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One day Noel finds out that there is indeed an afterlife, she's also given a second chance. While keeping her eye on the prize our heroine journeys through this strange new world causing various minor shenanigans and chaos, enjoy!

Based off of and inspired by Re:Monster, I will be taking liberties as I please. By that I mean this is not completely accurate, enjoy.... I hope someone enjoys this... please don't hate me... I love you guys!

Rating: M 18+ Strong Language, Innuendos, and cookies...*cough* Sexual Content *cough*

Edit: Some guy said I should point out that there is lesbian sex in here. Basically, if you don't like seeing that sort of thing, don't read on. I'm completely fine with people who just don't want to read that. I am not fine with people who are homophobic, seriously, go away if you are. I don't want you here.
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Table of Contents
50 Chapters
Chapter Name Release Date
Re:Lovely: Prologue ~Hell of a Ride~ ago
Chapter 1: Days 1-5 ~The Most Legendary Stick~ ago
Chapter 2: Days 6-12 ~Misadventures~ ago
Chapter 3: Days 13-16 ~Narcissistic Jester~ ago
Chapter 4: Days 16-18 ~Reality Check~ ago
Chapter 5: Days 19-20 ~Freckle~ ago
Chapter 6: Days 21-24 ~What a shame...~ ago
Chapter 7: Days 25-29 ~Vol.6~ ago
Chapter 8: Day 30 ~Shivers~ ago
Chapter 9: Day 30 ~Humble~ ago
Chapter 10: Days 31-40 ~Devour~ ago
Chapter 11: Day 40 ~Worthless~ ago
Chapter 12: Day 41 ~Open Book~ ago
Chapter 13: Days 42-46 ~Consequence~ ago
Chapter 14: Days 46-48 ~Alibi~ ago
Chapter 15: Day 48 ~Acting Out~ ago
Chapter 16: Day 49 ~Choices, choices, choices...~ ago
Chapter 17: Day 50 ~Library~ ago
Chapter 18: Day 51 ~Shameless~ ago
Chapter 19: Days 52-53 ~Focus~ ago
Chapter 20: Days 53-61 ~With great power...~ ago
Chapter 21: Days 61-62 ~Oh snap!~ ago
Chapter 22: Day 62 ~K.O.~ ago
Chapter 23: Day 62 ~Bonding~ ago
Chapter 24: Days 63-64 ~Target Practice~ ago
Chapter 25: Day 65 ~Identity~ ago
Chapter 26: Day 65 ~Good Job~ ago
Chapter 27: Days 66-69 ~It isn’t easy~ ago
Chapter 28: Days 70-71 ~Truth and Reconciliation~ ago
Chapter 29: Days 72-73 ~Heirloom~ ago
Chapter 30: Days 73-74 ~Coercion~ ago
Chapter 31: Day 75 ~Playing with Fire~ ago
Chapter 32: Days 76-82 ~A lost art~ ago
Chapter 33: Days 83-85 ~Myrmidon~ ago
Chapter 34: Days 86-92 ~Messy business~ ago
Chapter 35: Days 93-94 ~Good Tasty!?~ ago
Chapter 36: Days 94-96 ~The Power of Three~ ago
Chapter 37: Days 96-99 ~Caterwauling~ ago
Chapter 38: Days 100-102 ~Ole ball 'n chain~ ago
Chapter 39: Day 103 ~Jimmy~ ago
Chapter 40: Day 104 ~Hannibal~ ago
Chapter 41: Days 104-109 ~Thank you very much~ ago
Chapter 42: Days 109-111 ~Ma Gear~ ago
Chapter 43: Day 112 ~Transmogrification~ ago
Chapter 44: Days 113-115 ~Balance is Key~ ago
Chapter 45: Days 115-116 ~Chop, chop~ ago
Chapter 46: Days 116-121 ~Greed~ ago
Chapter 47: Days 121-122 ~Sleeping Beauty~ ago
Chapter 48: Days ??? ~Curiosity Killed the Cat~ ago
Chapter 49: Days ??? ~Jolly Cooperation~ ago

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Assemble the cultists! Prepare sacrifices! Our God has returned!!

This is the most ecchi amusing and hilarious ff I've had a chance of reading.

And one of the few, that can easily be reread a few times.


Pretty much a story for people with a lesbian fetish kek.

