“Welcome, welcome back to Rosemary Queen’s Fantasy Pet Corner~♥”

RosemaryQueen elegantly spinned in her gothic dress and winked sparkles into the camera.

Queen sure is busy this week.

Erika was glued to her phone, while dragging her foot to school on Saturday. Queen normally uploaded a video only twice a week, but Erika was now watching the fourth video for this week.

Of course, with this busy schedule, Queen didn’t have the time to reply to Erika’s email. Erika refreshed her inbox multiple times this morning, but only spam arrived.

“Today, Queen will be showing you how the cute, cute BatBunny reacts to different types of carrots~♥”

Queen presented carrots of different colors to the camera. They were similar to the fantasy food which Erika got to see in Murph Village. A blazing red Fire Carrot, a jelly Water Carrot, etc.

Queen gathered a pack of BatBunnies and let them nom on the various delicacies. There were various adorable reactions from the bunnies, depending on what they ate. One bunny sneezed from its furry nose after biting a Fire Carrot, whereas another bunny licked the jelly Water Carrot as if it was a bowl of water.

The best reaction came from the Wind Carrot. It was a puffy, light-green carrot, which looked like cotton candy. A bunny happily chewed the green cotton and its fluffy cheeks got poofy. The bunny hugged the carrot and flapped its black bat wings in joy.

S-so cute~!

Erika was hit with spasms all over as she watched the snugly furball. She definitely had to get further into GoVe in order to tame such cutelings!

“Look, look~ This cutie sure loves him some cotton carrot, doesn’t he~♥”

Queen snuggled the bunny, who, in turn, was busy snuggling his puffy carrot. This created a very fuzzy scene, melting Erika’s soul.

“It’s very, very important to know what your cuties like to nom~♥ Make sure you always get the right food to make them happy~♥”

Queen gave a sparkling wink to the camera, and the video proceeded to show Queen playing with her BatBunnies.

Normally, what Queen just said about feeding critters would easily fly over Erika’s head. Erika was always entranced by the fluffiness during Queen’s videos, to the point of being practically brain dead.

However, today, Erika’s desire to tame cutelings kept her alert. She carefully processed Queen’s tip, and took a mental note to investigate fantasy food in more depth. Food played an integral role in raising critters in GoVe, there was no doubt about it.

Even though Queen didn’t host a series dedicated to taming tips, there were small hints scattered across her videos. Erika considered rewatching some of Queen’s older videos, to dig up more information. Of course, that’d also allow her to relive some of the fluffiness anew.

“Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more cuteness~♥ Ciao~♥”

Queen waved to the camera with a bunny’s tiny paw, then the video ended.

Queen sure knows how to brighten my morning, even when it’s Saturday and I’m at school.

Erika let out a mixture of a sigh and a chuckle. Sophia was already waiting at the school gate, flawlessly on time as always even though it was Saturday.

“Good morning, Eri.”

“Good morning.”

The exchanged greetings and went inside.

“Say, Sophy. Did you manage to drag ‘him’ here?”

“I made sure to pressure him. He will come.”

Sophia answered with obvious disgust on her face. Both girls didn’t want anything to do with the class president of A-5, but he stuck to them like a curse.

“Woo, woo. Check out these hardworking ladies on this fine and uncalled Saturday.”

The boy to greet them was Kail, the class president of of A-5 and the lowliest scum on earth.

“So what’s the deal? You wanted a group date with me so badly?”

Kail shrugged with a smug.

“You really didn’t have to use the student council as an excuse, you know. I’d accept your romantic offers any time, hehe.”

Kail cracked a laugh and took a bite from the chocolate bar in his hand. Erika and Sophia politely responded by giving him a “please fuck off” stare.

“I hope you’re aware that we’ve come here today to finish the assignment for the sport tournament.”

Sophia spoke with a cold and sharp tone, piercing right through Kail’s clown act. However, he shrugged her off with a laugh.

“Whoa, so serious~ Sophy, you’re so, so stressed all the time. You need to unwind sometimes, you know. Do you fap enough? Maybe find a guy?”

Excuse me!?

Sophia speared through Kail with her glare. Erika gently tapped on Sophia’s shoulder, in order to calm down her friend.

Sophia took a deep breath and collected herself before continuing.

“Haa... anyway, I definitely hope you’re aware of your responsibility to finish the task by Tuesday.”

“Responsibility? Bitch please, I’m a student. My only responsibility is to burden society, until it can threaten me into giving an actual fuck.”

Kail shrugged and took another bite from his chocolate. He had no problem munching right in front of others’ faces, even in the middle of an important discussion.

This is going nowhere fast...

Erika sighed as she watched Sophia and Kail lash at each other with words. It was the same as watching a dog barking at a stray cat.

“Besides, what do you blame me for?”

Kail shrugged with a sneaky smile.

“I’ve been diligently slaving as a class prez for the whole week, you know. You could use your busy lips to reward me for a change.”

Bullshit, your attendance record for the week is pure white.

Erika was a smooth talker and could deal with pretty much anybody... except for that scum. Nonetheless, she gritted her teeth and stepped into the conversation.

“Diligently, you say? Yes, I know how diligently you ditched school this week.”

“Hey, hey! False charges aren’t cool, boss!”

Kail licked his chocolate with a creepy smile, manically savoring the sweetness. Whereas Vivi’s chocolate addiction looked cute to Erika, in Kail’s case - she got the shivers.

“I checked your attendance for this week. I know you’ve been ditching, Kail.”

“Please, please, boss. I bet you saw what you wanted to see. You’re both so cruel for the fragile lil’ me, sob sob.”

Kail pretended to cry like a wife accused of cheating. Determined to shut him up with evidence, Erika pulled out her tablet and dug up Kail’s attendance record.


Kail’s attendance was... perfect. He was marked as “Present” on each and every day this week. When Erika checked it yesterday, it showed a completely different picture...

“You see, boss? I’m just a honest, diligent student, hehe.”

“... so you are, according to this.”

Erika drowned in bewilderment. Was she blinded by her hate for this lowlife? Was it possible that yesterday she checked Kail’s attendance for the wrong week...? Perhaps she accidentally read his attendance for next week, where blank records were only natural.

“Tch, so annoying...”

Sophia clicked her tongue after her respected boss was shot down. She decided to pull out her final resort and to make the scum cooperate.

“We already gave you the smallest share of the work, so definitely make sure you finish it today. If you don’t...”

Sophia glared at Kail and conveyed a silent threat.

“Gee, gee, I got it! No need to be so scary, Sophy~ I’ll properly badger all these lazy sport teachers!”

Kail smirked as always, but a hint of irritation slipped through his poker face. Erika had no idea what witchcraft Sophia practiced in order to make this devil submit.

After throwing a few more smartass remarks, Kail complied with the demand and went to do his job. Erika and Sophia sighed in relief, finally released from negotiating with the devil.


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