God Vessel Online

by DarkClaymore

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Erika is a tall, elegant honor student and a closet gamer who is secretly obsessed with cute little critters. Mina is a short, brash girl who flaunts herself as a gamer and pays no heed to others.

Normally, the two would have nothing to do with each other. But, when a virtual “Grim Reaper’s curse” afflicts Mina in the real world - everything goes to hell.

The two girls form an unlikely pair as they dive into the harsh virtual reality of God Vessel Online. There, the insane characters and notorious flowers are just the beginning of their fun virtual experience that will gradually bleed into their real lives.

Cover art by Fluffy Flower

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Word Count (16)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Solo Charge ago
Chapter 2: Cat Lover ago
Chapter 3: Pet Corner ago
Chapter 4: The Missing Student ago
Chapter 5: Verdandi Blade Online ago
Chapter 6: Vireco ago
Chapter 7: Gossip and Paranoia ago
Chapter 8: Mina Park ago
Chapter 9: Mystical Vireco ago
Chapter 10: Closet Gamer ago
Chapter 11: Rune Selection ago
Chapter 12: Friendly NPC ago
Chapter 13: Dimension Vessel ago
Chapter 14: Pixie ago
Chapter 15: Water Temple ago
Chapter 16: No Stats? ago
Chapter 17: Sharp-Toothed Silveria ago
Chapter 18: Out of the Temple ago
Chapter 19: Windflora ago
Chapter 20: Combat Aid ago
Chapter 21: Pieces ago
Chapter 22: Elemental Food ago
Chapter 23: Logout ago
Chapter 24: Back to Reality ago
Chapter 25: Two-Faced Titan ago
Chapter 26: Almighty Super Arm Girl ago
Chapter 27: VR Shut-In ago
Chapter 28: Different Titans ago
Chapter 29: Legendary Silver Knife ago
Chapter 30: Water Blob ago
Chapter 31: Icon Sense ago
Chapter 32: Murph Village ago
Chapter 33: Fantasy Food ago
Chapter 34: Elven Support ago
Chapter 35: Dark Seed ago
Chapter 36: Farming Tips ago
Chapter 37: Trading Basics ago
Chapter 38: Elf and Pixie ago
Chapter 39: Importance of Mundanity ago
Chapter 40: Behind GoVe ago
Chapter 41: Class President of A-5 ago
Chapter 42: Sport Bureaucracy ago
Chapter 43: Saturday Freedom ago
Chapter 44: Waterflora ago
Chapter 45: Splashed Vivi ago
Chapter 46: Blob Rescue Operation ago
Chapter 47: Blobby ago
Chapter 48: Drainer Bee ago
Chapter 49: Bee Swarm ago
Chapter 50: Softening Brats ago
Chapter 51: Saturday Friend ago
Chapter 52: Road Boss ago
Chapter 53: VR Sunday ago
Chapter 54: Smashed Plans ago
Chapter 55: Windflora King ago
Chapter 56: All Is Futile ago
Chapter 57: Primitive Communication ago
Chapter 58: Blobby vs. Drainer Bees ago
Chapter 59: Mercy ago
Chapter 60: Beetrayal ago
Chapter 61: Gathering Bees ago
Chapter 62: Opertaion Bee Swarm ago
Chapter 63: Generous Vivi ago
Chapter 64: Parting at the Gate ago
Chapter 65: Sunday Break ago
Announcement: Classmancers, my new story about MOBA Esport ago

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Looking forward to more

The two main girls make a cute odd couple and are reasonably fleshed out for the limited interactions together up to this point (26 chapters).  Seems to be hints at future plot developments with ingame events and Vireco, but at this early point Erika's interactions, both in school and in VR, take center stage.

So far, its a cute and fluffy read, just the kind of thing I like.


Kinda lost direction

As of chapter 65

Apparently dropped, so as always fairly incomplete.


Better-than-average. Yes, fairly web-novel-esque with brisk pacing (in terms of storytelling, not so much in terms of progress of the story) and few descriptions, but it's pretty solid nonetheless.

One character swears constantly, which I thought was a bit much. But within tolerances. 


Some errors (weirdly mixed-up words), but nothing too bad. Pretty good job.


This I had the most trouble with: basically, tsundere-loli gets some kind of VR sickness, so class-president-who-likes-cute-things decides to help her out, mainly by forcing her not to play for a while. Instead, she plays the VRMMO, while the other one "spectates".

But instead of working towards the goal of "healing" the other one's ingame character she mostly just played around (with cute things).

It's fine and all, but it felt fairly unclear where this was supposed to go beyond "heal that ingame character" (and perhaps "come out as a gamer", a subplot I found ... odd). Would it have been done then? Who knows. Maybe. 


It's basically the two heroines plus a bunch of (more or less) abusive NPCs. All of them are fairly fun, so I don't have any huge complaints here.


It's pretty good if you don't mind the slow-pace, but after a while I started to want a bit more of a plot. Then it apparently got dropped. Well. I can sort of understand the decision and I appreciate that the author actually put a notice there instead of just disappearing, but it's still a bit of a shame it ended ... nowhere.


The first chapter nearly put me off, I'm not overly sensible or something like that, but all that "senseless" swearing was really tiring and annoying. But the Erika character is really nice, I like her easygoing, 'mommy' approach, taking everything in strides and not getting fazed by a little bikkering.

Thou I must say the actual progress of the story in the first 30 chapters is minimal. I would not really recommend reading it yet, because I at least like to read stories in one go, especially new ones because it is otherwise hard to really get into it, or if you do it ends way to quickly again, especially with such short chapters.


dat language give me cancer...

nice pace. great character personality. the only downside is the funny abusive language though. if you can endure the language then this web novel is perfect for you.


Personally I'm doing something I hate, which is engaging myself to stories which I don't have much to go off of... but whatever!

I'm not too big a fan of Mina much as her character seems realistic, however so far I'm enjoying Erika and am curious to see how this develops 

rating's 3.5 because its a story and I like stories, giving it a higher or lower rating would be a crime for me as there simply isn't enough to go off of... like eating bread before its cooked, doesn't work.