The Tragic Tale of a Zombie Survivalist

by Evil Ginger

Tragedy is something that most people would not want. Watching their family die or their friends disappear and not have the strength to change the outcome can change people. Break them, even. Not everyone can have the mental fortitude of a champion, the courageous heart of a leader, or the heavenly fate of a hero.

Watch as one man tries to change that. Observe him as he comes to terms with what it means to experience tragedy. The tragedy found in everyday life, the tragedy experienced by others, and the tragedy one faces when courting death.


This is just another Zombie Apocalypse with game elements. But, the game isn't just an RPG, it's a mobile game as well!

Chapters are short but this means I can post daily. Your thoughts, comments, and concerns are welcome!
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Evil Ginger

Evil Ginger

Lover of Mac and Cheese

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Rookie Apocalypse Survivor ago
Beginner Zombie Killer ago
Noobie Bandit Killer ago
Novice Zombie Commander ago
Greenhorn Zombie BOSS ago
Apprentice Baseball Player ago
Something cool! (Not a chapter) ago
Neophyte Ladies Man ago
Competent Bounty Hunter ago
Basic Zombie Maker ago
Elementary Private Investigator ago
Capable Zombie Lord ago
Clever Tutorial Taker 1/3 ago
Clever Tutorial Taker 2/3 ago
Clever Tutorial Taker 3/3 ago
Gifted Ladies Man ago
Decent Heartfelt Listener ago
Expert Trouble Maker ago
Reliable City Planner ago
Number One Undead ago
Dependable BOSS Creator ago
Third Rate Commander ago
After The Math ago
Character Index (not a chapter) ago
He Who Sees For Miles 1/3 ago
He Who Sees For Miles 2/3 ago
He Who Sees For Miles 3/3 ago
Maneater 1/3 ago
Maneater 2/3 ago
Maneater 3/3 ago
The Battle of Brookbend 1/4 ago
The Battle of Brookbend 2/4 ago
The Battle of Brookbend 3/4 ago
The Battle of Brookbend 4/4 ago
The Day of Burial ago
Positions and Deals ago
Fixing Problems ago
Top Ten ago
Number One ago
Road Trip ago
Dollhouse 1/3 ago
Dollhouse 2/3 ago
Dollhouse 3/3 ago
Dungeon Delving 1/3 ago
Dungeon Delving 2/3 ago
Dungeon Delving 3/3 ago
Second Road Trip ago
Spider Dance 1/3 ago
Spider Dance 2/3 ago
Spider Dance 3/3 ago
Rewards From Tribulations ago
Trade Off ago
Happy News~! (+Sex Scene) ago
Ron's Brief Respite ago
Ending...Beginning...Continuation ago

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Grammar and Style, both are top decent through there are occasional typos. But sometimes its a little hard to understand the sentences, its rare through. The story itself isn't something I saw for the first time, the 'Monster in Apocalypse' - not the overused cliche but nonetheless I saw it quite often. Including the community system. The characters are slightly shallow, but don't introduce POVs randomly. It isn't easy to properly use these, and for me personally it almost made me drop it halfway through. I hope you won't get repetive over the story.

It's decent, but I will be brutally honest: I see nothing in this story that gives me the drive to read, it's kinda like one amongst many. I wrote this review around 35ish something.

There ALWAYS is potential, I hope you will find a way to properly use it. 


The story is somewhat lacking in detail to my liking... Butttttt. It's not bad grammar mistakes here and there, but a good story to read to pass the time. I've been keeping tabs on this story and it seems that the author is getting better at his craft which makes me happy. Updates are good, content is good, characters are getting there to the point. the character index is a blessing. For the most part, I rate it a 9/10 it's a nice unpolished gem.


It's a nice twist to the zombie survival + game system and i like the story quite a lot.

However i feel like you rush some parts a bit too much. Perhaps add a bit of conversation and familarisation because right now i feel like the survivors that joined him are too trusting and illogical even if he saved them

Eman_edge lord

A suprising unique story!!!

This is a good zombie survival story with rpg elements  and a unique twist. My only advice is to  slow the pacing a bit. Keep up the good work. 


It's good. Want read second book!

And I will guess he will kick some"God's asses".