Getting Hard

by _GD_

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Comedy Fantasy Sci-fi LitRPG Male Lead Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Profanity

Herald Stone had a dream. A dream to become unkillable in an MMORPG. He was one of the top tank players in the MMORPG he was playing but due to an unfortunate event, he had to give up playing. 

Twenty years has passed since he had that dream. Through the years, he has attained success through his hard work and genius and became a respectable lawyer. Who would care about a childish dream like being unkillable in a game? 

Herald Stone would. Herald Stone does not fail at anything. Herald Stone fulfills his dreams, EVERY dream, even childhood dreams that most people would laugh at. Presented with an opportunity to play in Nornyr Online, Herald sets out to fulfill his dream.

Join Herald Stone in becoming the hardest to kill player in Nornyr Online. Join Herald Stone in GETTING HARD.

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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: The Young Tank ago
Chapter 1: Asshole Incarnate ago
Chapter 2: Interview with an Elf and a Giant ago
Chapter 3: Harbinger of Death ago
Chapter 4: Cat's Butt ago
Chapter 5: Talking With an Anus ago
Chapter 6: The Name That Will Resound Throughout the World ago
Chapter 7: Horny Elder ago
Chapter 8: The Solar Panel ago
Chapter 9: Mirdabon Leveling Guide ago
Chapter 10: Massacring One Person ago
A Bite of Eclair ago
Chapter 11: Master of Masteries ago
Chapter 12: Some Crabs Can Walk Forward ago
Chapter 13: Why Are There Crabs on a Mountain? ago
Chapter 14: Battle Ax Guy ago
Chapter 15: Unreasonable Search And Seizure ago
Chapter 16: Every Hero Needs a Compelling Backstory ago
Chapter 17: Do All Monkeys Like Bananas? ago
Chapter 18: Horseshoes and Hoof Boots ago
Chapter 19: To Know Your Enemy, You Must Become Your Enemy ago
Chapter 20: The Most Honorable Mardukryon ago
Another Bite of Eclairs ago
Chapter 21:Expect The Unexpected ago
Chapter 22: Breakfast for Dinner ago
Chapter 23: Stubbornness May or May Not Pay Off ago
Chapter 24: A Crystamind Infestation Problem ago
Chapter 25: Your Opponents Simply Have to Die Faster ago
Chapter 26: Planting is Hard Work ago
Chapter 27: My Garden is my Most Beautiful Masterpiece ago
Chapter 28: The Unbreakable Bond of True Bros ago
Chapter 29: Bonding in Dark Tunnels ago
Chapter 30: Loot before Bros ago
Mini Eclairs ago
Chapter 31:An Act of Altruism from an Asshole ago
Chapter 32: Preparing the Horde ago
Chapter 33: Buying Souvenirs ago
Chapter 34: You Can't Inhale Poison if You Don't Have a Nose ago
Chapter 35: Are Whole Trees Nutritious? ago
Chapter 36: Elephants Can't Have Electricity ago
Bonus Chapter: Some Random Nonsense I Thought of ago
Chapter 37: You Could Always Have The Shirt Altered ago
Chapter 38: My Health Will be Your Death ago
Icing Topped Eclairs ago
Chapter 39: Why Can't I Open All These Items ago
Chapter 40: Barbecue Your Enemies and They Will Heal You ago
Chapter 41: Be a Good Example ago
Chapter 42: Can A Goat go to The Gym? ago
Proposed Attributes and some mechanics (Need Feedback) ago
Chapter 43: Playing in the Ice ago

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  • Overall Score

Must Read !!! Entertaining...

This story is compactly well balance, hilarious, enjoyable yet has a lot of weight to it.

It has a very smart plotting, yet not to dragged out way it's content. The humor is very entertaining, fresh my mind when i read this. Waiting for more action packed humor with a possible fresh hilarious mature contents.


Definitely a Must Read!!!

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A very unique spin on the V.R. genre

A nice style that works wonders in tandem with the story, the characters are all intentionally flawed without taking it to far leaving room for character development.

The story is great since it takes some of the most over-used tropes and turns them upside-down, the humour used is varied and on point. 

Other than a few typos and grammar errors the writings are mostly flawless.

The main character is an intelligent and well thought out, he actually thinks before he does things and has his priorities straight, he seems to be used to reading people and misleading others.

But what seals the deal for me is the fact that the author doesn't focus on pre-existing tropes and stereotypes whilst still working with the virtual reality RPG genre.

Zombie Unicorne
  • Overall Score

Finally! A VR story with a MC who isn't a loser!

For some reason, every MC for 95% of all VR story out there, stars a loser main character! Ugh...this fact have been throwing me off from reading this genre for a very long time but thank all the gods,  a MC in a VR story that isn't a loser, anti-social, weabo, or anything have finally come!


_GD_ I thank you!

Baka Captain
  • Overall Score

This story has 'glue' factor

This story is written in a good way so that the reader can easily imagine what is happening in the story. It keeps you glued to the story, how cool is that! It has good humor too. I am definitely waiting for the next chapter.

  • Overall Score

Author earns my respect for his style

The author earns my respect for incorporating sarcasm flawlessly into this piece of art. I love how the author didn't just jump right into his idea for the story. No, this author has patience. It took him/her (idk which to use)  6 chapters to get to a point not elaborated by the chapter summary and boy was it worth it. I mean even with the 6 chapters that basically reiterated what the chapter summary was I was thoroughly entertained. I can already tell that the author's and his/her work has a lot of potential I hope this author churns out more chapters.

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

An amazing non-mature read

I must admit, the few non-mature web novels on this website  are absolute gems, and this is no different.

