Red Moon



Chapter 2 - A philosophizing baby


'So much blood. I really need a bath' thought Luna. A bloody figure was walking through the Namar army camp. 'But it's not my fault that killing demons is so much fun' A smile bloomed on her face. Luna's smile would have been enchanting if she wasn't full of demon blood. She went to a nearby river got naked and began her bath. She had no problems with being naked. She had spent her whole childhood naked after all. That was also the reason why she wasn't picky when it came to food. Her clothes were magical tools that repel dirt, water and most important blood. Naturally that wasn't the case for her skin, which was why she needed a bath. The soldiers who stood guard at the entry near the river had beet red faces. Were they allowed to look at their naked general? But she was so beautiful. Heterochromatic cold eyes, snow white hair, big but not too big breast, a perfect slim but trained body. They tried not to get too aroused and look in some other direction.

"Milady what are you doing!"

A maid ran to Luna and threw a cloth around Luna who exited the river, while sending an angry look at the guards.

"Hi, Carla."

said Luna while using the cloth as a towel.

"Don't `Hi-Carla┬┤ me! Why are you bathing naked in front of men!?"
"I was full of blood so I took a bath."
"Just tell me when you want to take a bath and I will prepare one for you!"

Luna's maid Carla was really upset by the behaviour of her mistress - again.

"This is much faster."
"*sign* Please think of your dignity as a general at least."

Luna averted her eyes and said

"Nice weather today isn't it?"

They went back to Luna's tent while ignoring the beet red guards.

"By the way, how is the book progressing, milady?"
"Wonderful, I just began from scratch."

Luna smiled.

"Figures ..."

Luna sat down in front of her desk and took her quill.

"Why are we still on this hill ever after the nearby demon village burned down? The smoke should have alerted all demons in the vicinity about our position."
"I haven't told you?"
"Ups sorry. But don't tell anyone, ok?"
"Yes, Milady."
"We are a bait"
"Yeah. There a several large demon cities nearby. All at the coast. They will sent their armies to exterminate the human army that build a camp upcountry leaving their cities almost undefended. Our fleet with the main army will arrive in a week. The demon armies will be trapped in turn if we manage to conquer and exterminate all demon cities at the coast. That's the plan at least."
"But aren't we in a quit hopeless situation?"
"Yeah, so what?"
"So what!?!"
"If you die you die and if you live you live. No reason to get so worked up about it."
"Oh that gives me an idea how to continue my first chapter."

"Where was I? [...panic attack...apathetic mother...rely on myself.] - ah, yeah. Ok."

[You have a lot of time as a baby, even if you are considered a farm animal. You can think about everything. I thought about suicide. Obviously a newborn cannot commit suicide but I could wait till I can walk or just stop eating - although that would be a quit painful death. In the end I decided against it. I wanted to try my luck. Maybe I could escape. Maybe I could live a free live and see the sun again. I also thought about what I could conclude from the fact that I was reincarnated. First: My old body obviously died while I continued to exist. Therefore I knew that consciousness is not just a process of the brain as I thought before. In other words, souls exist. Second: This was not the world of my past life. Therefore I knew that several worlds exist. In other words I discovered that souls drift inside a multiverse between different worlds. I was quite pleased with this discovery. It might sound strange but the awareness that I alone knew so much about the mysteries of the world raised my self-esteem. Those demons might be strong. They might only see me as future food. But I held a wisdom, born from my memories, they could never attain.]

'Mmh...mabye that sound too self-righteous? Nah, it's ok. It suggests that I'm really intelligent, although I'm actually an idiot.'

Luna smiled in self-mockery.

'Maybe I should be a little more descriptive ...'

[The demon farmer came everyday two times to the barn. Before noon he would bring food and in the afternoon he would bring a case with milk bottles and said 'Hurl' - the demon word for milk. He expected the women with babies to fill them. And they did. Well humans have thumbs in contrast to cows.]

Luna's face darkened. 'I really need to kill more demons' she thought.

[The first year of my new live passed like this. I tried to train my body in this time but the effect was meager at best. A child younger than one year really can not do anything alone.]

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