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I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
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“I already gave you my daughter, so don’t expect any more presents… ever!

- The Journey to the Afterlife

***Kingdom Newerth, Capital City***

“It would fit with the information which we got from Zhon. The only thing we have to do, is to verify his story. But I think he didn't mention the location of the portal in his tale. Too bad that we can't ask my Dad.” I ball my hands into fists, cursing myself for the negligence. It was such an obvious thing to do and now it bites us in the ass. A little more planning and our task would have been that much easier. “I guess we will have to search the surrounding land the traditional way.”

“Don't fret. I highly doubt that he knew the exact location of the portal. It would be stupid for an agent who is operating behind enemy lines to know such mission-critical information. If he had been caught, the whole mission would have failed,” Marcus comforts me.

I nod, seeing his point. If Zhon had that information, Dad would have given it to us. Father is very thorough when it comes to interrogation. Vital information such as the location of an enemy base would have been pointed out. Zhon probably didn't even know about the attack on the city. He was in charge regarding the palace and that's it.

“So we are back to square one, unless one of the search parties gets lucky. We have to wait for the arrival of my parents and secure something that allows my father to locate the enemy.” I turn towards Charles. “Have you secured the stone which Zhon used to open the portal? The remaining energy signature should be enough to follow it to wherever Zhon wanted to go. I want to be on the attacking side for once.”

Charles nods. “Of course we have it. We wouldn't let such a dangerous artefact fall into the wrong hands. But first...” His attention turns to Marcus. “We have to address the lies in your story.”
Marcus forces a cringing smile into his expression. “Lies? Which lies? I never would have the audacity to lie to you. I know that you recognize such things immediately.”

The king squints his eyes at Marcus and purses his lips, considering something. “Ok. Let's not call it lies, but things you haven't said. You are very good when it comes to manipulating the truth, Marcus. I couldn't help but notice that your story was very thin regarding Seria's realm and her parents. Of course, your explanation on Dedessia and Dedessian culture was detailed enough, but you didn't mention why you trust them so much. What makes you think that Seria and her people are any better than the spirits?”

Oh, I know the answer! “We don't eat people?” Though you will probably have to pay tribute in chocolate. I better don't mention that.
A glare from Charles causes me to drop my hand, admitting the hypocrisy in my statement. Dedessian history is full of cases of cannibalism. The old practises are almost completely gone since my parents started their reign. Spirit meat is still standard food though.

And to be honest, my parents never really forbade eating our foes.

Marcus stares at his father, considering his options. Then he shrugs. “You may know them under different names. Like Angrod and Celes, or Ascathon and Celestial? The Ascended?”
Clarity's eyes widen and her attention switches to me. “The goddess of death!”
“The Executioner!” Charles calls out. “Now I understand how she was able to close a portal almost on her own and slay a divine beast while doing so!”

Charles and Clarity are looking at me as if I am dangerous. I decide to use Marcus as a shield. Their gazes are making me uncomfortable. I've no problem with standing naked in front of a crowd, but being looked at in such a manner is troubling me. Is that what Marcus felt when he had to endure the inspection of my parents? “Goddess of Life and Death! Please remember that. The 'Life' is important, though I admit that I lean towards the latter subject.”

It's much easier to 'off' people, than to put them back together.

Marcus sighs. “Seriously? Now you have objections against her? You know that her parents are ten times more dangerous? Be happy that Seria and her parents are on our side. And she even is a true princess! The complaint that her standing is too low doesn't count.”
Charles raises an inquisitive eyebrow. “Are they? And her social status was never a question. You know that. Shouldn't I be more worried about the fact that you invited such people to our realm?”

I nod... then I shake my head... then I nod again. Aw! How should we answer that. It feels like lying to Charles would be a bad idea in this situation. “Mom and Dad are, per definition, always on their own side. Everyone else can stay out from under foot, or be squashed.”
“I don't think that was the correct way to put it,” Marcus grumbles.
“But it's true! I just tried to show them the way which involves the least pain,” I counter.

Marcus sighs and raises his hands, with their palms out, in a calming gesture. “Look, I've met them in person. I've even lived one of my previous lives with them. They aren't as bad as one might think. It's just that they overreact when someone threatens them. They aren't people who take commands from anyone.”

Except from each other, but I better don't mention that. “Yes. And the spirits and their minions are pissing them off. So you only benefit from working together with us. We have a common enemy after all.”
“You never mentioned that you lived with them!” Clarity calls out. “Why did you never tell me that you had such a harsh life? Am I not your mother!?”

Marcus bites his lower lip and the corner of his left eye starts twitching. I think I remember that behaviour from our previous life. Nathan always did that when his brain was one moment away from frying.

“Look, Mom. I am sorry that I didn't even try to go through an eternity of memories with you. If we did that, this version of the multiverse would probably end before we are done. So why don't we return to the important issues. Like mad spirit beings who are about to take over our dimension, a war between two multiverses and traitors wherever we look?” He spreads his hands and gestures wildly.

“You forgot that there seems to be an evil version of my father,” I add.
His expression turns sour. “We already established that this isn't a mirror-verse. For all we know your father might be the evil one.”
I tilt my head, considering the possibility. “No. He is batshit crazy with a total disregard for human life, but that doesn't make him any more or less evil than a force of nature.”

Charles raises a hand. “Just stop. Please... just stop. I can't take it any more. So when are your parents due to arrive, Seria? And what can they do to aid us? Will they help out with troops, or technology, what do I have to expect?”
I open my mouth to answer, then I close it again. We indeed forgot to discuss the topic. At least my parents didn't feel the need to tell me what they will do once the pathways are open.

Marcus sighs and answers for me. “They said that they will follow with their capital city. Shade said that he wants to go directly after Moonray if he finds any hint of his whereabouts.”
Now it's my turn to look baffled at my husband. “When did he say that?”

Marcus shudders, carefully avoiding eye contact. “He arranged for a little discussion in private when I was alone. It was shortly before our departure. There were some things he wanted to clarify with me. From father to son-in-law, or so he said.”



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