The Empyrean Overlord

The Empyrean Overlord

by SpiritualHost

Synopsis II: Gods and Devils cry in fear when they are in my presence. Endless time has gone by, but my immortalized childish heart betrays my age. Memories of my life flashes by, but Death still dares not touch me. In a merely a breath, I traverse across dimensions. Unstoppable, I casually tear open space and the wide sky. Those who follow me, those who I trust, I give my all to you. But for those who stand in my way, those who I despise, I want to apologize. Because we cannot become friends. But perhaps, I can introduce you to the King of Hell? That fellow is quite a friendly one.

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Word Count (10)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Descension ago
Chapter 1: Fusion ago
Chapter 2: The Rebirth ago
Chapter 3: WuDang ago
Chapter 4: The Strengthening ago
Chapter 5: The First City Visit ago
Chapter 6: The Azure Sky Auction House ago
Chapter 7: Esteemed Guest ago
Chapter 8: An Expert in the City ago
Chapter 9: Do All Things with Kindness ago
Chapter 10: Old Way; New Life ago
Chapter 11: Jin Clan's Inner Family Competition(1) ago
Chapter 12: Jin Clan's Inner Family Competition(2) ago
Chapter 13: Human Calamity ago
Chapter 14: The Lord of Tian City ago
Chapter 15: Wealth ago
Chapter 16: Become a Cultivator? ago
Chapter 17: Plans ago
Chapter 18: Tian Slave Market ago
Chapter 19: Fei Yu and Fei Qing ago
Chapter 20: Hu Feng ago
Chapter 21: Different Lives; New Life ago
Chapter 22: Rune Inscriptionist?! ago
Chapter 23: Learning Low-Level Skills ago
Chapter 24: Upgrading Low-Level Skills ago
Chapter 25: Two Groups a Powerful Clan May Need ago
Chapter 26: Assembling The Pieces ago
Chapter 27: Formations and The Reformations ago
Chapter 28: Cerulean Night ago
Chapter 29: The Devas Regiment & The Eidolon Assassin Guild ago
Chapter 30: One Month from Now ago
Chapter 31: Gathering Intelligence ago
Chapter 32: Noble Ranked City ago
Chapter 33: Disturbance at Flower Bridge Restaraunt ago
Chapter 34: We Will Make Him Pay! ago
Chapter 35 Medical Master(1) ago
Chapter 36: Medical Master Exam(2) ago
Chapter 37: The Early Bird gets the Worm ago
Chapter 38: Not Worthy Enough to Make me Stay ago
Chapter 39: The World's Loss ago
Chapter 40: Nothing To Do With Us ago
Chapter 41: Heavenly Nightmare Pill ago
Chapter 42: Superior Soul, but Inferior Inner Quality ago
Chapter 43: Hu Feng's Past Memories(1) ago
Chapter 44: Hu Feng's Past Memories (2) ago
Chapter 45: Hu Feng's Past Memory(3) ago
Chapter 46: Do You Desire More Power? ago
Chapter 47: Time to Head Back ago
Chapter 48: Azure City ago
Chapter 49: King ago
Chapter 50: Tea ago
Chapter 51: Crumble ago
Chapter 52: Question ago

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Well, the novel was already good enough to be mistaken as an already ongoing or finished chinese work of xianxia, and its quite well done. Despite the issues that happend along the way, its a really well made story, so im glad that its back and i hope that the quality dosnt drops.


The main good points are that the MC is a Transmigrated Dude (that is a high Deity) that takes over the body of a trash... lets call it rubish dude since the guy was a trash in both body and personality. And had to reconstruct the body and fix his already rock bottom reputation in the family.

And that the best friend of the MC is a fatty with the soul of reincarnated person from earth with Sealed OP powers that wishes to find others reincarnated people so he can believe that his memories are not fiction.


I like, is very good, but when the hiatus ends?


Will chapter 52 ever come out

 ive read this on  and loved it but will chapter 52 ever release?


i dont know what happened but it is nice to see you guys active again but you know i am still waiting on chapter 52 and im sure all the ppl who've been following since day 1 are wondering the same


Your story has great potentail!! Hope you will continue to update.



can I get a link to where you found the art I've been looking for the ln that goes with that art for a long time.