The Wolven Blade and the Bells

by The Red Writer

Original HIATUS Action Drama Psychological Tragedy Anti-Hero Lead Male Lead Martial Arts Strategy
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

"Love and Hatred are different sides of the same coin" is how the saying goes, I believe. However, the coin of love and hatred is far from the only coin that shows two faces. There is the coin marked with naivety and wisdom, alongside the coin belonging to scorn and respect, as well as the one representing trust and wariness. (Now, stick with me. This analogy is vital to understanding our story, despite its run-on nature. ) Here we have a coin, a regular coin for all intents and purposes. Except, this coin is marked a bit differently than a coin you are like to find elsewhere. One side of the coin is golden and clean, embossed with the beautiful face of a young woman with a kind expression fitted below her intelligent gaze. The other side of the coin is scarred and dirty, carved into the likeness of a young man with an easy grin and hard eyes. This coin, much like the others, represents a duality between opposites that are nonetheless intertwined more tightly than a drunkard and a tavern. However, this coin does not represent emotions like the others. Rather, this coin represents us and our story, so don't go spending it just yet. Instead, I hear wedding bells. Shall we sit in? Its sure to be an interesting show. It is a marriage between fates, after all...

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The Red Writer

The Red Writer


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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
[Volume One] Chapter One: The Beginning of the End ago
[Volume One] Chapter Two: Blades in the Dark ago
[Volume One] Chapter Three: Silver Tongue and Steel Blade ago
[Volume One] Chapter Four: The Price of a Plan ago
[Volume One] Chapter Five: The Assembly Completes ago
[Volume One] Chapter Six: A Tinge of Madness and a Dash of Arrogance ago
[Volume One] Chapter Seven: A Bloody Good Time ago
[Volume One] Chapter Eight: Sweets and Thoughts ago
[Volume One] Chapter Nine: In the Dust and Shade ago
[Volume One] Chapter Ten: Of Wolves, Chains, Books, and Strong Drinks ago
[Volume One] Chapter Eleven: Regrets and Annoyances both lead to Lessons ago
[Volume One] Chapter Twelve: A Brief Moment of Rest, Dominated by Fools ago
[Volume One] Chapter Thirteen: Who Doesn't Like to Drink? ago
[Volume One] Chapter Fourteen: The Worth of a Man is Hardly Much ago
[Volume One] Chapter Fifteen: What is Some Blood Between Friends? ago
[Volume One] Chapter Sixteen: And to All a Good Night ago
[Volume One] Chapter Seventeen: Time for A Talk, and Perhaps a Drink? ago
Chapter Eighteen: All Good Things... ago
Chapter Nineteen: Memories are the Sweetest Things ago
Chapter Twenty: The Curtains Open Slowly ago
Chapter Twenty-One: Even the Best-Laid Plans... ago
Chapter Twenty-Two: Soldiers Should do as They Are Told ago
Chapter Twenty-Three: Games Galore ago
Chapter Twenty-Four: A Wrench In the Works ago
Chapter Twenty-Five: Foolish Children ago
Chapter Twenty-Six: A Night's Festivities ago
Chapter Twenty-Seven: In the Shadow of The Storm ago
Chapter Twenty-Eight: The Storms Grow Stronger ago
Chapter Twenty-Nine: A Wolf and His Pack ago
Chapter Thirty: Seats of Stone, Waves of Blood ago
Chapter Thirty-One: Two Wills in Winter ago
Chapter Thirty-Two: As Night Falls, Curtains Close... ago
Chapter Thirty-Three: Memories Rise ago
Chapter Thirty-Four: The Red Trial ago
Chapter Thirty-Five: Naming of Names ago
Chapter Thirty-Six: Present in The Dark ago
Chapter Thirty-Seven: A Dagger in the hand is worth Two in the Chest ago
Chapter Thirty-Eight: The Playwright's Dreams ago
Chapter Thirty-Nine: The Night it Rained Blood ago
Chapter Forty: From Endings, Beginnings ago
[Volume Two] Chapter Forty-One: The Bells of War ago
[Volume Two] Chapter Forty-Two: Surprises are a Potent Spice ago
[Volume Two] Chapter Forty-three: Blades are Handy Things ago

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  • Overall Score

Dark and interesting.

