Chapter 40: Day 104 ~Hannibal~


Day ~104~

Rea was getting pretty excited, the farther they went, the more wyverns she spotted off in the distance.  Deciding to take advantage of the wyvern's intelligence she instructed Sereda to take off all of her leather armor and hand over the bow.  Two women walking along the path in cloth garments must've looked like easy prey.  The first brave wyvern took a [Greater Earthen Lance] head on, the lance shattered as it made contact.  The wyvern toppled to their side from the unexpected attack.  Before it could come to its senses Rea pushed the attack.  The last thing that first wyvern ever saw was a black steel hammer twice the size of its head coming down.

Rea has obtained Wyvern Fang x19!
Rea has obtained Small Wyvern Claw x4!
Rea has obtained Small Wyvern Scale x28!

As they walked on Rea thought about her aqua limbs, she had no doubt they'd be easily torn off by the force from an attack.  Rea had torn them off several times by accident the other night...  Trying to think of a solution she looked over her spells and magic passives, one stuck out, [Icy Veins].  Realizing that she'd no longer get frost burn, or even feel cold from touching her own ice, Rea proceeded to sprout limbs.  In hindsight, that was a terrible idea.

Sereda let out a startled yelp when she did that.  Rea grinned and started permafrosting them...  Feeling like an idiot, and ignoring her laughing spouse, she proceeded to defrost the dead weight.  At best she could razor ice them and lose the limbs in a single weaker attack.  Throwing something wasn't very good at this point.  Deciding to train aqua limbs later, they were once again on their way to the foothills.

Rea has obtained Wyvern Fang x108!
Rea has obtained Small Wyvern Claw x18!
Rea has obtained Small Wyvern Scale x143!

Feeling a bit loaded down Rea was ignoring how well her carving mastery was coming along.  Rea had noticed after the first heart that they really did taste better raw... that didn't please Sereda.  The ophidian didn't really care and went Hannibal mode on them.  She was ignoring various level ups in her mage and warrior job.  Wyverns seemed to be rather high level.  After the first two Rea had asked Sereda to quit hopping in front of her and using earth magic.  The bronze giant quit complaining when she saw Rea's ice magic go right through a wyvern.

A single, lasting, bone-chilling roar could be heard across the plains.  They both cringed and looked skywards, quickly approaching from behind them was a... well, a damn big one.  As it got closer Sereda tossed her leather back on while Rea sighed with relief.  The wyvern, rather than a lesser was just a ??? wyvern, not a dragon.  Both of them had expected it to dive bomb like the others, it hadn't.  The creature landed a good forty meters in front of them and look skywards before bellowing again.  A resounding call hit their ears from all directions.  Rea let out a chuckle, "I think we pissed them off."

Moving to finish off the big one before reinforcements could arrive, Rea tossed Sereda her bow.  Dashing towards it as steel arrows flew by, Rea equipped her swordsman garb.  The Wyvern's scales easily deflected arrows.  Crouching down and opening its maw made Rea panic.  Activating her tech rune and doing a barrel roll she barely evaded a torrent of wind as it shot forward like a bullet.  Steel Sereda got hit head on and slid back a few feet before going down on one knee.

Focusing on the task at hand, she lit up an inferno to distract the wyvern.  Switching to camo mode, Rea flanked the beast.  Just as she was about to fire off some frozen lances the thing engulfed itself in a tornado.  Rea marveled as the fiery tornado dissipated, feeling like it was now or never she lit up her lances.  To Rea's dismay, the lances didn't pierce, either because of the lack of momentum or the thicker scales.  By now more wyverns had begun to approach.  As the big guy faced Rea she called out for her partner to deal with the lessers.

Rea undid her camo infusion and took a few steps back.  She could see that the fire had hurt it... the scales were still glowing and the beast was even angrier than before.  Deciding that fire was her best shot at the moment, Rea started to conjure another inferno.  As the spiraling flames shot forward she cried out and did a barrel roll.  A single wind bullet became a fiery wind bullet as it tore through the inferno and dissipated her flames.  Rea chuckled ruefully while muttering, "fool me once..."

The beast, tired of her attacks, charged for Rea.  Deciding that trying to run away was pointless, Rea took a familiar stance and thrust one fist forward with purpose.  A massive frigor, spire of ice, erupted from the ground forward.  Colliding with the ice made it shatter on impact.  Rea nearly thought she was in trouble, just then a steel lance came flying from Sereda's direction.  A brutal sound echoed out as it twisted the beast's head sideways.  Rea quickly took advantage and began to cover the entire wyvern in multiple layers of permafrosted ice.  With a howl it awoke and tried to struggle free, but there was already too much ice, it couldn't muster any strength from the awkward position.

