Red Moon



Chapter 4 - A love story?


Carla saw Luna leaving the tent following a soldier who urged her to hurry.

"General, please hurry. The arch demon will arrive here soon!"
"Chill out."
"What does 'chill out' mean, general?"
"*sign* nothing, just go and be silent."

Carla went in the tent. She wasn't worried about her mistress since she knew that Luna could easily defeat ten arch demons. Luna's strength was really ridiculous. Even the strongest humans could barely win against one arch demon and Luna could win against ten. Carla had of course heard Luna's story before and was aware that her mistress's giant mana reserves had something to do with the food the demons gave their human livestock. Her chest hurt when she thought about Luna's childhood.

'I must be strong for Luna! If only I could heal her heart just a little bit.'

Carla loved Luna. She always had. She was nine when she first meet her. A squad of demon slavers had attacked her hometown which was near the coast of Namar, the human continent, killed all adults including her parents and caught all children. It was the darkest hour of Carla's life. Some children cried and some screamed for their parents. But Carla was in a state of shock. She had lost everything. The demons herded them together after beating up all resisting children and forced them to go with them in the direction of the coast. Carla knew of course that demons were monsters that eat humans. Her father once said 'if you aren't a good girl a demon will come and eat you.' when she refused to sleep. She couldn't sleep the whole night. Her mother has beaten her father up the next morning when she heard the story from her overfatigued daughter. A tear flow down Carla's cheek. Mabye she was a bad girl and that was the reason why the demons would eat her. She shivered from fear when she imagined herself be cooked in a soup or backed in an oven. Carla didn't want this to happen.

After a several hours long forced march the first children began to collapse. This wasn't really suprising considering that some of the younger children were only three or four years old. Soon there were to many children for the demons to carry, so they decided to let them rest. The carried children weren't enviable in any way since the demons would handle them really rough holding them on a leg or arm or in a sack on their back.

Carla has already lost all hope when she saw her about hundred meters away form them. A little girl at least one year younger than hear. Long white hair, heterocromatic eyes and a deadpan expression. A sword in a black scabbard in her right hands that was at least half her size long. It was as if an angel had appeared in the hell Carla's life had become. She wanted to scream and warn the angel to run away but she was so tired and feared the demons that surrounded the children. The demons saw her too. They pointed at her and said something in their demon tongue. The demons laughed. One of them stood up and walked slowly to the angel while again saying something in a foreign language. And the angel answered in demon tongue! Her voice was sweet and melodic but at the same time deathly cold. Then there was the flash of a drawn sword and the dull sound of a collapsing demon body. One minute later all the demons were dead.

Carla woke up from her memories.

'Why do I remember this now?'

She brushed away a tear from her cheek.

'Luna's condition has become much worse since she began writing this cursed book. Why can't she just forget her past? This deep rage and sadness in your eyes. I love you so much but I feel so helpless, Luna. Why can't you see me?'

Carla wished that she and Luna could just live somewhere in Namar, far away from war, demons and death. Somewhere peaceful. In a faraway, remote house growing their own vegetables and ignoring the cruel world around them.

'A dream destined to fail'


Lord Irk has never expected that a human could be this strong. It was as if she was just playing with him. She afflicted only shallow wounds on him while smiling the whole time. How humiliating! Usually he was a very calulating and cold thinker. But he couldn't form a single coherent thought since he would always see his dead daughter in front of his eyes. He didn't care whether they were livestock or not anymore he just wants to kill them all.

"Have you destroyed Irk, human?!"

he asked while distancing himself from Luna and catching his breath. Luna's smile deepened.

"And what if I have?"
"I swear I will sever your arms and legs and then torture you till you tell me!"
"No need. It was indeed me who killed all those demons. Their screams were so wonderful, ah!"

The arch demon demon lost now all his reasoning and blindly attacked Luna. 'Just as planned. My preperations are finished.' thought Luna. Luna has held her sword vertical during their little conversation so that the demon blood had flown from the tip to the rear of her sword where a little magical circle was situated. Meanwhile she had pumped mana in the circle and was now ready to activate one of her especially nasty hidden weapons.

"Blood magic - [Burst]"

It was as if time has stopped. The arch demon looked at Luna with wide eyes and then *splash*. Blood bursted from all of his small wounds as if his innards were exploding pressing out all his blood.

*sign* 'Now I need to bath again. Carla will probably be very mad if I bath in the river again, so I should give in this once ... oh yeah'

"two hundred eighty-six"

260 vilagers during the initial attack + 25 caught by Max + 1 lord = 286 demons

"I have collected all of Irk"

She formed a victory sign with her left hand. Nobody saw it but she didn't care. It was a demon from Irk after all that had killed and eaten her mother in front of her eyes when she was five. Luna didn't really feel satisfacation but she had at least fullfilled one of the oaths of her five-year-old self.

'Let's go back'

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