Kuro’s Days

by Branya

Original HIATUS Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi Female Lead Gender Bender Magic Slice of Life Strong Lead
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Sexual Content
  • Traumatising content

Despite all the warning about profanity, gore, sexual, and traumatizing content this novel doesn't focus on those things and have them only at none to the bare minimum. However,  just like in real life, something unexpected can happen without notice.

Synopsis: I was a 30-year-old good for nothing, but because I had run out of food, I had to rely on my only hope. Expired instant noodles... When I finally awoke, I found myself as my loli game character from the game Skyr*m in a magical cyberpunk world. I could tell that this new life was not a game and it would be a struggle just to survive.

I experienced too much unreasonableness in my life. This time, I will absolutely live a happy life in this new world.

Huh? You say instant noodles don't expire? I also believed that, but in reality, they can.
Warning: This novel isn't about Skyr*m or Dragonborn, it's just where the MC's abilities came from. It contains mostly protagonist's adventure and his... now her happy slice of life. 
Special thanks to:
Editor: Arthur300000, ArchmageNaoki, Bunny, Deathbricks, and Queen
Cover drawn by @azureol on twitter

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3rd Anniversary
Word Count (13)
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 1: Eruption ago
Chapter 2 Temptation ago
Chapter 2B: Cross-examination ago
Chapter 3: Solution ago
Chapter 4: Combobulation ago
Chapter 5: Detoxification ago
Chapter 6: Evaporation ago
Chapter 7: Preparation ago
Chapter 8: Decontamination ago
Chapter 9: Harmonization ago
Chapter 10: Precipitation ago
Chapter 11: Transaction ago
Chapter 12: Compression ago
Chapter 13: Disillusion ago
Side story 1: Revelation ago
Chapter 14: Sanitization ago
Chapter 15: Collection ago
Chapter 16: Destruction ago
Chapter 17: Sufflocation ago
Chapter 18: Reaction ago
Chapter 19: Inflation ago
Chapter 20: Acquisition ago
Chapter 21: Argumentation ago
Chapter 22: Comparison ago
Side story 2.1: Reflection Part 1/2 ago
Side story 2.2: Reflection Part 2/2 ago
Chapter 23: Domination ago
Chapter 24: Transformation ago
Chapter 25: Information ago
Chapter 26: Inspection ago
Chapter 27: Education ago
Chapter 28: Selection ago
Chapter 29: Passion ago
Chapter 30: Addition ago
Chapter 31: Consumption ago
Chapter 32: Discoloration ago
Chapter 33: Civilization ago
Chapter 34: Experimentaion ago
Chapter 35: Vacation ago
Chapter 36: Exhibition ago
Chapter 37: Competition ago
Chapter 38: Protection ago
Chapter 39: Expression ago
Chapter 40: Auction ago
Chapter 41: Obligation ago
Chapter 42: Evolution ago
Side story 3: Affection ago
Chapter 43: Libation ago
Chapter 44: Meditation ago
Chapter 45: Relaxation ago
Side story 4: Apprehension ago
Chapter 46: Constellation ago
Chapter 47: Separation ago
Chapter 48: Excavation ago
Chapter 49: Introduction ago
Chapter 50: Occupation ago
Chapter 51: Erection ago
Chapter 52: Realization ago
Chapter 53: O _ _ _ _ _ ion ago
Chapter 54: Determination ago
Chapter 55: Socialization ago
Side story 5.1: Interpenetration, Side: A ago
Side story 5.2: Interpenetration, Side: B ago
Chapter 56: Invitation ago
Chapter 57: Illusion ago
Chapter 58: Position ago
Chapter 59: Stimulation ago
Chapter 60: Allocation ago
Chapter 61: Explosion ago
Chapter 62: Replication ago
Chapter 63: Fashion ago
Chapter 64: Exploration ago
Chapter 65: Medication ago
Chapter 66: Disposition ago
Chapter 67: Beautification ago
Side story 6: Malediction ago
Chapter 68: Demonstration ago
Chapter 69: Composition ago
Chapter 70: Possession ago
Chapter 71: Designation ago
Chapter 72: Vibration ago
Chapter 73: Abduction ago
Chapter 74: Integration ago
Chapter 75: Contention ago
Chapter 76: Misinterpretation ago
Chapter 77: Presentation ago
Chapter 78: Distraction ago
Chapter 79: Sophistication ago
Chapter 80: Domestication ago
Chapter 81: Construction ago
Chapter 82: Explosion ago
Chapter 83: Rejection ago
Chapter 84: Deception ago
Chapter 85: Construction ago
Chapter 86: Perspiration ago
Chapter 87: Action ago
Chapter 88: Contemplation ago
Chapter 89: Accession ago
Chapter 90: Speculation ago
Chapter 91: Neutralization ago
Chapter 92: Conversation ago
Chapter 93: Incapacitation ago
Chapter 94: Customization ago
Chapter 95: Introduction ago
Chapter 96: Accusation ago
Chapter 97: Assassinations ago
Chapter 98: Election ago
Chapter 99: Lion ago
Chapter 100: Modification ago
Side story 7: Temptation ago
Chapter 101: Invitation ago
Chapter 102: Premonition ago

