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If you find mistakes, pls tell, thx. I don't like mistakes.

Author's Comment:
I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than Only here, I correct mistakes and errors.

If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed.
You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website.

I have no problem with translation and reposting of the story, as long as the person in question isn't doing it for money or stealing my identity.

The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf.


“Several versions of the Nachtkrapp exist. In most legends, the Nachtkrapp is described as a giant, nocturnal, raven-like bird. In Norse mythology, the Nachtkrapp (Swedish, "Nattravnen") is depicted with no eyes which if looked into cause death. It is also depicted with holes in its wings which cause illness and disease if looked at.
Some of the most common legends claim that the Nachtkrapp leaves its hiding place at night to hunt. If it is seen by little children, it will abduct them into its nest and messily devour them, first ripping off their limbs and then picking out their heart.”

- The Journey to the Afterlife


The tour through the city is really nice, awesome, awe inspiring! The huge crystalline structures and the delicate artwork are definitely worth looking at. It seems like some citizens have nothing better to do than to decorate every building with delicate patterns and statues.

But I definitely want the amulet back. My eyes wander involuntarily to the piece of jewellery which is dangling between Seria's... points of interest.
Yesterday evening I had the best bed-sport I ever had in... ever? Shade really had a moment of inspiration when he created that thing. No exhaustion, no pain in the back, and the best is that I could literally go on forever. Sadly Seria took it away before I could go through all the various positions.

“Are you listening to me?” Seria drops her hand. She just pointed at one of the outrageous skyscrapers which grow directly from the crystal base structure. She was telling me something supposedly very important about its design.
The people of Dedessia are living on a crazy structure of interconnected crystal discs. Some of them merge with each other, while others are just loosely connected to the main structure.

When I got to see the whole apparition for the first time, it looked like the design of a madman. But in fact, there is no designer. The people can add and remove living space as they wish. Over time, that resulted in a ridiculous structure. But there is a certain level of organisation to the madness.
The main disc is primarily used as living and work space. The living areas are located more towards the centre, while offices and other organisational enterprises are located at the outer areas.

Industrial facilities and greeneries were banished to off shore discs which can be abandoned any time. I suppose that makes sense, since some of the crystal technologies can result in really fantastic explosions.

Returning to the matter at hand, I force my eyes away from the amulet and smile. “Of course, Dear. I was just a little overwhelmed. I suppose we could call it culture shock?”
I am not lying. The people of this place are really going all out in showing off their spirit forms. There are all kinds of shapes and colours. From the standard demon to beast forms and other even more fantastic spirit forms. I should have known when Seria decided to take me out on a tour, but seeing it in person is different.

It’s simply something that I would’ve never imagined in the realm I grew up in. Will our people become like this once taking on spirit form isn’t dangerous any more? I am sure that the chemicals or the energy which are responsible for a safe transformation can be isolated. It should be fairly easy now that we know what to look for.

My thoughts drift back to the little intermezzo we had just a few minutes earlier. The foxgirl who was trying to take up with me was particularly interesting. Not that I would ever get the idea to cheat on Seria. It wasn't necessary for her to intimidate the poor woman to the point where she was crying. She didn't know that I already had company since Seria was off to buy some snacks... or what passes as a snack in her realm.
And I had no idea that Seria was that well known and feared as the crown princess.

I had a little doubt when I heard that Shade and Elona are recreating the pathways. A realm with almost no natural resources would have great interest in the materials of other realms. But I suppose that the Dedessians will be more interested in raiding the food-markets of other dimensions than in conquering them.

Food is the least of our problems.

Seria closes a hand around the amulet and squints her eyes at me. “I don't believe you. If it weren't for the amulet, I would have thought that you were ogling my chest!”
I can't help but smile. “And I am not allowed to? Ogling my woman’s chest should be the most natural one of my rights.”
“You are allowed to. But the amulet is off limits until I have my own!” She links arms with me and guides me through the small park we are currently in.

I’ve to admit that the people of Dedessia are making the best out of what they have.

After a moment I frown as a thought worms its way through my mind. “Are you really sure that you need an amulet too? What if neither of us can stop once we start doing it?”
“I guess that remains to be seen. Don’t waste your precious thoughts over it. My father is occupied with opening a pathway. He has no time to make another amulet.” Then she leans against me. “Are you even sure that your people will have nothing against us? There could be diplomatic issues.”

I snort. “If my parents had something against you and me being together, then they would have said so from the start. Now it turns out that you are a princess in your own right. Or at least you belong to the leading family of a big and strong faction of immortals.”
She shakes her head. “I didn’t mean that. I thought more about the new you. You seem to be pretty comfortable in your new spirit form. At least I didn’t hear you complain and you stayed in spirit form for the entire time you were here.”

I frown and try to imagine how my parents would react if I burst into their living quarters, looking as I do now. Total failure! We’ve to change back before we return.
“Well… at least they heard your little speech before we were forced on our trip down the rabbit hole. I suppose that’s worth at least something. And maybe they are even trying to put the theory to the test. It would be easy enough. If it brings back the people who went over the edge, then they will surely spread the knowledge.” I shrug. “Who knows. Maybe it can even save my brother.”

Seria looks up and glares at me. “I am sorry to say this, but I think that your brother is beyond redemption. At least in my book.”
I sigh, remembering his words and actions. “Maybe you are right. Judging from his words, he seemed to enjoy following his instincts. It’s doubtful that he would return to being a respectable person over night.”

I look at the huge crystal towers which are the most remarkable feature about Dedessian architecture. “I just hope that your father finds a way.”


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