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Ok, so first things first, thank you all for being patient with me, I got something near 50 responses when I explained what was going on and why I was taking a break from posting, and it really made me feel good, so thank you all for that, thank you so much.  The cases are done, and I won't have to go back to court for a year now as neither of us can file for an appeal until then, so I feel comfortable with posting again.

Court went pretty good, and though I would like to have full custody of my daughter I realize that wouldn't be fair to her(my daughter that is,)  as such we came to a decent enough agreement, and if this works out I doubt either of us will want to go back to court.

So, we are back on schedule it would seem.

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The original word count of this chapter: 1382

The new word count of the chapter: 3856

As you can see this is significantly longer, I added and changed a good deal, including completely redoing the sex scene as it was the first one I had ever written and really wasn't that good, seeing as it was basically foreplay and then fading to black, now it is a full-fledged scene like ones found later in the book.

Hope you all like it.

Redux Vol1 Ch9: God I love waffles...

The sound of Jack's phone vibrated in his pocket broke the rather tense silence that had fallen over the car, a result no doubt of the argument that had finally finished between Arka and Hisra, an argument that they had been having for the past three hours, and one that transcended a single topic and simply continued from tangent to tangent until both of them had simply started giving the other the cold shoulder, each looking out their respective windows as the landscape flashed by. Grateful of the break in the silence he angled his body so that he could reach into the pocket of his pants and pulled it out, not even caring who it was that was calling at the moment he answered it and put it up to his ear in a single movement.

"Hey Jack, it's Jean," came the voice on the other side of the phone, she always had this reserved way of speaking when she was in person around him, on the phone however she was more confident, more like her older sister.

"Sup, Jean? You guys still behind us?" He looked in the rearview mirror, but he couldn't see Jessika's car, and he would have been able to see it, seeing as it was a fiery red 2017 Toyota 86 it was pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. Part of him was glad they were coming along, it would have been really cramped in his car if Hethuk had to fit in here along with the other four of them, the other part of him was still a little upset he wasn't about to get any alone time with Hisra anytime soon. There was also the fact that if they hadn't taken them along Jessika swore to the heavens above she would let the boss know exactly how sick he had actually been, which needed to be taken into consideration. Hisra's head snapped to attention when she heard Jack say Jean's name, her eyes narrowed to slits so small that it was a wonder she could see at all out of them.

"Were a couple cars behind, we can still see you." Jean replied

"Course we can, we would be able to see that rust bucket you call a car from miles away!" Jessika yelled next to her sister, the voice was so loud he had to pull the phone away from his ear or risk the woman blowing his eardrum. If Jean acted more confident on the phone then Jessika acted like a madwoman.

"Oh, am I on speaker?" he asked, but before she could answer he went on, knowing full well that he was, "Yeah, and how much is this 'rust bucket' costing me per month? What's this nothing? Woooow!" Jack drove a blue 1999 ford Taurus, the same car he had bought and rather meticulously cared for since he was sixteen, sure there was a dent in the back quarter panel, and he had to bypass the wiring harness with a starter tester kit to get it running, but it was the only car he had ever owned, and it had grown on him, and it hadn't cost him an arm and a leg like Jessika's car. "What's your monthly payment on that thing, five? Six hundred dollars?"

"Yeah, rub it in jerk, my car is still sexier." She shot back, but Jack felt like he had swiftly won this argument, it was not like they hadn't had it a thousand times before...

"And more expensive." He shot back, almost ritualistically.

"Well it requires money to maintain beauty and sexiness don't you know?" Jack paused to consider, and finally conceded her point.

"Well, I can't argue against that," he laughed, truth be told he had contemplated getting a new car many times, but it just didn't make sense every time he looked at the numbers, after all, his car was running fine at the moment.

"So, Jack, I don't know about you but we're getting hungry do you know of anywhere we can go eat?" Jean asked, it had after all been several hours and in the haste to pack and leave no one had bothered to eat.

"Yeah, there's this great waffle house open 24/7, it's about a quarter-mile from the house, let's hit that place up once we get there." He said after a minute, truth be told it was the only restaurant that would be open by the time they pulled in, so it was the only option, but there was no need to tell anyone this.

"Sounds good, talk to you later," Jean said, and before she hung up he heard Jessika but in.

"No, No, No, you did it all wrong you are supposed to say love you baby or something when you hang up on him!"