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Writing this after reading chapter 40.

This fiction is one i honestly enjoy on this site, think over the course of it getting updated i've re-read it around 3 times? I think thats about right. But enough about that, lets get into the story.

The story itself. The story itself is pretty unique in the fact i don't think i've seen really any that are simular to it in any real fashion.

Something that also set's itself apart is how it's done. The MC is recarnated (at least i can guess) into a gamelike world, the fact of it is, is that this isn't a world where everything is sunshine and rainbows, there are really dark moments to it which just works so well for this fic (i ain't spoilin').

The grammar, It's pretty good if i'm honest, the problem is that there tends to be a fair amount of errors per chap (under 5-10) and the sentinces are sometimes broken with dodgy english. Don't let that deter you though, this happens increadibly rarely, so rarely that i can only remember it happening, not when or where.

The characters.. Are great!. They aren't copy pastes of each other with the exact same way o' speaking, each is their own person which i love. I have no real things to say against them, they are pretty good.

In conclusion. If you have nothing to do or have a supiciously kuro shaped hole in your heart or bookmarks, give this a read. I will admit as said before, it does get dark when it fits, And even though it's in the synopsis (under show more), there are 18+ scenes within, regardless of that. This fiction is well worth the read.

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10/10 laughed my ass off, need  more Kuro-Chan

Good story, amazing characters. keep it coming

  • Overall Score

Reviewing  up till 10 chapters, not a critical review or anything.


This FF is a fun read. Grammar is fine, ignoring some mistakes, you can read it without a hitch. The only problem that i encountered is the complex system of power/stats for weapons, I'm too lazy to do the mathematics and memorize everything. Other than that, I had some laughs here and there, and some nice moments.

Give it a go, you won't regret it.

P.S Giving 5 stars cause I'm too lenient when it comes to GB.


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I noticed some negative scoring due to people thinking the Skyrim character would be a major part of the story but as someone who has played Skyrim I think you made the right choice of just using it as base but not the defining feature. Skyrim is setup to be rather primitive so it only makes sense that set in a modern scifi/fantasy world the magic side would be sucky compared to a world that has had time to refine magic with science.

One thing I think you do need to fix is world creation, the environment setting especially when she is moving from place to place is so foggy she might as well be standing still. While it is true too much describing of things can be bad at the same time skipping it all together makes the story empty. I will use the the amusement park as an example The only impression I had of that entire thing was she out on costume, some how lvled up then left with an achievement.


Do not let those negative scores get to you since all of them are not leaving reviews it means they dropped the story from the get go when the Skyrim plot they wanted did not happen. You could probably add to the synopses in some way that will tell the readers the skyrim character thing is very minor detail and that should change the mindset of the future readers since I bet there are a lot of people who also turned away when they thought it was a pure skyrim fanfic that do not read fanfics

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It's pretty good but filled with plot holes


It's very good and is filled with plot holes.