The plot is not unnecessarily convoluted, allowing for easy reading, without having to go back to understand anything.

The MC is likable, but not without his flaws.

The MC doesn't get handed free power spikes that other people don't get.

Grammar is good, along  with the structure of the text, allows  a person to easily distinguish scene to scene

Great scene descriptions, vivid enough to allow  you to use your  imagination, leaving in a few gaps to  fill with your mind.

There is just enough outside VR interactions to give the MC a more relatable feel, and not too much to take away from that VR tag.

Overall a good, easy read. I would recommend this  to anyone, and have no doubt that they will be able to understand it.

  • Overall Score

holy shit this is cocaine

This story is amazing, very well written with only some minor spelling mistakes.

I love how the story isnt mainstream and uses crude humour, its even better because of its novelty

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Exactly what I expect from lawyers in there off time.

I will preface this entire review with the bit of knowledge that 2 out of my 4 siblings are lawyers who play mmo's and this story's MC is very close to my sibling behaviour after work.


Overall: 4.5/5

Not giving a perfect because there is always room to grow, but this author doesn't have much missing in the terms of this story. Though I would like to level up his humor with references to "old" (current) laws. It is hard for me to find any major flaws that fully detract from the story as is other than tables.


Style: 4.5/5

As stated above I don't give perfects, but this author's style is unique and interesting to read. Its a very addictive style that makes you love the flawed creatures who inhabit his story.


Story: 4.5/5

See above about not full marks. The only issues I currently have story/plot wise is a lack of breakdown of his stats/skills and other info on the systems involved in the game (aka mechanics). I love the setup and build up each chapter gives and the interactions involved, I just wish for a bit more info.


Character: 4.5/5

So see above for non-full marks. This is the one area I almost broke my own rule, because 2 of my siblings are lawyers and are addicted to mmo's when not working. My oldest sibling has Herald's exact same type of humor and is generally tries to imitate his level of narcissism. He doesn't always succeed, but when he does, its at heralds level every time. The flaws and traits given to the characters involved are great and give depth and dimensions to the characters. I want slightly more development on other character that seem may be longer term characters instead of one offs.


Grammar: 5/5

I broke my rule here because my Grammar senses didn't tingle throughout all 39 chapters.


Finishing Remarks


This story is exactly what the VR genre needs and it shows through the reviews and follows on this story. The characters are not 2d paper plates, the story is fulfilling, the humor needs upgrades at times but its what I'd expect from an over stressed lawyer on his off time. I came in expecting a brick to the face and left wearing a centaur t-shirt.

  • Overall Score

I was sceptic at first, but...

I was sceptic at first, but when i saw that you wrote " A Dragon Gnawing Its Tail", i had to read this. I love your sense of humor. 5/5

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

Writing this review took way too long, finding flaws in this fiction is way too hard.

Thanks to your story I managed to get back to RRL after a couple months of avoiding this site due to being somewhat burned out on the type of stories as well as the neverending hiatus. So yeah, thank you very much and keep up the good work!

Spoilerless review (in theory).

I suck at reviews, so I'll just do the tried and true review method of [type of score]:[reason].
I also don't like giving 5 stars because a 5/5 would mark perfection, or close to perfection anyways. However since the score would be compared to other stories on this website and reviewers on this site are known to exaggerate their score somewhat (in the realm of 1/5 or 5/5), I will shamelessly do the same with the star markings.

Actual review below.

Style: 4/5 due to having to select text to read some item/skill descriptions.

Story is missing cover art.
Tables are love, Tables are life, please put in tables, or I will tell your wife. (yes, i had nothing else to rhyme with life.) Some of the coloured item/skill descriptions are bordering unreadable on the website's white background. Tables would also give them a better layout. (But then tables would make it more annoying if you were planning to post this story on other websites as well... meh)


I really like the first-person writing style, and in my opinion it perfectly supplements the protagonists extravagant personality and humor. The side-stories are well done and add additional (needed) flavour and background to other characters as well.

Story: 4.5/5

Contrary to the (chapter) Title(s), this book has a proper story with a great protagonist that just leaves you wanting for more.

There is a great prologue for this story, properly introducing the protagonist to the readers as well as his environment, the people surrounding him and the general course of events leading up to his current situation and personality. 

From there the story continues with a (as of chapter 39) interesting storyline, that does not entirely neglect life outside of VR, which most of the VR stories tend to do. Life inside VR is not always easy and the protagonist runs into his fair share of troubles and hilarious sitautions that are often made more entertaining by his extravagant personality.

There is a lot going on inside the Virtual world and the normal world is not entirely neglected. The world building in the virtual world is done excellently and is always leaving me wanting for more lore. There were no times where I felt like I was reading a wall of exposition, so the introduction of both the virtual and the normal world were done really well. There even seems to be foreshadowing of events in both of these worlds, but then again I could be reading too much into things.

The story is currently progressing at a good pace (though I do wish for more chapters daily, the pacing inside said chapters seems to be fine given the context).

Grammar: 5/5

This is the score I have given a 5/5 simply because I didn't feel my inner grammar nazi at all while reading your story.

Character Score: 4/5

The protagonist is properly fleshed out with a personality as well as a proper background. His secretary is also given a personality and we are given a peek into her point of view through the side stories. However, (due to the protagonists personality, as well as the Virtual Reality/NPC's and the first person perspective) it is my opinion that some of the side characters have not been fully fleshed out.


Ooh this review thingy has a scrollbar to expand the text editor, wish I knew that before I was finished writing it. Which also properly demonstrates why I don't like writing reviews, as I tend to go on for too long and afterwards I always wonder if I even agree with my past self, since past me has a tendency for errors.