Unbound Deathlord: Challenge

by edwardcastle

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Anti-Hero Lead LitRPG Magic Male Lead Strategy Virtual Reality
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity

Due to Amazon's Kindle Unlimited rules, I had to pull most of the book content from RoyalRoad.

Only sample chapters remain.

To read a fiction that will never be removed from Royal Road, I recommend my other fiction: Immortal Mage.

The first two books of the series are out on Amazon:

Book 1: Unbound Deathlord: Challenge
Book 2: Unbound Deathlord: Obliteration 

Book 1: Challenge

When virtual reality becomes real enough that people feel as if they’re being transported to another world, Valia Online arrives.

A man running from his past joins the game to forget it all. Calling himself Jack Thorn, he chooses an undead race, Deathlord.

A mage by choice, and a swordsman by necessity, he soon finds out that he’ll need to use much more than magic and steel to survive; strategy, creativity, and carefully chosen words can often accomplish what simple attacks can’t.

As the game becomes too real and touches a part of him that he’d rather leave buried, he is faced with two questions:

Who is he, really?

And who should he become?

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  • Overall Score

It's a good and interesting story. I realle like it and hope you keep writing more author-san!

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Great job making things good and unique with an overused setting

Generic setting with a VR world and stuff is something I see a dime a dozen on RR but I always like the good ones like Insania Online, Life In A New World, Rebirth Online, and Loser of Tarinath, the quality ones in my opinion. The author does a great job of introducing Jack's messed up past with the "helpful" advice of his late political parents which correlate to useful knowledge so he doesn't get scammed or cheated by the people in the game. The combat scenes are interesting and the comedy is witty and so far has not tired out. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that the beggining was a bit bland before he got in the game because I didn't know why or how he was getting in the game. That was only a minor thing as it was explained later on but I still would have liked it a bit eariler. All in All I love the story and am eager to see Jack win THE CHALLENGE and start pwning sum newbs

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read all of this in one go and thoroughly enjoyed it. I will buy this book up to 12 series if it continue this well.

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As an avid reader of all things LitRPG I've waded through my share of shit stories to find the golden nugget that is sometimes in there. This story isn't merely a  golden nugget but rather a surprising diamond. From the first chapter to the 23. (which is when I write this review) the story and the depth of the character only gets better. 

So in conclusion. A sounding success for a new author, and a book I would willingly buy on Amazon. 

  • Overall Score

One of the better stories on my reading list.  Slow right now but I'm sure its because its in the beginning stages.  I would like more loots! He's the legendary spotter...

  • Overall Score

well thought out plot with an good character progression speed, realistic characters and situations 

  • Overall Score

I love this story, it has the right amount of action and character growth. It isn't a copy-paste of some of the other stories on the site. If anything could be improved upon, it would be chapter length, but I like my chapters Supppppppppper long. continue doing an awesome job!

  • Overall Score

Awesome read. Quality of a book with almost perfekt grammar and good pacing of the Story.

Can definetly recommemd it!

  • Overall Score

keep writing!! Sounds like he is going places, cant wait!

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Good story!

I will be honest it started kinda slow and i didn't really care for the class, but the author did a very good job roping me in, in the end i liked the story and the in-game setting.

The only flaw other than a shitty class was the MC, the way he acted did not match his upbringing and the skill he was forced to master during his life.


I'm waiting for the second book, i will probably re-read it beforer i start the second one.