The Pokemon War Project

The Pokemon War Project

by Gobsuke

Fan Fiction HIATUS Fantasy Strategy


Not a story. A project.


There are 2 kinds of chapters. Ones covering cities, and ones covering pokemon.

The ones covering pokemon will cover 5 pokemon each, and I will explain how useful each pokemon, individually, will be in a war scenario.

The ones covering cities will go over the geography of the cities, the best way to defend the cities, and the best ways to invade them.


Pokemon moves and stats will not be taken into account. Those are game elements. There is no reason for hitmonchan to be able to wrap flames around his fist. The anime and manga will similarily not be taken into account, because they use the same game-like elements. Also because it's a pain in the behind.

Pokemon will be treated as glorified animals instead of game-like creatures, thus the only information that will be taken into account is the image of the pokemon, the pokedex entry, the typing, and the height/weight. Everything else will be up to my interpretations only.

Also note that these are my opinions only. I can be wrong. If you think I am, comment, and I will either incorporate the suggestion, or exlain why the suggestion is wrong in my opinion.

I will also only be covering Kanto for the time being. There are too many pokemon in the world.

Finally, if you want a certain pokemon be analysed, comment "Request: Pokemon Name", and I will include it in the next 5 possible.

If you want a certain city be analysed, comment "Request: City Name", and I will analyse the most requested cities first.

Since this is a project, feel free to give suggestions or offer help.

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