opus Magnum.

And it is just one of his many Opus Magnum works.

  • Overall Score

Many of the fictions on here are short and choppy.  They try to convey the main points of the story to move it along.  I feel that  a lot of them lack story telling, setting the environment, creating suspense, and foreshadowing.  


This world so far is dark and gritty.  I can feel how oppressive it is from the way the author writes.  Green eyes is a terrifying enigma.  Who is he?  How did he end up like this?  These are questions I yearn to know the answers to and I'm only three chapters in.  I applaud the author for bringing ff to a new level of detail and quality.  Thank you for writing this.  I look forward to more.

  • Overall Score

I hope you will post more often from now on.The story is great , original and interesting.

Your story is originale from one end to another, i don t think you can seek somenthing more "special" than this on this sait.Don t stop , ever again!(until you finish at least)

  • Overall Score

A question to the author............

Are you abandoning 'The Cracked Earth', or is it already over? Enjoy your 5 star
  • Overall Score

Amazing, I love this author

I love the way Crystal Writes, i have only started going through this story today, but i already love it. Then come to find out he posts a new chapter today. Woooooo. 


If you haven't seen hisother 2 stories, Grave of the Crystal Goddess, and Cracked Earth  on Japtem, then you should. 

  • Overall Score

This is one of Legendary work at japtem, its good to know this FF also available at royalroad

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We have been blessed by the great author!

This story is an orginal , and a great way of story telling by the writer!

compared to the other works here.


The characters are very well built and aren’t rushed.

The style of writing so far is great, and hardly any spelling mistakes, and grammer is on point.

Overall this is a great story and has that “turning page effect” making me want more.


Thank you dear author!


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A fantasy novel like no other

This FF truly deserves to be in the top 10.


It felt like reading a professional book. The grammar is well above the average.


The story is very well planed out. With hints into the future and stuff hidden that you see in chapter one but get explained in volume 2 (which sounds short but it is truly not)


The characters are awesome. You can understand their action and after a while you will start to love them. Their dialoge is also finely crafted.


I hope you guys give this FF a chance!