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“There is no bad weather, just bad clothing.”

- The Journey to the Afterlife

***Kingdom Newerth, Capital City***

“This is just too much! And how did you even get the car!? Is your shop earning that much money?” Adea looks around, not trusting the peace.
I pat her thigh and smile. “Don't worry about my financial situation. The car is already rented and we have Jimmy to drive for us. I am doing this as much for my own convenience as for yours.”

A low growl from the drivers seat makes Adea retreat a little. Then she whispers, “How did you even meet him. He strikes me more as one of those guys who would ambush you in a dark alley at night.”
“Don't worry. Jimmy is the moody type, but he wouldn't even harm a fly,” I gesture at our driver. I wouldn't know how to drive one of the vehicles of this world even if my life depended on it.

“I still don't know how to thank you for the dress. Originally I planned to go in my student uniform. But I'll make sure to repay you. Though it might take a while.” Adea looks at her green and brown ball gown. I chose it because it fits her green eyes and her brown hair.

I went with a black and red one because it matched my natural hair colour so perfectly. “You would have stood out like a sheep in a pack of wolves. Don't worry about it. I am more surprised that the idiotic system which forced you into the academy doesn't prepare you for such events. And there is just a limited amount of festivities before you graduate. We have to put our best efforts into each and every one of them!”

Adea turns her gaze downwards. “Sometimes you talk like you don't belong here.”

Crap! I have to distract her. “And besides, I put so much effort into propelling you to advanced classes. It would be a shame if you weren't able to sway that prince of yours.” I reach around Adea and rub her back. “You will go and get him, girl!”

Adea turns red and squeals. “No! I can't. Who implanted that idea into your head!?”

“You have no choice. We spent over a day to make you pretty, so the least you can do is to ask him out for a dance. You can dance?” I ask, horrified, as I notice the little dent in my plan.
“Of course I can dance! It's one of the arts. My mother wouldn't allow me to leave the house if I could not,” Adea answers.

I sigh in relief, but at the same time I ask myself just what Adea's mother is teaching her.

“We are there,” Jimmy breaks the silence and stops the limousine in front of a big building. He gets out of the car and hurries to open the door for Adea and me.
We get out and I give Jimmy instructions to park the car and wait for us, then we approach the entrance.

I study the invitation which I got from Adea. It's not much more than a card which allows the student to invite one to four people. Adea already informed me that it is intended for relatives, but we can always say that I am a distant cousin from her mother's side.

The door steward doesn't cause any trouble for us. He simply takes the invitation and rips it in half, so that it can't be used again. Then both of us register their aura at the glass orb which is placed next to the entrance. In case of wandering outside the building, we can always return to the festivities by identifying ourselves.
I am not so happy about having my aura registered by this device, but there isn't much I can do about it. It simply means that I have to behave so that I don't land on some list for wanted people.

Once inside, I link arms with Adea and we roam through the area. There is a big hall with a dance floor and some tables with chairs so that people can rest. There is also a smaller hall with a catering service in case someone gets hungry. I help myself to a drink with red berries inside, but one sip and it is clear that the drink is something alcoholic.

Our exploration leads to another ballroom. The music in here is more groovy and it is clear that this is where the students gather. A single glance is enough to spot the prince. It's a young guy with a lean face. I can't discern more of his features because he is the centre of a flock of students, mainly females.

“That's him...” Adea mumbles with a dejected voice.
“Good!” I push her forward. “Go and get him!”

She resists. “Are you out of your mind? I can't go in there and ask him to dance! They will rip me apart!”
I shake my head. “They won't do anything of the sort. They are much too concerned about looking good in front of him. If they make a scene and he is as good a guy as you think he is, then he won't forgive them. That's the first test for the new you. If you don't go there now, I'll stop tutoring you.”

“Arg, jerk...”

For a moment I expect Adea to go all tears and downcast on me, but then she storms forward and throws herself into the crowd. A few moments later she is with the prince and talking to him like a shy little girl. She transformed as soon as he set his eyes on her. That woman doesn't know her own powers.
I guess everything depends now on what type of guy the prince is. Of course I notice the evil glares from the surrounding crowd, but Adea doesn't. Her eyes are glued to the third prince.