As the creature's maw opened to fire another spell she jammed a few frozen lances in, then encased the last of the wyvern in ice.  Looking back to Sereda she grinned, a steel woman firing arrows at approaching lesser wyverns.  One after another they fell to the ground and charged for her.  Just as the first reached her she dropped the bow and tackled it.  Rea supported her with well timed frozen lances and chose to stay out of the steel giant's way.

Watching on she realized that the wrestling training they'd been having after their wrestling sessions was paying off.  The woman was easily handling beasts nearly three times her size.  Sereda had met another head on and used the momentum to throw it over her shoulder before locking both arms around the neck in an expert position.  She then twisted her torso to let out a violent cracking noise as the wyvern stopped flapping its bony wings, and fell limp.  Nearly a dozen dead wyverns later the beasts were all fleeing.  Rea smiled knowingly at her frozen beasty as she received an unusually large gain in experience.

Ability [Damage Boost Rank Up].
[Job-Marauder] Level 16!
Ability [Flurry Lv. 2] learned.
Ability [Frozen Lance Rank Up].
[Hero-Dual Element Sage] Level 5!
Ability [Presence of Mind Lv. 2] learned.
Ability [Lava Burst Lv. 1] learned.
Ability [Frigor Rank Up].
Ability [Inferno Rank Up].
[Hero-Dual Element Sage] Level 12!
Ability [Presence of Mind Lv. 3] learned.
Ability [Ice Nova Lv. 1] learned.
[Hero-Dual Element Sage] Level 19!
Ability [Presence of Mind Lv. 4] learned.
Ability [Combustion] learned.
[Hero-Dual Element Sage] Level 27!
Ability [Presence of Mind Lv. 5] learned.
Ability [Rain of Fire Lv. 1] learned.

Rea walked up and smacked her partner's rear, a resounding metallic sound echoed across the now empty plains.  Both laughed like crazy while she did it again.   Looking at her prey Rea began to defrost the beast.  Psychometry still wasn't picking up what it was exactly, not even in death.  Trying to pry off a few scales proved pointless.  So she pulled out the black steel hammer... that didn't work either.  Rea told Sereda to try it while she went about engraving a strength rune, just like Ymir's, on her own hammer.  In all their focus they hadn't noticed a few people approaching, Rea looked up from her hammer and asked, "What brings you here?"

A few idiotic looking armored men and one cloth wearing woman looked about the massacre.  The blond woman with... ah... the elven woman spoke to Rea, "That was an impressive battle."

Rea smiled at her bronze... steel woman who was now beating on the dead wyvern. "There's more wyvern here than we can carry back, help yourselves to the lesser ones if ya like."

All four armored men took off in a split second, the elven woman sighed, "I apologize for my men's behavior."

Rea shook her head as she continued the engraving, "No worries, I did offer."

The woman looked at the great wyvern again, "That was some impressive magic, what rank mage are you?"  She seemed baffled by the fact that Rea was in leather armor.

"[Hero-Dual Element Sage], I went straight from level eleven to thirty-two when I killed the big guy over there."

Looking back at her jovial men as they started up a fire she sighed, "It isn't everyday you meet a hero, and yet, they're more interested in the meat."

*ahahahaha* "Well, it does taste good."

Finished with her engraving she waltzed up to the wyvern, hammer in hand.  The elven woman gasped as Rea rose it skyward.  She had expected Rea to hand the hammer over.  Sereda covered her ears as Rea brought it down with a thundering impact.  The wyvern's corpse visibly sunk about a foot into the ground.  Rea went wide-eyed, obviously she was better at infusing runes with power than Ymir had been.  Still the scales were too tough, ignoring all the startled conversation she tested out lava burst and proceeded to hurl a few globs onto the wyvern.  As the molten substance slid down its corpse and into the earth, streaks were left where it had streamed by.

Rea proceeded to pound on the area, depressing the scales...  Not happy with the result she poured more lava on, then used freezing water to rapidly cool it.  As steam rushed by she pounded on the corpse again, scaled shattered easily under the assault.  Overwriting her silly armored marauder set with the mountain lord's armor she proceeded to pull out her carving blade.  The flesh underneath was easy to score with a blade.  Digging her arm in full purchase she explored its insides as the men cringed.  The elven woman looked at her in utter shock, she obviously had many questions.

After nearly ten minutes of repeating the process Rea finally smiled, then tore her prize from its lifeless body.  Still beating in her hand, a heart, nearly four times the size of the others.  What her psychometry picked up made her a bit sad, "Druid's Heart."  If this was some sort of sentient being it had tried to kill her, and its wyverns had been killing people.  Ignoring a few sounds of disgust, she engaged Hannibal mode.  Rea voraciously dug into the delicious organ, a rare ingredient... not quite legendary.  A unique flavor, obviously not wyvern.

