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Chapter 46. Imperial Capital, Exploration Part 1.

A note from Katsune

Just to make sure all of you know:

The Exploring the Capital chapter from before was when a Civil War was going on and the True Capital couldn't be shown.

This exploration chapter is for the TRUE Imperial Capital.

After letting Emilia leave the room, I get off the chair I was sitting on.

"Emilia said we should go explore the city. Should we?" Ion asks me whilst floating around the room.

I think for a bit.

"Probably. We should first go and check out how many people are looking at the Helicopter though." I answer Ion's question and we both leave the room.

Alicia and the Six Guards were there, waiting for me.

"Well, what now?" Alicia immediatly asks me.

"Capital exploration time." When I say that, Alicia's eyes basically become the Pure Light Element itself.

We walk out of the Keep and a Guard hands us a pouch of gold.

(Emilia, you honestly give too... Wait... This is actually enough money considering who I am going with.)

I look towards my sister and keep walking forward.

All the guards bow to us as they know who I am.

The instant we leave the castle-section of the Capital, all the citizens look at us.

While we walk towards the Helicopter's location, the amount of people stalking us increases.

(I mean, I did arrive here in a flying piece of metal but... This amount of people is weird.)

I quickly check how many magazines for my guns I have left and I have quite a few.

(Never leave home without a gun and a few magazines.)

When we reach the helicopter, the stalkers have dissapeared.

"Seems the guards have done a fine job of scaring off everybody trying to approach the helicopter." I say to Ion, Alicia and the rest.

I walk up to one of the guards.

"Can you tell us where the shops are?" I ask the guard and he immediatly starts thinking.

"Just go back from here and then when the intersection appears, go towards the road heading out of the Capital. The shops are in the lower section of the Capital, where most people live." The Guard answers and we take his advice and head towards the shops.

Once we reach the section the guard talked about, I understood why I hadn't seen many people on the way here.

(How didn't I notice this? Was I really that blind?)

There is a decently sized wall splitting off the Upper and Lower sections of the Capital and there are even guards heading out for patrols.

We head to the wall and they let us through after seeing me.

Once we reach the Lower Section, the amount of people seemingly increases by a thousandfold.

(So far... I'm going to take a wild guess... There are actually no shops in the Higher Section and all the people living there specially order from the more prestigious shops from the Lower Section for their clothing, food and so on.)

We head into one of the shops near the wall and a huge selection of clothes appears in my face.

(Oh... Oh no...)

Alicia immediatly darts in from behind me and starts looking through everything and so do the other six.

"You dug your own grave, Hayden." Ion says whilst floating around me.

I wait for the girls finish selecting their clothing and then I give some coins to the shop owner and we leave.

(This time, I need to find a place which isn't filled with clothes.)

I look around whilst walking in a group.

A group of guards passes by us but instantly stops and waits for us to catch up and then forms a kind of 'wall' infront of us, not letting any civilians near us.

(Is this Emilia's doing as well?)

The guards stop when Alicia notices a shop and runs into it.

We follow as well and I nod to the guards and they go on their usual patrol.

When I enter the shop, I notice what type of a shop it is.

(Accessories? And... Quite well crafed ones at that. The Prices are quite high but Emilia gave me quite a bit so I can buy some here...)

I walk around the shop for a while and notice that the six guards found six matching rings, like the rings were made for them.

Alicia also finds a necklace that suits her.

They all come to me and we go to the shop keeper and I buy the accessories.

The Shop Keeper is an old man and once I finished paying, I noticed that the old man smirked a little and then went back to sleep.

We go through a few more shops but Alicia and the others didn't find anything they wanted.

We finally entered a restaurant that one of the Guards on patrol said was the best around.

We ate for a bit and then went back to the Keep since it was getting dark.

I notice that the Stalkers came back when I entered the Upper Section again.

(Again, the same stalkers. Are they guards or assassin's... Can't tell.. Oh well, if they attack... Ion will tell and I will shoot. Ion's been keeping an eye on whatever is going on anyways.)

In the Keep, we went to our rooms and almost instantly fell asleep.

A note from Katsune

I hope you enjoyed today's chapter.

A few chapters to show the Capital in the future and Hayden's impact on their lives.

I mean, I kind of already showed it with those guards, didn't I?

Well, I hope you all have a nice and luck-filled day.

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