Also for anyone wondering, the magic spells from Skyrim become completely useless and forgotten, she basically never uses them past the first few chapters. Dragon shouts are the only skills she uses other than occasional smithing. For the most part though, she practically only uses the time slow down shout.

Also as I said in the title, I will not go into any detail, but the plot holes are far too numerous and can become incredibly frustrating, especially to those people that read it all in one go like I did and are able to actually remember the plot holes or plot points throughout the story.

I started at 5am in the morning and read the novel up until 6pm, so you can understand that I did very much like the novel. It has a good deal amount of comedy. By far my faveorite chapter was when she obtained her exam results, I really couldn't breathe reading her exam results and the evaluation that came with it.

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Kuro's Days

Genre: Slice of Life, Action, Fantasy
Setting: Modern Magic World. just like a normal modern world, but with magic.
Protagonist: female with black long hair looks about 12-13 years with big breast
Protag's Ability: combat ability between A rank and S rank. can craft equipment, can learn magic relatively easily.
Tension Level: low

Basic Premise: the protagonist transfered to another world with a body of the character he used in Skyrim. he (change to she later) got the chara's strength, combat ability/sense, and knowledge. the story is just how she spend her days. like adventure to the forest, learning magic, buying computer, hiring maids, touring some place, etc.

Personal Opinion: it's a slice of life. I like slice of life.

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If you hate characters that just accept anything just to get the story going 

Or characters that are illogical then you'll hate this novel 

Who would choose a smut book over the massive amount of things from skyrim even if you didn't want anything you could have taken the gold and sold it or something 

  • Overall Score

Just not something I am liking

There are a fair amount of things that I dislike about this story. I did find some parts every now and then to be enjoyable.

Just finished chapter 24 and dropped it. We have things like the MC being way to accepting everything and then just recently around 24 we get some excuse that only explains half of why she's ok with everything and feels more like the author decided to write in a response when it had been so long since this problem popped up that it didn't need an explanation and just brought more annoying matters into the story.

Besides maybe the sister and mother, Everyone else in the family just seems evil. I can't stand the brother and the father seems kind of like a pedo.

Assuming I remember everything correct, Then we have rape and incest scene between a side character's family and it's just... Why? I am not against rape being used in stories if it was properly done. But this seemed so random and was literally just there for a sudden shock moment. Next chapter is literally the MC going to the amusement park.

Then finally, I just am not a fan of this world. As the description said's. It's meant to be a Cyberpunk world but nothing about it feels like this. It really is just a world with both technology and magic. The magic gets so overly complicated that it ruins the fun for me. We rarely don't need entire chapters explaining how Magic, A fictional subject work. I was really hoping this would be a story about the MC just suddenly appearing in some 10x10 room inside a Dystopian Megacity like from what we've seen of the video game Cyberpunk 2077.    With the MC dealing with all the awful crap while also being the only person to use magic.

It really just isn't for me. Others might like it but not me.

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There are plenty of good things that I like about the novel so far.  

  • There no world-ending threat that only the MC can take care of.
  • The MC likes the new world their in way better than earth.
  • It shows things that should be a serious problem as something serious for example bandits, slavery, and rape.
  • And it also shows that the people in the world are also living beings who lives do matter and their not NPCs.
  • Overall Score

My review got erased because my browser crashed. But I'm rating two stars because no forethought was put into the novel. Not when developing the character and her skills, albeit from Skyrim(the game). All elder scrolls lore was completely overlooked, and poor excuses were used as to why the character isn't strong. It's just stupid stuff that is honestly inconsistent with any information provided. You can't say the character was basically maxed, then have her magic be garbage, have all of her items literally stolen, etc. I don't think any novel has actually made me this annoyed, I just hate inconsistencies. Other stuff like easy acceptance, and other incorrigible stuff, just why? And seriously where's the cyberpunk!?