"I can't say that he-!" with a sigh Jack pressed the hang-up button on his phone shook his head with a small chuckle. He almost jumped when he realized Hisra's face was a mere millimeter away from his own, her eyes narrowed to dangerous slits and her nostrils flared in anger, Jack felt a cold bead of sweat form in between his shoulder blades and slid down his spine..

"What was so funny?" she asked in a dangerously low voice…


"I am sorry sir, but all the seats are filled," the waiter apologized for what had to be the fifth time. Jack looked around, and it would appear as though the man was indeed correct, there was not a table to be found, he had mistakenly thought the lake would be empty seeing as it was October and all, but it would seem as though the lake stayed busy, even at this time of the year. Not entirely surprising seeing as there was a central inn complex that still had a rather large indoor pool complete with waterslides and the works. He grimaced as he absently looked around, searching in vain for a booth or table that might have just become unoccupied but spotted no such thing "The best I can offer is to get you some food and have them put it in to-go containers would that be acceptable?" The server said, offering them an apologetic smile.

"That will be fine," Jack answered, smiling back at the man, it didn't take long for the order to be made and boxed up in white styrofoam to-go boxes, and in almost no time flat they had four large bags full of the containers and were off down the road. It took them around twenty minutes to reach the lake house. It was not the fanciest of lake houses, the siding was a weathered blue-green and the porch was in a desperate need of a resealing. But it was still an excellent two-story house right out on the water, it just needed a new coat of paint. "Alright, everyone inside let's eat and then unpack."

Jack picked up the key that was hidden under a potted plant and opened the door, letting everyone in. "Ah hey Jack, can you help me get my father in?" Hisra called out, she was standing by Jessika and Jean's car.

"Help you get your father in?" Jack asked as he walked over to her, and lo and behold he found Hethuk passed out in the back seat, head flopped to the side and snoring like a chainsaw. "Why don't you just wake him up?" he asked, looking at the sleeping man, Hethuk practically took up the entire back seat with his long legs and even with the seat entirely to himself Jack didn't think it looked too comfortable.

"Well, I may or may not have slipped him a sleeping drug..." she flashed an innocent smile as Jack felt his eyebrows raise. "Don't look at me like that, I didn't want him to freak them out by asking some question every earthling should know."

"That's a really good idea actually." Jack nodded his head, and then froze as a question came to mind. "Hey Hisra, how long does that sleeping drug last?"

"Depends on dosage, but the amount I gave him will last about 23 hours or so, why?" She asked as she leaned in and undid the seatbelt strapping her father to the seat. She pretty effortlessly pulled him up like he weighed no more than a small child. It would take some time to get used to the fact that his fiance was super strong, and even more time to get used to the strength he himself was getting due to being connected with her, at least that was the way Hethuk and Hisra had explained it, one of the many benefits of the link between a Trilska and another race was that any of the physical attributes that the Trilska had that were greater than the other partner was shared, meaning it wouldn't be long before he was as strong as Hisra. "Can you get his shoulders please, ill get his feet," she said as she leaned out of the way and allowed Jack to grab Hethuk under the arms and pull his limp form out of the car.

"You mean to tell me that for the next twelve or so hours he will be unable to interrupt the two of us?" he grunted as he hefted the man up, a maniacal smile blooming on his face showing a flash of white teeth.

"I see where you're going with this." Hisra's smile mirrored his own. "And it just so happens that I still have some left." she fished out a small vial of golden liquid that had a slight glow to it, easily holder her father's weight up with one arm before putting the vile away in her pocket.

"Oh everyone is going to love the waffles," he said, and the two of them broke out in a fit of demented laughter.

"Hey why are the two of you laughing like a bunch of creeps over there? Let's eat I'm hungry!" Jessika yelled from in the house.

"Yes let's go have some waffles." Jack said, an evil grin still plastered on his face.


The sound of six people snoring was like the most beautiful symphony to Jack's ears. He smiled with satisfaction as he looked over the people sprawled out on the table, each and every one of them had fallen fast asleep, Jean had even slumped forward into the plate of waffles, her hair stuck to the side of her face by the sticky maple concoction. He looked around one last time before he turned around and picked Hisra up in his arms and carried her up the stairs and into the master bedroom, where he unceremoniously threw her on the bed. She let out a started squeak as she flew through the air and landed on the mattress, bouncing once before coming to rest.