While Rea was chowing down the elf asked, "What manner of being are you?"

Sereda let her steel form fade away, "Human."

The elven woman quickly apologized, "Two powerful mages...  Sorry, I thought you were a bodyguard of some sort." Sereda shrugged it off, "Why is she doing that?"

"The hearts taste good to her, she's trying to learn something..." Sereda cringed as Rea took a rather juicy bite and splattered it in their direction.

Rea looked skywards as she finished the task, then let out a content sigh.  The men weren't sure what to think of a bloodied beauty.

Ability [Transmogrification] learned.


1 - Ophidian: Variant
2 - Ophidian
3 - Lizardman
4 - Wyvern

Rea trembled with excitement, she really wanted to try it out right now... but there were people around.  Looking at them she resolved herself to not eat any humans, elves, or dwarves.  It would be nice to become one of them but... yeah.

Taking a closer look around them she asked, "what's in the wagon?"

The elven woman held off her own questions as Rea washed her offensive maw clean. "Murffberries"

Rea perked up, "Could we have a few... 5 lb. bags?"

The elf looked back to her men as they dug into the wyvern meat.  "I'd say that's more than fair."

Rea did a fist pump.  She then looked at the big druid's corpse, now identified as a level 72 urukai druid.  Realizing she'd just chomped on orc wasn't so pleasant. "Mind helping us drag the big one back to town?  I'm sure they'd love to see it there."

The woman nodded, then interrupted her men's merriment, Sereda asked, "Anything good?"

Rea smacked her lips, "you have no idea."

Sereda didn't like the sound of that.  About an hour later most of the wyverns were stripped bare and the men were tied to a corpse.  Rea played around with a water whip and ushered them on as they dragged it away.  Feeling a bit guilty she switched to her marauder set and took hold of a rope.  Sereda had to laugh as Rea took off running with her strength rune activated.  The men weren't pulling now, they were running for their lives.

Ability [Rune Infusion Rank Up].
Ability [Rune Infusion Lv. X] altered, [Runic Suffusion] learned.

Rea let out a content sigh and stopped her marathon as Lumansolice came into view.  She didn't want the people there to see her dragging the thing along alone.  Giving the ropes back to the flabbergasted men she stumbled over to Sereda and collapsed.

"You overdid it."

Rea grinned, "I wanted to test out the strength rune a bit... I also wanted to try this."

Sereda went wide-eyed as Rea's mana began to rapidly regenerate.  When she was halfway to full it suddenly stopped.  Rea pursed her lips, "twenty-four hour cooldown..."

Ability [Evocation Rank Up].

Still feeling like a sack of bricks she let Sereda carry her.  When they arrived in town a few people sprinted off shouting.  Rea and Sereda made themselves scarce, the didn't want the attention.  Quickly stopping by the same shop as before they pawned off a hefty amount of wyvern goods.  Sereda led her off to a stairway.  Looking down Rea marveled at the first sublevel.  The musky smell wasn't appreciated but massive steel structures spanning the entire floor were.  Large mine entryways, big enough for an ogre lined the mountain wall.

As Sereda carried Rea down the stairs she sighed, "You could walk."

"I'm a princess right now, let me enjoy the moment.  I'm not looking forward to digging around for days on end."

As they descended the final stairway she admired two massive pulley systems that were used to bring large amounts of ore out.  This final sublevel still had an earthen ground.  It was slightly harder to breathe... and there were little blue men everywhere.  The murffs ignored them for the most part, and when they entered the mines Rea quickly got down.  Looking along the walls she sighed, the little murffs must have some sort of night vision.  Pulling out one of her eternal coal torches Rea lit it up and took point.  Nearly fifty paces in she stopped and grabbed a little blue guy by the beard.  This one was barking orders and wearing red, unlike the rest.

"Hello," she said.

Pinching her hand the little guy responded, "murff off."

Rea's eyebrow twitched as she dropped him then pulled out three 5 lb. bags of murffberries.  The little guy went wide-eyed, Rea asked, "Where should we go for the best mining?"

The little blue guy pointed at a narrow shaft off to the left.  Rea dropped the bags as Sereda followed after her.  They both turned and laughed when nearly two dozen little blue guys started to get in a murffight over the bag of murffberries.  Rea and Sereda ended up taking a seat then and there.  The red clothed Murff tore off his shirt and stood tall with bulging muscles.  All the others started shouting complaints.  Within moments there was pandemonium as murffs were sent flying through the air.  By the time they left two murffs were knocked out and the bearded murff had another in a headlock.



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