Red Moon



Side Story - A king's education method


"Father! Why have you sent Luna on such a dangerous mission so deep in the enemy territory!"
"For the last time. She is the human hero with the strength of ten arch demons and we don't have anyone as strong as her."
"She is just a small girl my age! Why do we have to attack the demons in the first place and endanger her."
"John Namar!! Be silent and listen!"

'Since he first meet her eight years ago it is just Luna this, Luna that. I'm really getting tired of this.'

At first the king of Namar fundamentally opposed his son's love for the little refugee girl from the demon continent, he met at the magic academy of Alinor. He tried to introduce him to different noble girls from influential families but it didn't work. He snubbed them all. But the little girl turned out to be an unbelievable powerful warrior and the plebs even started to call her a hero so the king gave up on his opposition to his son's love. Mabye it wouldn't be so bad to have a hero worshipped by the people as a daughter-in-law.
But unfortunately his troublesome son didn't stop there. His newest idea was that humans and demons could form a truce so that the little hero Luna Rubra wouldn't be in danger anymore.

'Oh son, if there is anyone that opposes a truce with the demons then it is your little Luna.'

"The human race can't coexist with such vile creatures and general Rubra agrees with me on this point."
"I will change her mind. If I give her a peaceful and happy life then she can overcome her past."

The king knew that his son wasn't aware of the details of Luna's life but it wouldn't change anything if he told him. Luna has to tell him herself. That was one of the reason for his request for general Rubra three months prior.

He can't allow this. The war against the demons is the holy duty of humankind. He will not abandon his duty to his forefathers and the goddess Numa.


Three months ago:

A white haired girl in iron armor with a sword at her hip was kneeling in front of the king of Namar in the throne room.

"You may rise general Rubra."
"Yes, your majesty."
"Recently war-weariness has spreaded in the normal population and there is even a peace faction of nobles who want to initiate peace talks with the demons."

He could see hate flash up in Luna's eyes. But there was no other visible reaction. 'Good, good'

"I want you to write a book. An autobiography to be more precise."

Luna was gobsmacked. 'What an amusing sight.'

"We want you to write an autobiography about your life in the human farms on the demon continent and how you escaped. You are the first person to have ever escaped from that hell and I want that the people and future generation always remember why we have to fight those evil demons."
"I understand your majesty."

She had an unhappy look.

"You looked unsatisfied. Why is that?"
"You see I'm a soldier and not a writer."
"It is about your experiences. It's better if you write is" 'for various reason' he added in his thoughts.
"Is this an order, you majesty?"
"Yes it is."
"I understand. I will work on it whenever I have time to do so. How much time do I have?"
"Let's see. Six months. I want to see results in six months. All military affairs have of course priority above this order."
"Yes your majesty."
"You may leave.I believe you have to prepare our upcoming attack on the demon continent."
"Yes your majesty."

King Namar was very satisfied with his plan. A book about Luna's life would ensure that future generation would always know why they must hate the demons, it would silence the noble peace faction and lessen war-weariness in the population if they read what their hero has lived through.
There were two reasons why Luna had to write it personally. It would inflame hate for the demons in the heart of his useless son if he read her story and it would remind Luna herself why she fights the demons. He could not allow her to live a peaceful life. She was too important as a symbol and of course because of her strength.

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