Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Romance
One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife, she's also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos, enjoy!

Based off of and inspired by Re:Monster, I will be taking liberties as I please. By that I mean this is not completely accurate, enjoy.... I hope someone enjoys this... please don't hate me... I love you guys!

Rating: M 18+ Strong Language, Innuendos, and cookies...*cough* Sexual Content *cough*

Edit: Some guy said I should point out that there is lesbian sex in here. Basically, if you don't like seeing that sort of thing, don't read on. I'm completely fine with people who just don't want to read that. I am not fine with people who are homophobic, seriously, go away if you are. I don't want you here.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Re:Lovely: Prologue ~Hell of a Ride~ ago
Chapter 1: Days 1-5 ~The Most Legendary Stick~ ago
Chapter 2: Days 6-12 ~Misadventures~ ago
Chapter 3: Days 13-16 ~Narcissistic Jester~ ago
Chapter 4: Days 16-18 ~Reality Check~ ago
Chapter 5: Days 19-20 ~Freckle~ ago
Chapter 6: Days 21-24 ~What a shame...~ ago
Chapter 7: Days 25-29 ~Vol.6~ ago
Chapter 8: Day 30 ~Shivers~ ago
Chapter 9: Day 30 ~Humble~ ago
Chapter 10: Days 31-40 ~Devour~ ago
Chapter 11: Day 40 ~Worthless~ ago
Chapter 12: Day 41 ~Open Book~ ago
Chapter 13: Days 42-46 ~Consequence~ ago
Chapter 14: Days 46-48 ~Alibi~ ago
Chapter 15: Day 48 ~Acting Out~ ago
Chapter 16: Day 49 ~Choices, choices, choices...~ ago
Chapter 17: Day 50 ~Library~ ago
Chapter 18: Day 51 ~Shameless~ ago
Chapter 19: Days 52-53 ~Focus~ ago
Chapter 20: Days 53-61 ~With great power...~ ago
Chapter 21: Days 61-62 ~Oh snap!~ ago
Chapter 22: Day 62 ~K.O.~ ago
Chapter 23: Day 62 ~Bonding~ ago
Chapter 24: Days 63-64 ~Target Practice~ ago
Chapter 25: Day 65 ~Identity~ ago
Chapter 26: Day 65 ~Good Job~ ago
Chapter 27: Days 66-69 ~It isn’t easy~ ago
Chapter 28: Days 70-71 ~Truth and Reconciliation~ ago
Chapter 29: Days 72-73 ~Heirloom~ ago
Chapter 30: Days 73-74 ~Coercion~ ago
Chapter 31: Day 75 ~Playing with Fire~ ago
Chapter 32: Days 76-82 ~A lost art~ ago
Chapter 33: Days 83-85 ~Myrmidon~ ago
Chapter 34: Days 86-92 ~Messy business~ ago
Chapter 35: Days 93-94 ~Good Tasty!?~ ago
Chapter 36: Days 94-96 ~The Power of Three~ ago
Chapter 37: Days 96-99 ~Caterwauling~ ago
Chapter 38: Days 100-102 ~Ole ball 'n chain~ ago
Chapter 39: Day 103 ~Jimmy~ ago
Chapter 40: Day 104 ~Hannibal~ ago
Chapter 41: Days 104-109 ~Thank you very much~ ago
Chapter 42: Days 109-111 ~Ma Gear~ ago
Chapter 43: Day 112 ~Transmogrification~ ago
Chapter 44: Days 113-115 ~Balance is Key~ ago
Chapter 45: Days 115-116 ~Chop, chop~ ago
Chapter 46: Days 116-121 ~Greed~ ago
Chapter 47: Days 121-122 ~Sleeping Beauty~ ago
Chapter 48: Days ??? ~Curiosity Killed the Cat~ ago
Chapter 49: Days ??? ~Jolly Cooperation~ ago

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I don’t have the vocabulary to properly say how much I enjoyed this. Last I checked re:monster was translated up to day 106. If I could i’d happily choose to switch the two so I could keep reading Re:Lovely. This may very well be my favorite story that i’ve read. I noticed in a comment someone saying that fans would be looking forward to chapter 31. Saying it was previously on japtem. Leaving me to wonder why then on here it’s only up to 24. After googling I can’t find a trace of any further chapters or news of further chapters being intended.


I sincerely hope that this is something that turns out to have several hundred chapters, seeing as it does have the potential to last a while. Though at the same time I realize waiting for each and every chapter to be made and posted will be agonizing because of how good a story this is.


This is truly a cruel form of torture.



Hahaha... Just realized the little button that shifts the page showing more chapters. The tears of joy wash away the embarrassment of my mistake though. Yay for more chapters, boo for the realization that when i'm done the torture of waiting shall be waiting for me...

The waiting...


  • Overall Score

great not many or any like it

as people have said before it is easy to read yes there are sex scenes but who cares its hilarious and you never know what’s going to   happen next i cant wait for more you can easyly re-read it alot its that great 

  • Overall Score

I wasn't sure if I should say something but I thought that others like me might want a warning so I might as well say something.  The writing isn't bad and seemed interesting but I have never been a fan of same sex pairings in any sense of the word.  It also bothers me that she seems to be so loose and only cares about her daughter.  Did she not love the man who sired her daughter?  I really liked the guy near the beginning and then he is suddenly gone right away.  I don't know, it just feels like she doesn't have many morals and won't even consider a loving monogamous relationship, same sex or otherwise.  I guess I thought of the main character as kind of lacking in sincerity, though her reaction to the guy dying seemed true.  So just be warned that this has a lot of promiscuous sex including same sex relations so if you are like me and do not want to read that, then here is your warning.  Personally I was hoping for a hetero sexy story but was disappointed.  So just saying mature and sex scenes are not enough.  You should specify if there is same sex cause some people don't want to read that.

Keep writing though.  Even if I am not a fan of the style and such I can see that others like your work and the writing seemed solid.  

  • Overall Score

Great story! The writing style is simlar to Re: Monster as well.

  • Overall Score

"Edit: Some guy said I should point out that there is lesbian sex in here. "


thank you some guy. you just gave me a reason to read this xD

  • Overall Score

The story is very good amd the character is enjoyable. The only issue I have with the story is that the amount of sexual content is rather heavy. While I don't mind the occasional love scene, this story is filled with more than too much. Luckily it thins out a bit around chapter 30 and even were that not the case it is still well worth the read. Keep up the great work!

  • Overall Score

Addicted to this. Very Fresh.

I binged reading this. I truly am in love with this story. It makes me want to keep reading. the quirky humorous MC who is a little very ero. Gahhhh!! I want moreeee