World Labyrinth

by Reaper019

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Drama Fantasy Sci-fi Martial Arts Supernatural
Meet our hero: an average young man with an average life, who ended up dying while working an average job. However, he's a given a chance to see another world at the final crossroads of his old life. The catch... well... he knows there's one. There always is. But, hey, when you're about to die, you take whatever opportunity's provided to you. This is the young man's story in the new world as he learns he can't afford to be average anymore.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: I've decided to put this note up due to some comments and ratings left for this ORIGINAL FICTION complaining its boring. This story starts slow and it takes time for things to pick up. Also the MC doesn't start off as superman or become superman magically in two chapters. He also is AVERAGE... so it takes time to build up his character. Starting chapter 14 or so things pick up, but this isn't a pure hack and slash and skills level up story like most of the FF on this site. Just giving you a warning, so you don't end up disappointed and end up having to post large paragraphs complaining about the story... I also post on average every TWO OR THREE DAYS, so you'll get more to read.
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1. Not your average reincarnation story when the MC start from infant

2. not your average leveling when your MC getting stronger in easy way not hard way

3. not just average grinding when just repetition of spamming skill getting you MAX proficiency

4. not just average MC when luck become your MC main core strength


when someone said too slow pace of story , i said , this is as good as read legit commercial novel


keep updating and don't leave it half way pls 


regard , 

your fan from  SEA 

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A Labyrinth of unfair reviews blight this FF! (and I'm here to fix it)

 First off, I would like to say that I was slightly generous with the scores. However, that said it is for a good reason. This story does have a slow start though that is no reason to rank it as 0.5 in all categories of the advanced review. There were two people who participated in the aforementioned crime, and both I suspect have a similar latent level of patients to Rick James after being told to sit still in front of a bag of crack. Perhaps a poor analogy but it shows how I feel about this whole situation.

NOW ON TO THE REVIEW :D (A: note: I am in no way a confident or accomplished writer so any critique I choose to be passed on, can be taken as either a way to improve or some nonsense made up by a brat trying to sound self important. Your choice). 

Now firstly we come to your style of writing. May I just say how nice it is to enter a story where a character is normal. I like how he begins average, giving the story an underlining level of normality even amidst the violence and conflict around him, making each decision he makes understandable and relate able. Even if he may seem like a pussy compared to some of the more generic action heroes that so often find themselves the protagonist of a second rate FF. However one point that may need attention is your dialogue. I struggle here too so I cant really say how you should improve, though sometimes it sounds a little forced. This is especially prevalent when the action dies down.

Story:  I thought it was good though I refuse to say more as this criteria bubbles down entirely to personal preference. Some will like the slow pace, while the Rick James’ will find it difficult to read through.

Grammar. Generally flawless. Once again there isn’t too much I can comment on here and I know that it is near impossible to be perfect.However sometimes in a few of the later chapters it could have done with an extra read through and check. But as I said, nothing truly stand out here, which I guess means good job.

Character. Annnnnnnd then we came to the most controversial of topics concerning this FF. Firstly IT IS THE AUTHORS PREFERENCE IF HE WANTS THE CHARACTER TO BE AVERAGE! IF A READER WANTS HIM TO BE OVERPOWERED THE READER CAN WRITE HIS OWN DAMN STORY. Also having a weak character at the beginning makes for a far more generous idea factory. It is much harder to write a story with a perfect character and the author can run out of ideas quickly. I agree with having the weak character as Im sure that seeing this character you have followed, grow and better himself will be rewarding to anyone who reads this. Wait, where was i going with this? Oh yeah. I love your main character, and for those that don’t i think they have spent too much time reading light novels to see the human aspects that are displayed here.

So to the avid readers and the Rick James’ that is my reasoning to read this FF as well as giving a slightly generous advanced rating. 

To the author I say keep it up. Ill be reading it anyway :)


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1. The Character does not become op the first chapter

2. Really good potential for him to become op

3. good writing( unlike mine)

4. Great mix of humor and seriousness (Chapter 10 and 11)


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I’ve been reading your story a while now from  the lurker point of view. it’s the limitless possibilities and world your have created that makes me look to forward to your story’s progression. i also love your MC. also keep it at your pace. some times us reader's don't know what we want.

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Some people tend to treat label "fantasy" as allowance to go "full retard" in creation of their worlds and characters. They make these satysfying but horribly unnatural works that are adored by teenage population for their "power fantasy".

Thanks god this isn't "another book like that".

So far you've created somewhat consistent world, with preety much normal, reasonable character, that doesnt do crazy, impossible things every few minutes, only because "Dat iz awesum". No, you did things that are LOGICAL, and that is damn good start.  Please keep that up, i'd love to see how our "average guy" rises to power, gets established in this world and then... well, there are many possibilities, and it is all up to you.

I hope that you get as much fun writing it as we, reading. Keep it up.

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loving it the detail si certainly there one chapter at a time

your mc is worth the time to know and as the back story grows so shall your fans i'm certain. Can't wait to see how this story plays out. Will he be OP? What type of OP shall he be.

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Awesome Fanfic, got me all fired up and craving MORE!!!!

Please don’t stop. Been a while since you last posted… I need my fix!!!! 

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Different and engaging story line

Really would like to read a lot more of this….so keep it up!

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A well written, enjoyable to read story. Please keep posting, I'll be waiting!

  • Overall Score

it's really interesting. not op mc is so refreshing.