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If you find mistakes, pls tell, thx. I don't like mistakes.

Author's Comment:
I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
The answer is simple: Currently I am not active in any other networks than Only here, I correct mistakes and errors.

If you read it anywhere else and have to pay for it, or have to deal with an annoying amount of advertisement, You Are Being Betrayed.
You would do good if you make other people in that network aware of it. This is a free project of mine for the purpose of having fun. And if people try to make money with it you shouldn't bother visiting their website.

I have no problem with translation and reposting of the story, as long as the person in question isn't doing it for money or stealing my identity.

The only one whom I actually allowed to have my work on his website is Armaell who invested the time to compile them into pdf.


“A wedding ring or wedding band is a finger ring, often made of metal, indicating that its wearer is married. Depending on the culture, the ring is typically worn on the base of the left or the right ring finger.
The earliest examples of wedding rings were found in ancient Egypt. The Western traditions of wedding rings can be traced back to ancient Rome and Greece and adopted by Christendom in Europe in the Middle Ages.”

- The Journey to the Afterlife


“I hope you didn't do anything inappropriate to our sister. Otherwise we would have a problem with each other.” The lean man in front of me smiles and uses his knuckles to create a horrifying sound. I wince and try to ignore it. Dismissing the guy in front of me, I let my eyes wander to the second assailant. Both have dark hair and are definitely related to the queen and the king.

Seria already warned me of her brothers and their misguided over-protectiveness. She also informed me of how to deal with the problem, should it arise. Unfortunately, her solution will only create more trouble for me.

After yesterday's meeting we retreated to get cleaned up and have a good night's sleep... in separate rooms.
I get the feeling that the multiverse has something against me being with Seria. From the second she confessed to me, everything went downhill and I didn't get a single opportunity to make out with her. After her mother's speech I thought that there would be no problem with me being with her. But apparently that wasn't the case. Why else would they put us in separate rooms? Well, at least I got a good night's sleep and something to eat. It's not like I didn't need it.

I draw in a long, deep breath and slowly let it out.

“Hey! Are you listening to us?” The goon directly in front of me finally realizes that I am not listening to him and his antics. Not at all.

“I am sorry. Erez and Mishra? Your big sister told me everything about you two. Be assured, I hold your sister in the highest regards. There is no need to protect her from me,” I try to plaster my best smile to my face, but for some reason it doesn't work out that well. Both of Seria's two brothers don't look convinced.

“I get the feeling that you aren't taking us seriously!” Erez, the younger brother and ringleader of this operation almost spits in my face while screaming at me. I hate it when people don’t keep their distance during a conversation. His cheeks took a nice, red shade. This guy should really take some anger management courses.
Keeping my expression neutral, I try to defuse the situation. “I am really, really sorry. The past three days did a number on me, so I am not at my best. Why don't you solve this issue with your sister? I am sure that Seria will be happy to clear up any misunderstandings you might have had about me.”

The the brothers share a silent moment, looking at each other. The action in itself is so cliché that I have the sudden wish to puke. Seria was completely right when she told me that it doesn't matter at all what I tell them. They will try to test my strength nonetheless.
It feels like beating up kids. Even though Mishra is the older one, he's still a teenager who is just approaching his twenties. And Erez is even worse. How old is he? Sixteen... maybe seventeen at most? How could these brats grow up to be so snarly and self-centred?

They even waited for me out here in the hallway, as if they couldn’t collect the courage to knock on my room’s door. At least their strange plan allowed the servants to bring me something to eat. Yes, this definitely feels like being attacked by a pair of half-assed muggers.
But Seria made it clear that she has a long history of establishing a pecking order when it comes to her siblings, and that anyone who wants to get in on the fun, should be prepared for a little drama.

I sigh again, something that I've been doing a lot since the two of them stopped me in front of my room. “Why don’t we get it done, so that I can be on my way. Seria already told me about you two. I tried my best to be friendly nonetheless, so don’t say that I didn’t give you two a chance.”
They exchange another glance and Mishra raises an eyebrow. “What did big Sis say about us?”

“That you are two snotty, little brats who need a good beating to learn their place. And that I shouldn’t back off, just because you are her brothers.”

“You!” Erez raises his hand, but I am faster. While he tries to go for an exaggerated strike, I simply knee him in the belly and catch his head between my hands. One moment later, a hollow ‘thud’ echoes down the hallway.
Then Erez slowly sinks to his knees and lolls against the door to my room, unconscious. The wooden door has a little dent. That’s all the damage I caused by slamming his head into the door.

I wonder why it sounded so hollow? Was it the door? Or is his head as empty as it seems to be?

“Erez!” Mishra jumps forward and exchanges a short series of blows with me, releasing his aura. But it’s clearly not as strong as mine. Yet. I suppose that Mishra could get much stronger with a few more years under his belt.
Releasing my own aura, I catch his hand and twist. For a moment he resists me. Then I overpower him and sneak an arm around his neck. He tries to pry my hands away, but I have a good headlock on him. We wriggle against each other as I try to choke him to unconsciousness.

It's when his face turned a nice shade of blue, that someone taps onto my shoulder. I am so surprised that I turn around, forcing Mishra to follow the movement.

Elona crosses her arms in front of her chest and raises an eyebrow. Her eyes wander from Mishra to Erez, who is still sunken against the door of my room, a small trail of blood marking the path which his forehead took. “I see that you are already getting acquainted with the rest of the family. I wondered what the ruckus was about, so I came to investigate.”

I drop Mishra and straighten myself. “I am sorry, but...” How exactly do I explain this?

Elona waves her hand smiles. “Don’t worry. They deserve to be reprimanded. I’ll never understand how the two of them ended up like this. I think it hurts their egos that their big sister is and always will be the stronger one.” She gestures with her hand to follow her, not sparing a second glance for her two sons.

I look down at Mishra who is on his back and gasping for air. All of a sudden I feel sorry for the two of them. No wonder that they turned out like this. I suppose that Seria and Elona are shattering their self confidence on a daily basis. “Sorry,” I voice soundlessly at Mishra and for some reason he nods.

Upon catching up to Elona, I try to redeem myself. “I am really sorry. I know that I shouldn’t have let it go out of hand like that, since I am obviously the stronger one.”
She makes a dismissive gesture. “Don’t worry. Seria likes you, so you would have had to give them a beating sooner or later. The two of them are too much like gang-members in that aspect. Besides, I have something for you.” Elona holds out a hand with two items on it.

A ring and an amulet. I furrow my forehead in confusion and take them from her.
She smiles and urges me to put them on. “Go on. I am sure that you will like them. It’s something that all members of the family have.” She raises her hand and shows me her own ring and the amulet on her neck.

Without a real reason to refuse, I follow the order. Seria gave me a very detailed report of what to look out for when dealing with her family. She didn’t mention anything about a ring or an amulet.
Elona’s expression turns from friendly, to smug and satisfied when I put on the ring.


A scream from the end of the hallway draws my attention and I turn to find Seria standing there, pointing an accusing finger at her mother.


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