Fighting God

Fighting God

by Zero300

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

A powerful but naive fighting expert lived a short and unfulfilling life. On his deathbed, his regret reached the Heavens, who gave him another chance. Now, reborn in a world of magic with memories of his past, he set out to make his name. However, life doesn't go his way most of the time - born with no affinity to the elements and unable to channel mana...what can he do? Well, guess he can only depend on his fists. [15+] for gore, strong language, and violence. I will post at least one chapter every one or two weeks.


This is my first novel. Enjoy if you can. Leave a comment on any grammar issues or why its bad so I can improve it. If you like what you read, leave a good rating.

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Table of Contents
63 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue - The Deal ago
Chapter 1 - One in a Hundred Million ago
Chapter 2 - Cultivation ago
NAC - Stages ago
Chapter 3 - Encounter ago
Chapter 4 - New Friend ago
NAC - Demonic Beast Tiers ago
Chapter 5 - Accepted to a 3rd Rank School ago
Chapter 6 - Deceived ago
Chapter 7 - Enslavement ago
POLL - Who to kill off? ago
Chapter 8 - City of Sinners ago
Chapter 9 - Sold ago
Chapter 10 - New Home ago
Chapter 11 - New Life ago
Chapter 12 - Guilt ago
Chapter 13 - Training: Fist of the Elusive Mole Part 1 ago
Chapter 14 - Training: Fist of the Elusive Mole Part 2 ago
Chapter 15 - Truth and Plans ago
Clarification ago
Chapter 16 - Poisoned ago
Chapter 17 - Anger ago
Chapter 18 - First Kill ago
Chapter 19 - Losing An Arm ago
Chapter 20 - Brothers by Bonds ago
Chapter 21 - Weapon Form ago
Chapter 22 - The Demon Forests ago
Chapter 23 - Bandits at Fortimer ago
Chapter 24 - Robbed ago
Chapter 25 - Bandit Hideout ago
Chapter 26 - Taking out the Trash ago
Chapter 27 - Rare Affinities ago
NAC - New Novel ago
Chapter 28 - Breakthroughs ago
Chapter 29 - Test ago
Chapter 30 - Completion ago
Chapter 31 - Traitor ago
Chapter 32 - Her Past ago
Chapter 33 - Escape ago
Chapter 34 - Tragedy ago
Chapter 35 - Soul ago
Chapter 36 - Alliance and War ago
Chapter 37 - Casualties of War ago
Chapter 38 - Defeat? ago
NAC - Combined Stages/Tiers ago
Chapter 39 - Infiltration ago
Chapter 40 - Scream ago
Chapter 41 - Death ago
Chapter 42 - Merge ago
Chapter 43 - Food for the Grieved ago
Chapter 44 - Insanity ago
Chapter 45 - Departure ago
Chapter 46 - Terrible News ago
Chapter 47 - Miscarriage ago
Chapter 48 - Entrance Exams at Creekspire ago
Chapter 49 - First Day ago
Chapter 50 - Trouble at the Market ago
Chapter 51 - You Again? ago
Chapter 52 - Fight and Defeat ago
Chapter 53 - Regrets and Determination ago
Chapter 54 - Baby ago
Updates ago
Chapter 55 - Kyle and Kal's Little Secret ago

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It started well but failed fast

So my Review is up to chapter 6 good. Decent Grammar, nice story, partly interesting characters.

But this changed with chapter 6 and following.


HE has the mind and experience of a 36 year old but falls for such a stupidly obvious trap? not likely. Because of that reason are the chapters after 7 totally useless (not to say bullshit)


I mean he started with a pretty nice story with lot of potential, but screws himself over with such a follow up? He described an intelligent, hard working man and lets him not realize a trap even 3 year olds would see. The character he created loses instantly all charm and drops to a low.

Sorry author, after 7 the story is unlikely and can not recommend


The start was good, but then bleh...

"The negetive feedback isn't completely false it just depends on the readers preference if you want to see a MC who grows along with the story or have the story that grows along with the MC pick or choose either story has potential in their own way just depends on how you like it"

Well true, but dudes already grown, hes a 36year old, he shouldnt be falling for simple traps. This story starts really good, pisses me off later on. Especially at chapter 6... like serious... hes 36.. not fucking 10 or som.. actually never mind a 10yr old would've seen that. Julia...FUCKING julia.. her character is shit to tell you the truth. She moves on from her only family members death in a second. like seriously? Im so ticked off because the potential at the start was so good and when it went to shiiiittt... you kinda get dissapointed.


So, first, the beginning is too cliche. The "abused for having no talent" is takes up too much story, and widespread the discrimination is leads me to conclude that the majority of the people in this universe have no depth, and don't have anything better to do. And how the main character doesn't show his strength is less about being mature and more because then he'd be less of an underdog.

Next, the main character is passive. Basically, he gets into situations because stuff happens to him rather than him going out and doing things. The only thing he does other than solve the problems the plot puts him in is train, but the training itself is practically a sidenote.

Also, don't make the main character the reincarnation of an awesome cultivator if he's indistinguishable from a non-reincarnated kid with martial arts. Not only does he not have any significant strength or experience from his past life, he's bland as it comes.

