An Evil Hero

by redarrow45

Warning This fiction contains:
  • Gore
  • Profanity
  • Traumatising content

This was a story meant to delve into the dark side. It failed. It is being rewritten by the same idiot. The author has chosen to keep this story online as a symbol of shame, so that he may never forget that the author had the audacity to post something like this online. 

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Word Count (VIII)
5th Anniversary
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Prologue: I am dead ago
Chapter 1: The Family ago
Chapter 2: It Begins ago
Chapter 3: The First Prey ago
Chapter 4: Connections ago
Chapter 5: Too Soon ago
Chapter 6: We Meet Again ago
Chapter 7: SURPRISE ago
Chapter 8: Hell ago
Chapter 9: Fun ago
Chapter 10: A Fellow S ago
Chapter 11: Planning to get my ass kicked ago
Chapter 12: A Gift ago
Chapter 13: The Fight ago
Chapter 14: Pride ago
Chapter 15: The Tutor ago
Chapter 16: No comment ago
Chapter 17: The Father ago
Chapter 18: El ago
Chapter 19: Night Raid ago
Chapter 20: Charlotte's Story ago
Chapter 21: The Headmaster's Secret ago
Chapter 22: The Headmaster is a Dick ago
Chapter 23: Planning ago
Chapter 24: Reliving Memories ago
Chapter 25: The Beginning of HIS End ago
Chapter 26: An Ally? ago
Chapter 27: The Binding of the New Man ago
Chapter 28: The Result of Revenge ago
Chapter 29: Acceptance ago
Chapter 30: The Sentence ago
Chapter 31: A Father ago
Chapter 32: The Grudge ago
Chapter 33: Exile ago
Chapter 34: The Beginning ago
Chapter 35: An Adorable, Innocent Girl ago
Chapter 35.5: Ice Box Cake ago
Chapter 36: The Life of an Adventurer ago
Chapter 37: A Massacre ago
Chapter 38: Nunquam tittilandus draconis dormiens ago
Chapter 39: Death is temporary ago
Chapter 40: The First Step to Insanity ago
My Deepest Apolegies. ago

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Dark, merciless and down right interesting.

TL;DR MC is insane, God is insane, Literally EVERYONE HE MEETS IS BLOODY INSANE. Or a pervert. That too.

This story has me on the line of 'Should I continue down this dark and twisted hell hole?' and 'Fuck, this keeps getting better and better.' It protraits everyone as either Sick, twisted fucks or perverted sick twisted fuck with the MC stuck in the middle of insane or fucking mentally destroyed.

Doesn't help the fact that God (Female (Reason not saying Goddess is because (As said God said) A Goddess is a lesser version of God)) is a sadist that just wants to watch the MC get very close to reaching his goal (First I guess was being a Hero and sart a Family?) only for the God to utterly destroy any hope for him, then reincarnate him again this time as a demon lord (not actually, just a very strict ruler). Then again his hopes are destroyed. Which leads to his next life (Now) in which he is trying to become the ruler of the world. Lets see how it plays out I guess?


The best is awesome but this is better.

The story is amazing but please add chapters faster. The whole thing just talks to me and the grammar could use a bit of work one or two simple spelling errors. It is a story that is kind of mainstream but with multiple twists. Read for yourself.


Very disjointed, hard to follow.

I like the premise and the fact that the author delves into the dark side.  However the 4th wall breaks, the disjointed progression and lack of any character development other than "I am evil" makes reading this a chore.  


Strongest start ive ever seen on this site but you fucked it i dont even know where to begin should have just made him continue his path when he made the buisness deal the whole school  thing is disgusting... in short a beautiful creation is now ruined u ass