The Blood God

The Blood God

by Cerbres

The Blood God Series Synopsis :
This Story takes place in the world of Arsha. Clash of kingdoms , empires, and various religious cults have shaped its bloody history. The story follows Aren, a young man, gifted by the gods, as he struggles to find his way, in an era when the prophesied Blood Prince will rise to bring chaos to the realm.

Part 1 : The Blood Prince ( Ongoing)
One faith has dominated most of Southern Garlan for thousands of years. Though most of the continent now follows it, there are still several nations unwilling to submit. The believers and non-believers have been fighting a never-ending war for centuries, but neither side has managed to completely dominate the other. ----- But everything is going to change as the peace that had existed between two of the most powerful nations in Garlan, now lies in tatters, threatening to start a war between beings holding the power to wipe out all of the humankind. At the same time, various cults are on the rise across the realm in anticipation of a powerful figure, prophesied to rule over all of Arsha.

The synopsis and title are under construction and might change in the future

I do not own the cover art, all credit goes to Gixajin on DeviantArt.

Warning : 18+ stuff ahead
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I found a real pearl among the stories on the royal road !!

My opinion refers to all current chapters, which I read with attention and great joy .

I would definitely recommend this story to all readers . I will write more extensive reviews of this story as I read

more chapters , as far as we have already a great start and I can not wait for the next chapters .


A message for the author!! Excellent beginning of great story if you keep this level then you have a guaranteed

place in the top 5. Of course, I  look forward to the next chapters.

Zombie Unicorne

Blood of the blood god! Skull of the skull throne!

This is really great and I hope to see more.