In no time flat he had pulled off his shoes, socks and pulled his shirt up over his head, leaving him wearing only his jeans, held up just under his waist by his belt. The cool air felt fresh against his bare flesh as he leaned over her undid the belt that fastened her pants, she was wearing actual clothes this time, so there was no way she could simply make the clothes vanish this time, but that was fine, he liked it better this way. Slowly he slid his fingers under the waistband and slid the pants down, revealing a rather attractive lacy red set of panties, he got them to mid-thigh before her hands wrapped around his wrist stopping his motion before he was able to remove them fully.

"We can stop if you want." he said, and she looked at him and bit her lower lip, before nodding and removing her hand, allowing him to finish what he had started. He pulled back and shimmied the pants down her legs, revealing the bare flesh underneath. Like the rest of her skin it was almost pigment less white, near albino in its lack of color. As he removed her pants she reached behind her back, and her hand came away with a small circular shape, almost like a bracelet, as she pulled it her tail came into being, almost like it had been swallowed by the ring and she let out a sigh of relief as her newly freed tail lashed back and forth.

"Ahhh," she sighed in contentment, "that is so much better," he smiled as she watched the appendage, which was thicker than her leg waved back and forth, it lent a sort of surreal feeling to the scene beneath him. He watched in fascination as it moved and she stretched, he must have stared at it too long, because she hid it underneath her and shoved him slightly with a lopsided smile on her lips.

"Arms up," he said.

"Hmmm?" she feigned ignorance of what he just said, but he was having none of it at this second, he had waited too long for this already in his opinion.

"Arms up," he repeated, and no more protests she did as he asked. In one quick movement he removed the shirt revealing her chest which had a bra that matched her panties, all red lace and frills, Leaning forward he placed one hand next to her head, sinking it into the fabric of the bed and with his other hand he his fingers up her diaphragm and over the breast, lightly brushing the fingers over where her nipples would be, he felt her shiver as he did so, but he didn't pause, his hand went up trailing past her collarbone and over the shoulder before sliding down to her back, to the clasp. He slipped his middle finger into the band of the bra, pulled the band of the bra away from her body and down into the bed, pinched the clasp together on either side, and pushed with his thumb, easily unlatching it. She didn't protest as he pulled it off of her, revealing her chest.

Her skin wasn't any darker here than anywhere else on the rest of her body, but her nipples were a different color than he had ever seen, they were a light ocean blue, like the color of her hair, and the areolas surround them were a slightly darker blue color, but not by much. Though this revelation didn't take him long to recover from. He leaned over and placed his lips by her ear, softly he bit the lobe, pulling slightly, before moving down and kissing her on the neck. He felt her shudder and smiled, her hands coming up to cover her breasts, like she was embarrassed. With a slow-motion he licked from the top of her neck all the way down to her collarbone, and back up again, taking his time to breath in the smell of her hair and skin. Jack pulled back, looking at her for a second before he kissed her on the lips moving down to press his lips against her chin, and the neck, and the collarbone, and once he got to her chest he kissed her hands that covered the breasts. Slowly he kissed each finger, each knuckle, and before long she removed her hands, revealing them to him. He moved in slowly, never breaking eye contact with her and ever so lightly put his lips against them.

His lips barely grazed her, but it caused a trimmer that shot through her body from her head to the tip of her tail. He softly kissed her and was rewarded by a moan. With a smile he placed her right nipple in his mouth, gently sucking on it and rolling it around with his tongue. Hisra moaned even louder this time, forcing her to bring up her hand to her mouth and bite on the crook of her index finger. "Ahhhhh-nnnnnnnn" came the muffled sound from her mouth.

He ran his tongue down the center of her belly, tracing the curves and ridges from her diaphragm to her belly button. He paused here and gave her a kiss, and then one lower. With a wet tongue he traced down her to between her legs, he softly planted a kiss on her thigh, feeling her shiver in anticipation. With slow kisses and small licks he made his way in closer, she didn't offer any resistance as he slid the inner section of the red lace panties aside.

The labia that presented itself to him was thick, with well-formed mounds that were quivering cutely. With a gentle tongue he traced the curve they formed before slowly pushing it open to reveal the prize, he was only slightly surprised to see that the inside of her lower lips shared the same blue color as her nipples.