Okay! So let's make a review. ..
So yeah. This story has great grammar. The style is good and the plot is good as well. I like new stuff and there's rarely any lesbian main chars on royal road. 
But... What kinda ruined this novel for me was the "Only females"
This really only happened at chatper 7. Which is also the chapter which i stopped at. The Character kinda broke at that point. It wasn't human in mind anymore. It was all "OH OH I'M SO SAD #oneDayLater - Nope not sad at all let's bang some bitches starting with his sister."

Now i'm all in for some lesbian action, don't get me wrong. But when the brother dies and his sister isn't even a little fuking sad makes me kinda sad inside. I mean i can get the whole "Not being sad when your brother dies" But the "I bang the girl who fucking got him killed" kinda ticks me off.

So to kinda round it off. Great grammar. Great style and plot style. But the story is very unrealistic(As in emotion unrealistic). So it's still good and i'd recomment it to other people who has a lesbian fetish. But besides that i can't really recomment it. -me be out

Quick note is that OP should proberly apply to her since she kinda got OP at chapter 2. -Now i'm out...

Quickly Quick note:Don't take this as me saying it's a bad story. Cause it's not.


Ridiculous and strange after a while

Style: 3/5

At first I found it cool that you tried to bring in some Re:Monster feeling into it, but later on it started to lose its purpose and just changed the whole style with time without me noticing, but when thinking down on it, it’s very bizzare.

Story: 2/5

At first it was a funny and interesting read, and had a feel of creativity to it. I have nothing against lesbian activities, and was fun to read those situations.

But as I continued on, the sex scenes started to increase into a ridiculous amount until it was like half a dozen per chapter.

The story quickly went down hill and I started to hope for a miracle, and I found it when the MC was seperated from the others into the wild all alone. But the joyous event couldn’t last forever and the MC reunited with her union of sex-buddies later on.

And a story shouldn’t have the reader hope for something such as this! And then some questionable reactions and decisions here, mainly from the MC. 

Grammar: 4/5

Not so much to see here, some grammar errors here and there but barely noticable, and some spelling errors but nothing grand.

Characters: 2.5/5

At the beginning the character development was kinda interesting. The MC’s past was mentioned to a great degree but still shrouded in mystery and kept you going to find out more. And her new friends and acquaintances were some to admire as well.

But the change happened after the MC started the school/academy. All of a sudden we are met with a new character that just defies logic and reason. 'Love' and strange dialouge takes the reader on a strange ride filled with question marks. And just made the interesting MC just confusing.

No good explanation for actions from the sub-characters and some are just down right mindboggling.

Overall Score: 3

In overall, you have a story where you can’t relate nor understand the MC and just leaves you with questions and all you remember is the over use of sex scenes. And the flawed logic in the story.

(Spoiler Alert!)

The Mc loses her virginity and just shrugs it off with no thought about it!? And then she loses her ability to give birth, she just shrugs it of as well which is like a MAJOR problem in this story, but she just felt relieved that her ‘wife’ could handle that part instead… Like wtf?

And the bronze ‘wife’ of hers is the biggest problem in this, you can’t relate to her at all, her character development was seriously flawed. Her marriage to her to begin with was like a spur of the moment thing. And now the author tries to develop the story centered around that?

The reason for my outrage against this flawed logic might be because of the girly feeling this gives, might be meant for girls. I had trouble in the past when trying to reading Shoujo manga, it was my biggest mistake.



I can’t praise this enough, because I don’t have words.  This is possibly a little biased, as this title was sent (forgive me for appropriating this) straight into the center of my strike zone, whereupon I shattered a metal bat on it.


I enjoyed Re:Monster.  I am still enjoying it, but Re:Lovely has surpassed the original in my mind.  Call me a radical, call me a cultist, but I pledge my allegiance to this series.  Rea is a character formed of self and circumstance.  She is, in my mind, better constructed than Rou, and certainly more challenged by her circumstances, in this world and the next.  LovelyHippy has become my favorite, as far as style goes.  It remains similar to the original, but with much more color and substance.  No grammar mistakes that I have noticed, but let’s be real, would I have noticed?  If you think I missed story, I didn’t.  I just have no words.


Home run, NaughtyHippy, home run.


The Goddess Rea is here!!!!

really awesome reincarnation story that I've read so far...


