So, I’m here...

Erika was in front Mina’s apartment. Her hand itched to knock, but she didn’t dare to do so. A little demon awaited beyond the gate of hell, Erika’s injuries from the Apocalypse Dodgeball still burned on her flesh.

Here goes nothing...

Erika gulped and faintly knocked on the door, but there was no response.

“Mina? It’s me, Erika.”

She knocked a few more times and rang the doorbell. Still nothing.

Maybe doesn't want to let me in?

Admittedly, a part in Erika urged her to retreat. It’d be easy to forget all about yesterday’s bizarre events and to pretend that Erika never played any VR.

I may never reunite with the cute, little Vivi again, and I won’t have a chance to snuggle any fantasy critters, but it’s alright. It’s alright, really... it’s... alright....

It was easy to give up, really. Erika could just turn around, pedal her legs and leave the apartment. It was that easy, she could do it anytime.... right?

I never got the chance to apologize to Mini either. Is she going to be alright with that cursed arm of hers? She may hate me all she wants, but I doubt her ability to ever cure her ailment.

More and more reasons compelled Erika to stay and ring the bell. Alas, no matter how much she tried, the gate of hell rejected her. Before giving up, she pressed the door’s handle as a flimsy last resort.

Unlocked again!?

The door opened with a menacing clack, hell welcomed Erika into its embrace.

That Mini! She’ll get an earful for this!

All her worries vanished into thin air. Erika entered “Mommy Mode” her sole purpose in life became the scolding of the forgetful shrimp.

As she passed through the hallway, Erika heard a familiar voice.

“Ah! No!! You dumb shit!”

The shouts and curses were accompanied by furious tapping on a controller’s buttons. Mina sat in front of a TV and played a fighting game on a video game console. It was a niche product these days, overshadowed by modern PCs and the (in)famous VR technology.

Mina’s left arm was still frozen, therefore she mashed buttons with just her right hand. Needless to say, that didn’t work well in a fast-paced game with complex moves.


“Bah! That fucker!”

Mina dunk-slammed the controller into the floor.


It bounced off like a ball, right into Mina’s face.

“A-are you alright?”

Erika dashed toward the injured kitten in worry.


Mina’s forehead turned red and she was dazed for a moment. She shook her head to snap out of it and finally noticed the intruder in her house.

“Oh, Titan you were here?”

“Ah, yes...”

Erika stopped in her tracks once their eyes met.



They stared at each other without uttering a word. There was a deep, bottomless pit between them and whoever took the first step bore an immense risk.

“O-of course I’m here.”

Erika was the first to speak up.

“Because a little SOMEONE forgot to lock the door. Again.”


Mina shifted her eyes away and cursed, she had nothing to say for herself. Erika neatly delivered the first strike, but the cold war between them persisted.

This won’t go anywhere until I address the elephant in the room.

For the whole day at school, the two girls failed to reconcile. Mina stubbornly dodged Erika’s approaches and ran away from contact. But, in her own room, Mina no longer had anywhere to run.

“About what happened at school...”


Mina suddenly exclaimed and cut into Erika’s words.

“There was some crazy shit at school today!”


“I met this dumb bitch called ‘Two-Faced Titan’! She was such a freakin’ goodie class prez!”

“Is that so...

Erika twitched a little, but she contained herself... for now. It was her fault that this relationship turned sour, hence she was obligated to let Mina speak. Besides, she was the only person with a [Listening] rune in this room.

Mina continued to yell and to swing her right arm.

“Bitch slapped me, so I smashed her leg!”

You really almost did... my leg still hurts a little.

“Bitch looked exactly like ya, but ya just a normal Titan! So, ya okay in my book!”

Mina finished yelling and eyed Erika intently, to drill the morale of the story. It was a clumsy and roundabout way to go about it, but such were the limited social capabilities of the little beastie.

So this is how it’s going to be, huh.

The “Erika” at school and the “Erika” in this room - they were two different people. One was the despicable “Two-Faced Titan”, whereas the other was the friendly “Titan”. This allowed the girls to resume their secret relationship and to ignore their clash at school.

“She really sounds like a horrible person, that Two-Faced Titan. I just hope you don’t bully her too much.”

“Heh, that depends on how much shit that fucker gonna gimme!”

Mina grinned dangerously, but a hint of relief surfaced on her smile. Her awkward way of making up really worked out, which made her happy. Granted, it was only possible thanks to Erika’s patience and understanding.

Erika smiled back, to seal the peace treaty with the opposing force. Alas, her smile was filled with self-scorn.

When she first revealed her dark secret to Mina, Erika believed that a big change took place in her life. Finally, the incompatible “Erika” and “FluffyCuteling” started to merge into one. In truth: nothing changed, Erika was still leading a double life.

She was the honor student “Erika” in the morning, and she was the RPG veteran “FluffyCuteling” in the evening. FluffyCuteling stopped being a cyber ghost and was temporarily allowed to manifest in the real world, but that was all. The two entities were, nonetheless, forbidden to converge into one.

“C’mon, Titan! Ya gotta reach that dumb city today!”

“Sure, sure.”

Erika put down her bag and proceeded to the bed. Two Voceans already waited for her.

Did Mini reach all the way up there...?

The two Voceans were supposed to be on top of the closet. Yet, somehow, the hyperactive doggie snatched the helmets and brought them to the bed. Truth to be told, Erika wasn’t all that surprised at this point.

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