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If you find mistakes, pls tell, thx. I don't like mistakes.

Author's Comment:
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“When your priorities shift, try not to stumble.”

- The Journey to the Afterlife

***Kingdom Newerth, Capital City***

I messed up big time. Marcus definitely suspects that not everything about me is as cosy as it seems. Such bad fortune. I even had to touch him in order to flip his male switch. Guys always get distracted when a woman touches them on her own. Distracting his thoughts worked, but it opened up a box of ghosts I didn't want to be opened.
While trying to deal with my own conflicting emotions, I study his profile. He is driving the car with a grim earnestness which I didn't notice in him before. His nose is a little angled. It's not beautiful to behold, but it allows him to play the bad guy. If he wants to. I like bad guys...

Damn, if this investigation lasts any longer we might end up in bed... again.

The fact that I am the one who is sending out positive signals for him is a complete fuck up on my part. And touching him like an old friend, showing him that he has a chance with me, is absolutely messed up. Especially since I don't want to break his heart when I go back to my realm.
I even invited him to my shop several times already. Isn't that almost equal to allowing him into my home? I click my tongue in displeasure, realizing that I may have stepped over the deep end and am now with one foot above the ravine. No, it's not that bad... yet. He wasn't in my apartment.

This isn't going to work.

Enough self-loathing. People are dying and Adea was attacked. I still need more time to talk to Adea, or aunty Jazira as I know her.

We didn't manage to go over every little detail, but Adea regained a good portion of Jazira's memories. She remembers some events about her and my parents' first transcendence to godhood. Sadly, Adea has no idea what her soul was up to in the meantime.
She doesn't remember everything, but at least she now has access to her most powerful weapon; her mana pool. Jazira's abilities were never about skill or control. The smallest spells are blown out of proportion by her sheer power. A brute in a silken gown.

A stupid grin appears on my face.

“...listening to me?”

Marcus's annoyed voice wakes me from my daydreams and I blink. “I am sorry?”
“Try to pay attention. I just informed you that our search parties are continuously failing in tracking down the new spirits. And something that's even more concerning, is the fact that a few of the attackers from yesterday night were registered citizens. Something changed them, and not in a good way. They were a lot stronger than they should have been.”

I purse my lips, immediately thinking of zombies, vampires and werewolves. “It isn't something contagious?”
He shakes his head. “No, the DF checked that possibility first. It doesn't look like it.”

Sighing, I try to focus my thoughts on the situation at our hands. “Did they lose control of their spirit form?” No, that's not how Marcus explained it. The spirit forms of this world are the same as in mine. But the people here apparently have control issues. Is it because they suppress their spirit form for so long? That solution sounds odd. In Dedessia we also have people who awaken late in their puberty and they have no problems at all. Are there any other differences between the two realms?

It would be cool if I could solve their problem.

When did I start thinking of these people as important? I am from Dedessia. It's not like I should feel anything for them. Yet another sign that I got much too deeply involved in this realm's problems. I just should grab Adea, Patricia and Jimmy and abduct them back to Dedessia and that's it.
Do I really have to wait for months until the pathways allow a less bumpy return to my dimension? A simple trespass into the DF's prohibited area would allow me to return through the mana storm. There, problem solved, mission ended successfully.

“... not listening, again!” Marcus screams into my ear. He looks away from the street and towards me. “Is something wrong? Your mind seems to be all over the place. Please understand that your circumstances don't change what you mean to me, you have to understand that. I like you.”

I blush and point at the street. Why does he even like me? “Concentrate on the traffic! And I am sorry. There is a lot to consider recently.”
Closing my eyes, I concentrate. “You said that the search parties have trouble in locating these strange... Turned? Spirits? What do we call them?”

He grumbles, but I wave my hand to stop him. “Bring me to Lakehill Street 23. I might know how to find help in locating them.”

Marcus furrows his forehead. “Okay? Who are you going to ask for help?”
I shrug. “Better if you don't know.”
“That's even more reason to investigate,” Marcus grumbles, but he takes the right turn and changes our direction.

Whatever. Even if he starts pulling all his strings, I doubt that the DF can unearth anything before I am gone. My little criminal friend is an evildoer, but a competent one. Don isn't the type who can be pressed for information. And we have a binding oath. He can't snitch on me.

“It's a contact to the underworld.” Why not trying the truth for once? I mean, if Marcus is really earnest about me, then he has to be able to deal with my antics.
“What!” Marcus calls out.
I cross my arms in front of my chest. “Not what. How did you think that I managed to make those investments out of nowhere? I needed someone to help me.”

“And for that reason you turn to criminals?” Marcus asks.

We arrive at Don's place and I pat Marcus's shoulder. “At least I know what to expect from them. Stop here and wait, I'll be back shortly.”
Marcus hits the break and the car stops. “I am coming with you!”
He is still fumbling with his seat belt when I am already outside and around the car. I bend down to look through the window. “Just stay here. They know and trust me. Your face is enough to make them run away.”

I smile. “I know how to negotiate with these people.”
He huffs. “Ten minutes. Then I am going in.”

Nodding, I turn and walk to the heavy iron door which leads to Don's office. Hmm... they upgraded the thing since my last visit. I approach without haste and use the knocker to announce myself. Then I step back and turn to Marcus who is waiting in his car. I smile and wave at him to show that everything is okay.

The door's shutter snaps open. “Yes, who-”

I kick the door, enforcing myself with magic. The door's hinges break and the heavy thing tilts into the room, burying whoever was behind it under a thick steel plate. “Yes! That's what I needed! Blowing off some steam is still the best therapy!”
Skipping, I enter the room and ensure to use my full weight on the bouncer beneath the door. Everything looks like the first time I visited. The accountant is in his usual place, looking up from his desk.

His forehead develops deep wrinkles as he stares at the door and the man who I stand on. I place my fists at my hips and smile at him. “Hi! I am here for business!”
The accountant's eyes wander to me. Without answering, he pulls a phone from his jacket and dials a number. “Bill? I need a new door and a new bouncer. And not the cheap stuff! She is here and she simply kicked the door and broke it! You promised that nobody would break that door! Come here. Pronto!” He continues talking while waving me towards Don's office.

I take him up on the offer and don't waste time, only to find Don reading the newspaper. He lowers it when I enter, showing me just his eyes. “Queen! I hoped to never see you again!”
“You are so nice! I also wouldn't be in this rathole if I didn't need your questionable skills,” I answer.

He drops the paper and tilts his head. “Everything has a price! And I heard that you entered the upper ranks! Quite the achievement for someone who materialized out of thin air.”

Oooh... you have no idea.

Waving my hand, I dismiss the question of money. “That's fine! I'll arrange for the state to pay. Actually it's in your interest to help me out!”
I quickly fill him in on the problem with the spirits and the fact that they attacked one of mine, which requires retribution. “ I need a map of the Tandeen district. But not the average one. I need one with all the safe houses and hideouts you can think of. Where can these things hide to evade even the DF? Something like old, forgotten sewers and the likes. I have a strong feeling that it's underground with a well hidden entrance, since the DF has most likely searched all the houses above.”

Don raises his eyebrows and blows air from between his lips. “Queen, your visits are never boring.”


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