Dear Author-sama,


Oh great and benevolent author-sama your servant Mistletoe welcomes you here in RRL... hope you spread more of gratefulness and beauty of our goddess Rea!!! and grant thee tis servant to read more of her life and adventure.


Your humble servant,




The beginning was good.

I don't have much to say, the beginning was interesting but later on the extremely freqent sex just bored me. like from the moment she enters the town until she goes to the academy is just sex sex sex train sex sex sex sex sex sex sex sex. Had enough of it so stopped reading. Don't mind sex but as some of the other reviewers said, it's just too damn much.  

But well the grammar is good (not that i'm an expert) and it had me hooked until...you know what I mean. Too bad author had to ruin such a potentially good story. In MY opinion.


I really do like this series you have here, I like the MC and the world you've built. It's well written, and I can always follow grammatically. I do feel like the story suffers somewhat from overly focusing on the sex. Honestly, I don't care how attractive or charming you are, the fact that everyone in a 50ft radius wants to bone her instantly throws me off, not to mention the sheer amount of lesbians / bisexuals. I don't really think same sex relationships are as common as all that, it just seems off that they're literally EVERYWHERE. I feel like more than half the storyline is devoted sheerly to placing in more sex scenes. I'm not bitching about the content of the sex scenes, I'm bitching about the sheer volume of 'em xD. All that aside, I really, really like the magic system in the world you've built. I feel like the characters are rather out of whack though, on the one hand they're clearly over powered, but somehow they aren't able to one shot everything. They're glass cannons, as well. It seems like every single threat is taken extremely seriously in the world you've built, and despite it's game like premise, there are no endurance / health bars. The majority of people who die, end up dead instantly! This woman's blood can cure a gaping hole in someone's chest, and mend broken limbs, but it can't stand up to minor damages, it seems sometimes. She's constantly letting people die, even though her blood is miraculous in it's healing abilities. What is the point of all the scenes with her acquiring new armor if it only ends with people getting killed instantly, she may as well be naked! Not that she would mind that I'm sure. 

In the end, I suppose this review is a lot of complaining, but I do enjoy your story, and I intend to keep reading, even if I feel things are out of whack. It's your story, and nothing you write can be wrong, because it's your world.


Overplaying the hypersexual women trope a little too often

Now she is an hypersexual woman, and thats fine, it's just that this girl is somehow turning every perfectly straight women or widow into her own plaything. Seriously, it's like a new woman every 3 chapters, we get it shes kind of a skank, now can you get back to the real storytelling like what you did in the beginning instead of writing pure wet dreams?


Honestly, I've no idea how to review this.  I'm not even sure why I read it.  I had the fiction page open in a tab for weeks, so I have no idea what I was thinking when I decided, "this looks like something I should read."

There is a competent adventure story here, but let's be honest, it isn't the focus.  Neither, is the copious amounts of lesbian sex.  Seriously, there is so.  Much.  Sex.  I can honestly say that I have read smut that had less sex than this adventure web novel.  There is a competent, if that is the right word, smut story here as well.

The problem is that these two foci conflict as much as they complement each other.  The sex constantly interrupts the adventure and the adventure takes away time from the sex scenes, leaving them more bland then lurid.  A story generally should either be an adventure story with spikes of sexiness to break up the adventure, or pure smut with adventure being the plot device to drive from one scene to the next.  Trying to balance them equally tends to distract from both.

This isn't bad.  In fact, I'd say that Re:Lovely is even good.  But it isn't great.  There are better stories out there for what it offers; I would put off reading this until you have already finished the more popular and established web serials in either genre.


This is an Injustice against Rea!

Honestly sad that it never continued. 

I for the most part completely like this story. I rarely have read stories with straight up an OP Female MC that don't revolve around romance. This does have romance but it isn't the main focus and I do find these stories romance more interesting than most.

The story fast-paced nature I'd say kind of works well for the story. It'd be kind of annoying if the story was slowly placed. 

One issue I'd say was the at one point in the story, The amount of sexual stuff happening got a little overboard. The story thankfully didn't just turn into a trash fire and started toning it down a lot.

I do love that at one point, The MC said's she's been putting on a character tell now and is gonna be herself. I like it cause there is an actual change to the MC's character and it feels natural.

I really liked this story and hope we will eventually get more of it. This injustice against Rea can not stand!