I don't usually review things but this deserves a good review. 

The Main character is a very intelligent Schemer type of anti-hero who's more than a bit unstable. The best kind of MC if you ask me.

The story seems to be well thought out thus far.

The story is extremely well written.

The character interaction seems very believable to me.

Overall its just a great story if you enjoy dark and gritty medieval type stories (:


  • Overall Score

Beautiful writing with impeccable grammar and a story that is very different and manages to capture the feel of the dark ages unlike many others. This story is not for the people that would like to see the MC going around saving the downtrodden and being a prince on a white horse. Nor is he an antihero. He is very simply put, insane.

This provides a very unique feel to the story and while I do not enjoy dark novels, this one compelled me to binge read all the chapters released as of this review in one go. Anyone wishing to pick this up please do take note, this story has lots of gore, torture, rape and killings of children. If you do not have the stomach for these kind of events please do not read further and give a low score to this amazing story just because it is not a wish fulfillment novel. It is dark, morbid and a fresh new idea. All those who are ok with the above, dive in and enjoy this beautiful story. 

Thank you The Red Writer for this amazing new story and I wish the best of luck for you. 

  • Overall Score

I don't usually review but this story deserves it 100%. 

The story is dark and set in medieval times. The main protagonist is a fucked up man. The grammar is flawless. This should be a book is a store right now.

The most impressive by far is how well the story is thought out. 

Don't waste an opportunity to experience this great story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I know an unjust score when I see one.

The only reason I'm writting a review is so I can give out a score to offset some other peopple's(I'm looking at you Molenir). The story has everything, good writting that flows perfectly, an intriguing story that always leaves you guessing, and a great and well-developed MC.

On that note, I highly disagree with Djeruknipis remark about character development but I understand. The story description leads you to believe there are two characters with, if not equal, similar importance, but from what I got from reading it is not. It is a tale of one man's rise to prominance, to achieve his goals, of how he experiences the world around him. We only get to see, at most, what he sees, and know what he knows, but we are not him, so to get a better undestanding, flashbacks are great tools that were used for giving background and were done splendidly. Interludes have their use but I prefer the way the author did it so far. 

At the time I'm writting this, the story is at page 10 of popular this week, which is a travesty. Such an injustice lowers my faith in people's tastes here in rrl. I guess the anti-hero, bad outside but good inside, is the only type of character that works around here. I was really happy when I found a fiction where the mc doesn't try to explain himself, a fiction where I gett revolted by his actions, and I loved every minute of it. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Readers, this fiction is really good. Words flow well, greatly support the attractive setting. You will find a scheming badass main character, gambling a way to reach his ultimate aim. Using his group of unwashed combatants, sacrificing everything that he deemed have fulfilled their use. And he schemed many times before, choosing where to involve himself for objectives unrelated until so far in the future, creating persona of both might and intelligence. Reading this fiction will fill you with sense of awe. If you like combat and intrigue of medieval court, I recommend giving this a try.

Author, your fiction is not great. It's really good, but not great. Your main character is interesting, but you forgot to develop the other characters. Your princess is portrayed as ambitious girl masked behind a deliberate speech impediment. But bold action, she hasn't taken. She gambled by employing your main character, but that's it. So far we read that she's only interested in MC past, or do some tongue lashing with a barbarian. I'm waiting for her doing something big.

Your MC rival in his former mercenary band is a mess. It is fine to have a lustful but deadly lady hovering and threatening your MC, but I often wonder, why she didn't kill him? Or at least leave him? Nothing holding her back as far as I can see, she can get her fun anywhere. And why taking one of her eye declare loyalty? You need to establish their culture first, little by little, so we don't question ourselves why characters act they did.