After a minute he indeed leads her towards the dance floor and I judge that my job is done. What type of guy would deny a cute girl one dance? In my mind there was never a question that it wouldn't work out.
Grinning, I turn around to do some reconnaissance of my own. Adea will find me once she gets sick of her little romance story.

I make another round through the premises and assault the catering service to fill a plate with food, then I go to listen to the people's conversations at the tables. After spending a really boring hour there, I decide to for seconds.
Unfortunately I bump into someone upon turning around. The fact that he stood so close behind me without me noticing him sets off all my alarms. It's almost like he was sneaking up on me.

He is a hunk of a man with the body of a weightlifter. My eyes roam his body from his thighs to his chest, and then to his face. That's when my appraising expression freezes in place. It's one of the DF soldiers who came in as reinforcements when I was attacked at the mana storm. To be more precise, it's the one whose leg I broke.

The multiverse has a truly wicked way of punishing me. All I did was kill three people who attacked me with lethal intent. I focus on his blue eyes and the blonde hair. When I look at those lips I really want to eat him, no matter the consequences.

When he opens his mouth, whichever spell he had over me is shattered like a bowl of glass. “Look, Cutie. I've a free arm and you seem to be lonely.”

I swallow down whatever physical attraction he has on me and lock those feelings away. I am a rational being and not some kind of instinct driven animal. At least he didn't recognize me.
My eyes wander from him to the brunette beauty who is clinging to his right arm, then to his left arm which he is offering me.

“Yeah, I think... not, whoever you are.” I step back since he is violating my personal space.

Weightlifter's eyes bug out and his liaison gasps. A suppressed chuckle pulls my attention to the man who is apparently accompanying the two. “Look, Perseus. There are apparently women in this kingdom who don't know you. Aw, I wish I had a camera.” He claps his hands.

The speaker is a little smaller than Perseus and less muscular. I can see at a glance that he isn't working out as much as my weightlifter, but physical proportions don't mean much in a world with magic. If I had to put him into a category then he is more like a swimmer? Perseus... where did I hear that name? Oh, shit! The first prince!
Perseus leans forward and offers me his hand yet another time. “I can see that you recognized me. You aren't at fault. The photos can't capture the real me.”

I lick my lips. “No, thanks. I am not into threesomes.”
The swimmer starts laughing loudly, not holding back at all. I am glad that I am such a great source of amusement to him, but the prince isn't amused at all.

“Nobody refuses me. I am the first prince and who are you? I can't even feel your aura. Who had the audacity to invite a lowly warlock rank to this party?” Perseus growls and reaches for me, but I glide out of his reach and around him, using the brunette as a shield. His hand grasps empty air and he almost stumbles over his girlfriend.

I dance into the swimmer's arms and baffle him by placing his arm around my waist. “I am sorry, but this guy seems to have much more need for me than you. It would be unfair if you get two while he goes empty, wouldn't it? And don't insult me with such a low rank! There are people who have their aura under control and don't pollute the environment with their waste mana.”

Perseus's jaw drops, but the girl at his arm starts laughing. She, too, clearly doesn't fancy the prince's idea of a date. “She is right, Perseus. Why don't you let her be. It seems like she already made her choice.”
The first prince's jaw muscles work in silent anger, but suddenly he starts laughing. “Then I certainly won't be the one who gets between you two. I am sure that there will be more than enough chances in the future.” At last he decides that it isn't worth creating a scandal and he turns, guiding the brunette into the crowd.

“I am sorry, but the whole first prince business is getting to his head,” the swimmer apologizes.
I look up to study his cold, grey eyes and his black hair. “I am sorry for using you as a shield. What's your name?”
Interest flickers in his eyes. “You can call me Marc. And who are you, oh mysterious beauty?” He kisses the back of my hand and smiles, shamelessly using the position I brought on myself to press me to his body.

“My friends call me Seria. My cousin invited me to the party; normally I don't have business with the academy or nobility. Our standing is far too low to mingle with the high society on a daily basis,” I explain.
He nods. “That explains why I've never seen you on the campus or at other events.”

I raise an eyebrow. “Are you often at the academy?”
He chuckles. “I am a teacher. Mana theory and combat lessons are my main subjects, but I also teach summoning lessons when it is needed.”
“A teacher? How does a teacher become involved with the first prince? You seemed to know each other well,” I ask, baffled.

