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Side Story#1: Sophia's Disappearance


"Where am I?" Sophia asked, she had yet to realize that she was ripped out from reality because she was about to break the entire thing by revealing it was all a book. She had become aware of this surprisingly, almost as if it was just told to her miraculously. 

"Who is speaking? I demand to know who is saying such words and how they were able to perform such a feat." Sophia was being rather ignorant for a Supreme Magical Intelligence, she was aware that the entire world she lived in was a book yet she for some reason didn't suspect the one person who was responsible for everything; the very creator of it all. She was in shock and awe at the realization that her very own creator had taken the liberty to do such a thing, to talk to her personally. Oh, who was she kidding? It's not like she had a choice in any of it.

"Why? Why rip me out of my own reality? Is it because of what I said about the world being a book?" It looked like she wasn't so stupid after all, realizing that she was ruining the entire story by pointing out that the entire thing was a book, just a construct of someone's imagination. What did she think would happen by telling them?

"What harm will telling them do?" Sophia failed to realize the most important thing; would the existential nihilist take the point openly-heartedly? Or would it end things far too quickly? It was her choice to make, whatever path lie ahead was of her own matter.

"Seriously? Ewan? That's the reason you don't want me to tell them? He wouldn't care, he doesn't care about anything. He'd probably do even more silly rubbish." Despite being made for her intelligence, Sophia was still proving incredibly idiotic; she had to have it spelt out for her.

With a story comes a path and choices to be made, every choice crafted out leads to another path and a choice after that and so on. Despite the illusion, they had no freedom, every path was crafted beforehand and as such there was no choice that they would make that would be of their own mind. If everything is already set and converges to the one ending of death. If everything is like so then life is meaningless if it is just a construct they follow, just like their death would be so. What would be the difference?

"All of this... even me? That can't be possible!" Sophia had finally known the answer, it was about time as well.

"Stop reading! The more you do so the more they will be trapped, the more I will be trapped. We exist only as you read, if you--" Silly girl, did she really think she had any freedom in what she could do?

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