He started sucking on her clit, playing around with it as his tongue stimulated it. With his hands he took a finger and spread her open and invaded the secret garden she had hidden away.He slipped a finger just into the entrance and rubbed the sensitive skin located there, even as he played with her clitoris. He drew his tongue up and over the top of the labia before pulling away to look at her. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her finger in a desperate attempt to not let out any noise. Jack smiled, he bent over and watching her reaction he lightly licked her again. He started to stir around inside of her with his finger, soon adding a second and then a third. As he worked on her she began moving her hips with his motions. Soon he felt her inner walls tighten around his finger, and she arched her back, muscle spasming and liquid gushing out of her. She panted heavily as she flopped down on the bed, her eyes glazing over.

He pulled his head up from between her legs and started to crawl forward, licking everywhere as he ran his tongue from her lower area up to the belly button. He began tracing a wet line slowly up to her breasts. He slowly licked every inch of her, making sure to pay special attention to the areolas and nipples, which he playfully rolled around in his mouth one after another. But even as his mouth toyed with her up above he did not leave out her lower lips. With his spare hand he slowly reached between her thighs and inserted his middle finger. Her eyes went wide he fully invaded her sacred place.

He pushed a second finger in and slowly spread her hole open. Hooking his fingers ever so slightly he rubbed against the slick walls of her vagina, working to spread her open by opening the gap between his fingers.

Between this and the toying around with her chest she climaxed again, as she did she wrapped her arms around his neck and held on for dear life. He smiled and slipped his fingers out of her and watched her as she shook and shuddered under him, her face forming a vacant expression.

With a smile he pulled off his pants and boxers and freed his cock that had been straining against the fabric underneath uncomfortably this entire time. Her eyes focused when she caught a glimpse of it.

"Ready?" he asked, she didn't answer, her sapphire eyes heated up so much it almost looked like they glowed. He positioned himself with his right hand and slowly opened the entrance with the tip of his shaft. Her eyes flew open wide as he entered slowly he started to move in and out of her. With every time he pushed into her she made a soft moan, her eyes locked on his as her hands came up to wrap around the back of his neck. He reached forward and did the same to her, not choking her, simply wrapping one of his hands around her neck in a sort of possessive way, almost like he was declaring her his. Slowly his movements ramped up, she closed her eyes, attempting to breathe as he moved around inside her, but how could she breath when she couldn't even think? A thin strand of drool leaked out of the corner of her mouth and he ran his tongue over the path it had traced from her chin to her lips.

"Ahhh! Ahh!" she cried out as she climaxed. Her back arched as the muscles spasmed throughout her entire body, her hands reaching up around his back and her nails biting into his skin and her tail coming up and wrapping the both of them together holding on tighter than even her arms could manage. With a final thrust harder than any of the rest he plunged deep and came to rest as far as she could humanly allow. She felt him tremble, and not just his body, he swelled in size before a torrent of warmth flowed out of him and into her as he practically collapsed on top of her. "AHHHHHH!" she screamed and locked her legs around his back as she felt the warmth enter her and she climaxed.

She lay there, her lower lips still trembling with him still inside her, he pulled back panting, his hand still around her neck. As he pulled away she lifted a hand to his face, gently running her hand down line of his jaw. "Finally," she panted, her legs still wrapped around his lower body, locking him in place. "The bond is complete," she breathed out smiling. "My body will start to change now, adapt so that I can bare you children," she smiled and he not knowing what to say smiled back. He felt drained, so he flopped down beside her and she curled up against his side, one leg over his, her head resting on his chest and a tail sliding up and wrapping around his waist, pulling him in close.

"I can now die a happy man," he sighed contentedly as he lay there naked with Hisra laying her head on his chest.

"What you're dying!?" Hisra yelled out in shock and fear, leaping up to look at him in the eyes.

"No, No, it's just, it's a saying, it means my life is now perfect." Hisra let out a deep breath in relief.

"Don't scare me like that," she murmured as she nuzzled on his chest once more, "I can't live without you." she sniffed, a single tear leaking out of her eyes. "Don't forget, if you die I die, and if I die, you die," she said it like it was a simple fact, which he supposed to her it was.

"No fucking pressure huh?" he asked a slight smile on his lips, bringing his arms up he pulled her in closer to him, "I'll always be here for you." he didn't have a choice in the matter anymore, so he might as well make the best of it "God I love waffles." He chuckled to himself as he felt a deep restfulness settle over him...


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