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I was asked about reading my work on other sites.
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“To become famous, you must do one of three things. Something incredibly stupid, something incredibly smart, or nothing, and let others do the work.”

- The Journey to the Afterlife

***Kingdom Newerth, Capital City***

I sweep up the broken pieces of glass and shards of wood. “My beautiful store looks like a battlefield! Scrap that, it was a battlefield. Someone has to pay for this!”
Jimmy and Patricia already joined me in restoring everything to its previous glory. They were shocked when they arrived this morning at their workplace. For it to be attacked by the new spirits is a mystery in its own right. First, the fact that this was obviously a targeted attack.

Then the unexpected fierceness. I know that it ended in a one sided slaughter, but had my wards not been there, the first death curse could have assassinated Marcus and me and nobody would've known what happened. It was a strong spell, strong enough to slay a god. It was only after their curse failed that they tried more direct methods.

Adea watches me from her usual place in the back of the shop, her chin propped up on her hands. “I don't want to sound impertinent, Seria, but why are you using a broom to clean? Everyone knows by now that you are a god, so just wave your hand and restore everything to its proper state. You are on the news! Everyone is talking about you, no point in hiding your skills.”
I sigh and look at Adea, then at the broom. “I guess not showing off with my powers feels natural by now?”

Surveying the shop, I assess the damage. Much of the damage just requires cleaning and replacement of broken equipment. But there are also things which require professional craftsmanship. If I do this without magic, it would surely take over a week to repair everything by hand. I bite the inside of my cheek, considering. Two weeks of being closed down costs money, and I want this business to be successful.

I drop the broom and release my aura, carefully holding in the death magic. My mana floods the place, enveloping everything in its energy. Some people on the street gasp and halt in their tracks, overpowered by my aura. I pay them no heed.
Then I close my eyes and search my memories, imagining everything returning to its previous state. Slowly, the shattered glass rearranges itself, returning to its place in the windows. Broken wood knits together, the steel fence bends back to shape.

My minds expands as the world reshapes itself according to my wishes. When it's done, I reel myself back in together with my power.
Upon opening my eyes again, the shop is whole, ready to welcome customers. Though there are still bloodstains in the front, and the crime-scene tape is a deterrent.
Patricia gasps and gets back to her feet. At some point during the process she had to sit down. “You really are a divine. I heard that their power equals a god. Experiencing it first-hand though is something completely different.”

I smile wryly. “Sorry about that. Maybe I should have kept it down a little more.”
Patricia wrinkles her forehead. “You could release even more power?”

Adea answers the question for me. “All divine have almost unlimited power reserves, Mom. Gods are keeping their auras mostly suppressed, limiting their own power. If they don't do that, most lesser ranks would get overwhelmed by their presence. The lower ranks who are living in this city would be writhing on the floor with foam in front of their mouths.”

I touch my cheek, basking in old memories. “Aw, aunty Jazira! Don't try to be polite. If you let go completely and release your whole power, even the ground under your feet melts away and your immediate surroundings are charred crispy!”
Adea whines and squirms. “Don't call me that! I am Adea now. The Jazira who I remember was much too girly.”

I decide to tease her. “Aw, the immortal empress simply knew that she has womanly charms. The current you just has to regain a little self confidence. And then you can finally take the lead in your relationship with the prince.”
Patricia eyes her daughter with renewed interest. “Her previous reincarnation was more womanly? That's somehow hard to imagine when I think about my daughter. She is always hiding behind others and plays the meek little girl. Maybe it does her good if her relationship with the prince forces her into the limelight.”

Adea shakes her head. “Luckily Seria is a much stronger magnet for attention. The media are calling her the flashing goddess of death!”
I gasp. “Flashing goddess of death!?”

She nods. “Yes, mainly because of that video. Haven't you seen it yet? The one where you bash in the spirit's head while being naked? They say that you corrupted the second prince and stole his innocence. Some groups are demanding an immediate marriage to restore the honour of the royal family.”

I clench my teeth. “And what's with the escapades of the first prince?” The scandal regarding him isn't even public yet.

Adea raises both hands. “That's just what the people are saying. It doesn't mean that anyone forces you into anything. The masses are always coming up with the stupidest ideas. Where is Marcus by the way? I thought you promised to yourself that you wouldn't end up in bed again?”
Patricia charges and hugs me. “Kyaaa, so it's true!? I knew it! You two are such a good match.”

I push her away. “Don't overdo it! I don't love him.” Yet. “I simply wanted someone to relieve a little stress. We are... friends with benefits.” If I want to have sex, I can damn well fuck whoever is in reach and attractive. It's not like I am married.

Adea purses her lips. “Riiight... but it seems like you can tell that to your honeydue yourself.” She points behind me and I turn around. Marcus is approaching my shop, coming from the street. While I stayed behind after yesterday's attack, he went with the authorities, namely his parents, to make a statement regarding the attack. Of course I was also questioned, but Charles and Clarity seemed much more interested in having a private word with their son.

Or to clarify the nature of their discussion, a word from king and queen to the second prince.

A few moments later he enters the shop, his expression transforming into a smile. “Seria! You are fine? What happened to the shop? It's back to its former homeliness!”
I shrug. “I figured that using my powers would be forgiveable if I keep it tuned down.”

Patricia nods. “It was awesome! She simply closed her eyes and then there was this power... and everything returned to its former state.”
Jimmy sighs, entering the discussion for the first time. “It just means that she doesn't allow me a single day off, even if the shop is torn to pieces.” Until now Jimmy sat silently at one of the tables, waiting.

As if on command, the first guests enter the shop and Jimmy walks off to tend to them.

Marcus joins us at the back wall of the shop and takes his usual seat. “I've got some very disturbing news regarding the spirits.”
I raise both eyebrows. “More disturbing than that they attacked us here? Or the fact that someone must have informed the media for them to be at the scene just a few seconds after the attack? More disturbing than spirits who apparently have enough brain cells left to formulate a plan? Why we even became a target at all?”

Marcus presses his lips together. “It's correct that all those questions need to be answered, but I learned that the DF caught one of them alive. And it talks.”
I lean back. “A talking spirit? If that isn't interesting. What does it want?”
Marcus's expression turns confused. “That's the strange thing. It's talking about other dimensions and gave us an ultimatum.”

“Ultimatum?” Adea asks.

Marcus spreads his hands. “Yes. It accuses us of hiding someone from Dedessia. But we have no idea who, or what Dedessia is. The spirits want us to hand over the person in question. Otherwise they threaten to intensify their attacks. My parents want you to see the spirit.”

Why do they want me to see the spirit?


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