This is the story of the human hero Luna Rubra. Traumatized by her past killing demons has become her reason to live. Will her heart heal or will she fall in even deeper despair?


Additional tags: [Reincarnation], [Female Protagonist], [Yuri], [Revenge], [Insanity]

Authors note: If you find grammar or spelling mistakes please post them so I can correct them. And please comment if you like (or dislike) something. Thank you.
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Roller Coaster in a good way

Okay here I write a review for the author and also for future reader out there.

So far I just read the first nine chapter,

first for the story line: its a unique way to start, cz the author write the story based on the present situation of the MC and then describing MC past slowly, it gives you something to wonder, think or guess what will be the next reason of her action, what make her become who she is now and etc. Also the author slip other characters POV and it also make it interesting from different perspective. For my subjective preverence, I like Carla POV, she is the one who love the MC, Luna the most. Her way of love sometimes make me angry or make me pity her. I hope the author don't kill Carla.

second for the character: Luna as the MC is a lump of sadness, she suffer too much until she broke down and thinking her way of life equals killing demon. Carla as the stongest potential love target has her own problem, she just doesn't know how to confront her feelings to Luna and remain passive. There are also the stupid, loving peace, prince that fall for MC. The scheming and calculating human King. For now thats all I get for the character that stood out, also I'm curious about the princess that once became Luna partner for her love searching life.


This will be the end of my review, also I like how the romance feeling that grow between Luna and Carla.

Thank you~


I really enjoy  Reading this and hope you won't kill Carla of.