School day was halfway through.

Erika and Mina haven’t spoken with each other ever since their fight. It worked out perfectly for Erika, for she intended to keep distance from Mina at school. However, their fight left a sour taste in Erika’s mouth.

Erika tried to approach Mina numerous times throughout the day, but she was persistently dodged. Her opportunity finally came around during a PE test

The test included activities which required both arms, such as pushups and pullups. Naturally, the girl cursed with Vireco couldn’t favorably score with a paralyzed arm.

“Hey, Mina. Is your arm alright?”

Erika whispered to the short girl in front of her.


Mina turned away in disinterest.

“You should tell the teacher you’re sick.”


“You can’t do pushups with one arm.”


Mina hummed loudly, in order to overshadow the buzz behind her.

Maybe she’s alright...?

Mina’s turn came around and her confident strides reassured Erika. A whole day without VR should have cured any type Vireco, no matter how bizarre it was. Alas, Erika’s wish was soon shattered.

“How am I supposed to understand this?”

The teacher frowned at Mina’s queer position. Instead of using both arms, Mina leaned forward and pushed against the ground with just one arm.

“This is how I wanna do it!”

Mina proclaimed and began her push ups. The teacher was left with no choice but to count Mina’s effort.


“Is she for real?”

Contrary to everybody’s expectations - Mina successfully performed one-arm push ups. For most students, even boys, this sort of feat was nigh impossible.

“Haa... s-shit...”

Mina collapsed after finishing her fifth push up. She could do ten times, maybe a hundred times, more than that with both arms.

“No matter how impressive it was, I still count this as normal push ups.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

Mina jumped on her feet and left the testing area. Erika’s turn was next.

This is so awkward...

Many students still whispered and discussed Mina’s impressive one-arm push ups. Compared to this amazing show, Erika’s performance was laughable at best

This must be divine retribution...

Erika sighed and pressed her long arms against the ground. She was black and tall, people often assumed she was very athletic. But, in reality...

One... t-two...

Shortly after she began the exercise, Erika’s long arms already trembled. Unlike the miniature Mina, Erika had to push herself very far from the ground on each iteration. Whereas Mina needed but a few centimeters, Erika had to push herself all the way to the moon.

T...three... f-four... f.... fi... faa...

Her arms gave in and she collapsed into the ground. Not even five push ups were done, Mina achieved more with a single arm.

Nobody laughed at the disappointing play, but many students eyed Erika in wonder and fueled her embarrassment. She dashed from the scene with a lowered face.

Erika wasn’t particularly weak. In term of raw muscle strength, she was above the average teenage girl. Alas, her sky-piercing height contributed nicely to her mass, and her unfeminine weight demanded sturdy muscles for exercises.

A similar scene repeated itself for the pull ups test. Mina only used her right arm, yet she masterfully raised her body up, time and again.

“Dang, she’s a beast!”

“Heh, I bet she could do that with one finger too.”

Contrary to these exaggerated praises, Erika’s pull ups were very poor. She dropped down after three meager pull ups, emphasizing her inferiority to the Almighty Super Arm Girl.

It wasn’t an entirely bad feeling, however. Erika felt guilty about her exchange with Mina, and the universe rightfully punished her with this PE test. Little did Erika know, that it was a mere prelude toward her path of repentance...

After the brief tests, all students played dodgeball. Erika and Mina ended up on opposite teams, which was by no means a coincidence.

My, she’s glaring so hard my way... it’s just my imagination, right?

A burning aura brusted from Mina, raising the hall’s temperature by five degrees. The air around was corrupted by malice.

I have a very bad feeling about this...

Erika gulped at the sound of the teacher’s whistle. As soon as the game started, Mina fired a destructive nuke.

W-whoa! T-the ball is on fire!! I can’t possible dodge-

Erika’s hands jumped forth and assumed a defensive stance.


The blazing ball pummeled Erika’s arms.

Whoa... I’m flying...

Erika was blasted two meters away and crashed on her back. It was a one-hit K.O, she didn’t stand a chance.

Fine, Mini. I’ll endure your caprices for today, since it was really my fault.

Erika collected herself and wobbled toward the bench.

The match continued with a lot of passion. Mina was the smallest girl in class, but she was a mighty force to be reckoned with.

“Everybody, aim at that midget!”

“Shoot her down!!!”

Mina nimbly dodged the bullets and swiftly fired back. Even guys from sport clubs were impressed by her skills.

“Bah, scrubs!”

Three boys sniped Mina at once. She dodged two balls, but the third was a confirmed hit... or so everybody thought.

In a split of a second - Mina performed a time-bending sidestep and dodged the last ball. Then, she nuked the gang of boys and wiped them off the court. Her supreme dominance sent chills through everybody, even her allies.

When the second round began, Erika was marked yet again. The little demon yearned for Erika’s complete and utter destruction.

It’ll be a miracle if I make it through this judgment day...

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