And mystery. Many give up suspending readers from the mystery, opting to explain characters' past rather than establishing their personality through snippets and consistent behavior. I greatly dislike flash back. Simply because they're done even when they're not necessary. To establish character, I greatly recommend touching cultural background through interludes, so readers have idea how well they fare compared to common people. That if you wish to divide your story into arcs. If you don't, a little passage at the beginning of each chapters can work wonder.

Grammar is fine. The word 'then' and 'than' is often switched around. But you're native speaker, so who knows, future English might have them switched ultimately, since such error have become so prevalen. Your first arc should be named First. Not Prologue. They're important, as weighty as the other arc, and readers should not skip them. I encourage you to check 'Eagle's Flight' out. That one handled characters well and its theme is similar to yours. It might not have structure that RoyalRoad readers like, but it has as close as perfection compared to other RR fiction.

You write well and I feel your story fits well with RR audience. I can see you command greater following from now on, replacing some titles I think unworthy of their high rank. Keep trying and good luck.

  • Overall Score

One of the best, if not the best story I have found to date!

A true masterpiece if you like the type of story it is. 

Great dialogue, characters, descriptions, action, and humor working perfectly together

  • Overall Score

This is my first review though I have been reading on RR for a while. Why you ask?

Because this story freaking deserves a review and for you to read it.

Great pacing, great action, wonderful characters and an MC that keeps the readers on our toes as much as the people around him in the story.

It's clever and wity, dark and mad and utterly addictive.

Read it and then I dare you to want to stop.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

To start off, this story is excellently written, with impeccable grammer, with few, if any mistakes i can see.

the story is told from what appears to be an internal monolouge, making the MC seem just that little bit more crazy. while this is a first person story told by a crazy person, the story dosen't drag its feet in the MC's mental problems, and just focuses on whatevers next in the MC's nefarious plots. his crazy shows just enough to make him an interesting character with an interesting backstory. So all in all,the MC is fleshed out very well, and feels very real.

the others in the main cast are pretty good, but somtimes seem forgotten, or left out when they could really add to certain scenes. they also seem like they are often there to just fill the room, which lessens any of their actuall impact on the story, if the author tries to have them add any impact. 

To close, as many others have pointed out about this story, its not great. i've read stories that were better, stories that made me cry, but this story isn't that. this story can't really be defined like many other stories in terms of good or great, because its somthing special. Because if you feel like reading about a man who is nothing but crazy smart, crazy evil, and just plain crazy, this is the story for you. Hell, often times you might even find yourself relating to this crazy man, just because his crazy is really just him letting out some of his darkest urges, which is somthing that we all can get in to. when reading this, I feel like a dastardly bastard, but its fun, and I get really into, hating on the heros, and loving the villainy of the MCs.

So overall, hell of a story, with great characters, most definitely worth the read. 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Through The Eyes of a Madman

Slow updates, but of indisputable quality.

The main character is cynical and cunning, witty and insane. He is not some cheesy anti-hero who kills for the fun of it, or 'because the story says he's evil.'

The man plays life like a chess grandmaster, using people as pawns to further his goals. He is so deranged as to purposely cause his own plans to go awry, just to sow chaos and challenge himself.

The characters are all fleshed out, and not cookie-cutter stereotypes. Character interactions are unique and not dry.

Grammar and word choice are both great.

I would recommend this story.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I recognize the tags are there for a reason.  Gore and traumatizing content.  When I got to the first true torture scene, that's when I quit.   The story is well told, and quite interesting, but the stomach-churning gore is just too much. 

That said, I didn't notice any major grammar issues, and only a few minor misspellings. The characters are certainly interesting, though early in the story.  I do question how they we're able to so quickly penetrate the royal guard, and the palace.  It just seemed like a lot of critical details were being left out.  Though the author may have added them in later chapters. 

The story itself, well as I mentioned above, is exceedingly dark.  And not to my tastes.  If you don't mind this, give it a chance.  it is well written.