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Side Story - A bored princess


A cute eighteen year old girl with blond hair and blue eyes stood at the balcony of the royal castle and looked down at the bustling city below her. The people of the capital of the human empire Namar were busily rushing in the narrow streets below her like ants in an anthill.

'I hate myself. This life is so meaningless ... For my father and brother I'm just a political chess piece and they want to sell me to the highest bidder like a slave or a whore. As if I would allow something like that. Mabye I should just end it and jump down.'

She looked down to the city with its uselessly hustling urban dwellers.

'It should be high enough...'

Jana loved to think about death and suicide but she wasn't really suicidal. Why would she? She was beautiful, loved by everyone and a princess. But nobody knew the pain in her heart. She was so bored. Everything was meaningless. Sometimes she would find entertainment by manipulating people - humans were such lovely creatures - but this was not something to live for. Probably the only person who understood her was Luna. At first Jana had deceived Luna too with her disguise of a perfect princess but as time went by she had shown her her real self and Luna has accepted her. It was fun to be together with Luna and she felt save in her presence but in the end it was just an affair. Jana couldn't understand the concept of love. It was too stupid to care for someone else more than for yourself. All those stories and books about love that a normal girl should enjoy bored her to no end. Human suffering and pain was much more beautiful. That was also probably the reason why she was enamoured by Luna. Her sadness and emptiness born from her tragic past were so delicious and Jana cherished, envied and hated her for it. Why couldn't she have such a dark past? Everybody would understand her self-hatred and hollowness if she had Luna's memories. But Luna had people with her, like this Carla girl, who would support her and try to heal her wounded heart. Jana had no one. She was alone.

"Here you are princess Jana Namar."

A familiar voice came from behind her. 'My new toy has arrived.' It was the duke of Maluruz, one of the two great dukes of the empire. There were two dukedoms in the empire, Maluruz and Kunarar. The duke of Maluruz was a fat pig known for his affairs and shady dealings. He was ten years older than Jana. The people hated him but the king couldn't do anything about him without any proof, since the duke was very cautious. The duke of Kunarar was the exact opposite of the vile duke of Maluruz. He was known to be a true knight. He helped the poor and weak. He was a true nobleman and the people loved him. He was only five years older than Jana and very handsome. Both dukes have announced their intention to marry princess Jana Namar, the only daughter of the king. Most people expected duke Kunarar to be successful with his proposal, since those two beautiful and kind-hearted souls seemed like a match made in heaven, but surprisingly duke Kunarar had died three days ago under mysterious circumstances.

Jana began to empathize with her part as an innocent princess. A tear flew down her cheek.

"Duke Maluruz" she said without turning back. "Why are you here."
"You are my future wife. There is no doubt that the king will accept my proposal now that the duke of Kunarar is dead."
"You shouldn't speak so lightly about the death of such a kind-hearted, brave and chivalrous soul. I mourn for him."

She turned around and duke Malur saw the tear on her cheek. He smile mockingly at her.

"Oh, princess you are so pure an innocent that you would cry for everyone of your subjects. Or is it that you hoped to marry him, a chivalrous knight, and not me, an abhorrent duke, and are now crying because you have to marry me?"
"Of course not! I know you are a good soul and nothing would make me happier than to marry you but I still mourn for the poor duke Kunarar."

His eyes wandered down Jana's body and he smiled ferocious. He really looked forward to enjoy this young virgin body. He would break her will and make her one of his puppets.

"I'm really looking forward to our wedding night. I'm sure you will be pleased too."
"D-duke, how can you say something like this in broad daylight."

He bowed.

"I beg your pardon princess, but I will now go to the king and tell him that you accepted my proposal."

'It's so hard not to laugh! Play your role, Jana!'


Today was the day of duke Maluruz's execution. It was only two weeks after the murder of duke Kunarar. Under ordinary circumstances it would have been impossible for a duke to be executed for murder but this time everything was different. Not only was the victim a duke that was loved by the population but he was killed so that duke Maluruz could lay his filthy hands on princess Jana Namar, the most pure and beautiful girl in the empire. Nobody dared to speak up for him when the king passed his sentence. He would be beheaded one week after the verdict in the royal castle courtyard. Even the princess will attend the execution. Of course her farther tried to stop her but she said that she has to see his end and pray for his soul since it was also her fault for not recognizing what was going on. Wasn't it his misguided love that caused this tragedy? Nobody dared to correct their pure princess, though they all knew that duke Maluruz was a filthy womaniser. It was a good thing that this experience didn't destroy the princess's belief in true love.

"I-I didn't do it. Please have mercy!"
"Are this your final words."
"Please! I'm innocent! I ..."
"Silence!! You dare to lie even now? The cook who poisoned duke Kunarar was found dead near your residence slain by your own men on your written order and we have found evidence with him and in your residence that you pressured him to do it!"
"Lies!! Somebody tries to frame me!"

He looked around and tremulously gazed at Jana.

"Princess you know I'm innocent. You said yourself that I have a good heart."

Jana looked at him with a pained expression but the king was furious.

"How dare you speak to my daughter! You filth! Guards, behead him now!"

The duke of Maluruz was beheaded screaming and struggling to the end like a small frightened child.


Jana was now alone with her butler Albert.

"My princess, did you enjoy the show."
"Yes it was really amusing. Especially when he ask me for mercy. Good work."
"Thank you, my princess. But it was just a petty little matter."
"Nonsense. Poisoning duke Kunarar must have been difficult and especially framing duke Maluruz."
"There were just minor problems. Nothing to concern yourself with."
"Well, it was good work, thank you Albert.
"It was my pleasure, princess."

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