And aside from the fact that the plot with the Saintess was something you could see from a mile away for someone who's read similar stuff before, and that killing characters off would work better if the readers had an emotional attachment with them, there's also the fact that, while doing rituals to increase the lifespan are fine (though both the fact that the MC knew about the ritual and the fact that he didn't realize it earlier), one would expect that one's lifespan increases from cultivating anyway, which made it really jarring that it was suspicious that someone didn't age 10 years.

And on the subject of killing characters for emotional impact, while I would argue that good characters are more than people to be killed off for drama, I would also expect that important decisions should be made by the author, rather than, say, rolling a six-sided dice or making a poll.

But aside from the fact that the plot and the characters bore me, It's decently written, so maybe the author has potential or something.

Evil Ginger

Decided to take a look, stayed for the awesome story!

Can't say much yet, since it just started, but the story feels and progresses like a traditional martial arts novel! 


My only issue is that the story is full of xenophobic morons for now. Well, that and the 6 year olds that are left to themselves without supervision.


But yeah! Show those snobby people who's boss!


This story is for mature reader. Any reader who hoping for mainstream story, don't read this.

This is just my opinion as a reader.
The first 5 chapter, just like everybody else said was quite good. In fact. It is very xianxia/xuanhuan opening style.
I was anticipating that the direction of the story is going to be a normal one, but I guess I was wrong.
Chapter 6 just bring me to a different arc all together. So much built up in the first 5 chapter just to suddenly being hit with more depressing thing.
If I was a young reader, I definitely quit your story. But this story is for mature reader, so I have no problem to continue reading.

MC first fight is in chapter 16. Which mean chapter 6 to 15 is very depressing or annoying to be read. I want to just skip all this chapter if possible.
At least I like the battle scene. The battle is done brilliantly. Why can't you have MC first battle at early chapter? At least let mc battle lowest tier beast or something. You as an author can do a good battle scene.
Don't just give us this depressing chapter. You can actually give us one good battle scene before mc got trick by the slaver. I don't care if you created an intelligent mc or a stupid mc. Just give us a battle scene.
I have no problem after chapter 16. Though there are place that can be fixed or improve. Let just leave it for now.

There is one more thing that I don't like. Introduction of side character.
I have one hobby as a reader of story and novel. That is to created character glossary. I have read more than 100 novel and story. I can't remember the name of all side character. So I need to create my own personal glossary.
So when I start to read your story. I first have to create a character glossary, including the cultivation rank. What do I find in this glossary?

I have not read even past chapter 20. But there are almost 30 side character. From Nimell Dragonfire, Tamalin Moonscreek, Terence Klemanot, Senior brother Shawn, Elder Tyron, Jake, Vicky, Tristan, Kally, etcetcetcetc. This is absolutely annoying.If the side character is not important at all. Please don't even give them a name. If they are not going to be useful at this earlier chapter, then don't introduce the name at all. Just give it a boy with owl-rimmed glasses. I don't need to know his name is Terence Klemanot!!!
I was seriously though that all this side character that you introduce will at least have some use later. But after reading till the latest chapter. How many of this 30 are even there? If they are gonna be useful in the future, then just introduce them in the future.
This is just my comment as a reader. Your story is for mature reader, most young or sensitive reader will quit your story at chapter 6. I have no problem to wait for the next chapter.


Just finished the prologue, but I can see where you get your inspiration from, so far I can only say that is a solid work and you'd do well to keep it at that pace that formula has worked for many other authors so its tested, so long as you persevere and keep at it this gem will be polished to become an amazing work, hope you keep at it and complete this great work =D 


A novel with a great start

Can't say much for anything in the realms of reviews, but this was actually pretty good :).The beginning was cilche, but you can't do much about that, off that, only the immaturity of the kids seemed to bother me. All in all, I personally enjoyed it.


Everyone bitches that the MC is immature, but damn give the guy a break cause this author sure doesn't

Love the story good character growth and decent time skips without to much info dump while keeping the flow going not much to add other than what others have aalready said. The negetive feedback isn't completely false it just depends on the readers preference if you want to see a MC who grows along with the story or have the story that grows along with the MC pick or choose either story has potential in their own way just depends on how you like it (by story grows around the MC I mean the MC is so strong that as the more you get to know him the more the story progresses while with the MC growing with the story it's as if the more the MC see's the world and experiences it the stories progresses along with.) 


Anyways my only real problem is Julia... Oh Julia Julia Julia what to do... I believe you said she was 3 times or 4 times as unlikely to appear in the world as compared to the MC element affinity wise (her being Quad and All). Her existence in itself isn't the problem the problem is that throughout the story you have made a point of brutality making people grow up and learn and change them somehow, but Julia loses her parents that we never got to meet and a few paraghraphs after we DO meet her, her little brother who she SWORE to her parents DIES IN FRONT OF HER and she got over it when we flip over to the next chapter and even shows hints of wanting compliments towards BAEUTY OF ALL THINGS FROM THE MC... WUT why author-san? WHY?!