Marc shrugs. “He and I were in the same class when we were still students. We kept the relationship alive since then. But how about a dance? I would be heartbroken if I don't get the full menu after you threw yourself into my arms.”
I bite my lower lip and follow him onto the dance floor. He might not have the same effect on me as Perseus, but he certainly has the better character. My eyes slide to his ass and I consider fulfilling his wish. Okay... full menu. It's your own fault.

We dance and spend our time with idle chit chat, not really giving away information about each other. I can't blame him for keeping his cards close to his chest. I am doing the same.

The conversation focuses on the kingdom and problems with the spirits. Marc has much more insight into the whole spirit affair and he lets slip that the spirits are becoming more active recently. I also get to know that this world doesn't have contact with other realms, or is even aware of us. They think that all other dimensions are overrun by spirits. Not surprising if every portal to another realm ends up as a focus point for another invasion.

The ballroom slowly empties of people while we talk, signalling that the party reached its end. I am the one who has to end the conversation when I see Adea roaming into the ballroom. She is looking around as if she is searching for someone. I excuse myself and tell Marc to stay put.

Then I hurry to intercept Adea. A short exchange tells me that everything went perfect on her end and I send her on her way without me. I've still plans for the evening, so we agree that Jimmy will take her home.

When she is gone, I return to Marc who was waiting for me at one of the tables. When I approach he gets to his feet. “So you really want to continue the evening?”
“Of course, just had to step out for a moment. I had to tell my cousin that she doesn't have to wait for me.” I get to my toes and use a husky voice to whisper into his ear. “And weren't you the one who requested the full menu?”

His jaw drops in shock. His reaction is cute. It feels like that's the first time that something like this happened to him. “I am not sure that I can stay a gentleman if you make such an offer.”
My shoulders slump. Is he the type who needs several dates to get laid? I don't want a fixed relationship from him. A long, relaxing night is good enough. I am on physical withdrawal since more than a month. Which doesn't mean that I had any real relationship back at home.

“Do we have to make this complicated? I was offering, what's there to think about? Unless you have someone? If that's the case-”
He grabs my hand and pulls me towards the exit. “There is a one night hotel just across the street!”
I giggle. “Sounds like you have experience.”
“I don't! But I know where the young couples go when the party ends,” he answers and quickens his steps. It's almost as if he fears that I might withdraw the offer.

A few minutes later we storm the room which he rented on his name. I manage to close the door just in time before he lifts me and presses me against the wall, seeking my lips.
It's then that I let go. Having a succubus as a mother left me with certain... cravings. I send my mana into him and scratch at his control and reasoning.

Somehow we manage it to the bed while we take turns in getting rid of bothersome clothing. There I surprise him with my strength. He tried his best to hold back, fearing that he could hurt me. But that's certainly not needed.
I throw him onto the bed, making it creak under the impact. Then I follow and straddle his hips between my thighs, his erection hard against me.

He massages me to readiness while I get lost in nibbling at his neck. Finding myself getting much too used to his hand between my legs, I lift my hips and sink down on him ever so slowly. Gasping, he curses and I start riding him, not giving him a chance to take control.

Well, I am a little starved after a month and Jimmy... well... Jimmy is Jimmy. One shouldn't satisfy oneself with a piece of furniture.

Finally I feel my belly cramping up with my first orgasm and Marc pants upon finding his own release which results in a hot feeling inside me.
Grabbing his arm, I whirl us around and pull him on top of me. “Your turn!” I gasp and close my legs around him. When he starts moving without complaint I can already tell that this will be a long night.

The next morning I sleepily open my eyes and rub the drowsiness away. Marc is cuddling me in his arms and I feel bad for snuggling out from under him. I watch his sleeping face and sigh. He wasn't bad. Well, okay, he was good. Very good.
But whatever there may develop between us, I am still from another realm and I can't risk going soft during this mission. And he is a friend of the prince. That can only result in complications if I make this more than a one night stand.

Growling a little, I focus mana on my fingertip and draw a rune on my belly. A little prevention magic, just in case. Then, on soft feet, I get my things and get dressed. Once that's done I decide to grab his shirt and jacket as a memento.

Okay, I am doing that with all my conquests, so it's more like a trophy.

After looking at his sleeping expression one more time I sneak out of the room and take my leave.


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