Ages Online

by Karides

Original HIATUS Action Adventure Drama Fantasy Tragedy Virtual Reality
It is year 2034. The age of console games are over and the age of virtual reality has just begun. Yashita Corps, a Japanese company at the forefront of virtual gaming had released a new generation game called Ages Online that is said to be revolutionary among all other Virtual Reality MMORPGs.

As gamers from all over the world flock to Ages Online, Sebast Koh watch on the sidelines as he persisted in finishing the story quest for an older game Yggdrassil Online. The result was him being ostracized in class due to him being the only one not playing the new game.

As he started off in the world of Agaia friendless and one step behind the rest, Sebast, handle name Beast, thought he could find solace in power grinding up as a warrior to catch up to speed, only for bad luck to strike time and time again. May he persevere in his most dangerous journey yet.
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Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: Beast ago
Chapter 2: Lore ago
Chapter 3: Librarian, Historian, Babysitter ago
Chapter 4: A Level 1 Job Change ago
Chapter 5: Griefer ago
Chapter 6: Tenacity ago
Chapter 7: Monk ago
Chapter 8: Moonglow ago
Chapter 9: Shadun ago
Chapter 10: Camaraderie ago
Chapter 11: Seal of the Lord ago
Chapter 12: Antrollope ago
Chapter 13: A Chance Encounter at Tarron Hills ago
Chapter 14: Indignation ago
Chapter 15: Kiki ago
Chapter 16: Door to Nowhere ago
Chapter 17: Earth Lake ago
Chapter 18: World Change ago
Chapter 19: Savathrox the Conqueror ago
Chapter 20: Descend unto War ago
Intermission: Map of Caerheim ago
Chapter 21: Corelia ago
Chapter 22: Separate Ways ago
Chapter 23: The Saint of Loyderidge ago
Chapter 24: Detour ago
Chapter 25: West Gate ago
Chapter 26: East Gate ago
Chapter 27: East Gate II ago
Chapter 28: South Gate ago
Chapter 29: Beneath the Surface ago
Chapter 30: The Fellowship ago
Chapter α - Side-story: The Court of a King ago
Chapter 31: North Gate ago
Chapter 32: Estrangement ago
Chapter 33: Vanguard Pass ago
Chapter 34: The Princes of Honduria ago
Chapter 35: vs Alpyrius ago
Chapter 36: Commotion ago
Chapter 37: Business Deals ago
Chapter 38: Pass Go. Collect $200 ago
Chapter 39: Weapon Test ago
Ages Online Compendium & Suggestion Box ago
Chapter β – Side-story: Claret ago
Chapter 40: Loose Ends ago
Chapter 41: Blatta ago
Chapter 42: Assignment ago
Chapter 43: Pursuit ago
Chapter 44: Hazards ago
Intermission: Map of Honduria ago
Chapter 45: Hazards II ago
Chapter γ - Side-story: Ouroboros ago

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This deserves to be one of the top!!!

I actually registered here just to tell you how much  I liked the story with its setting almost similar to LMS, with mix of author's originality! To top it off with grade A ok grammar written carefully and expressed neatly!!! MC is great as not an OP character early on with promising lategame potential. Overall it is a must read,must have at top 10 ,me comparing it to other ff here at RR :D more japtem to karides!

  • Overall Score

Good beginning so far.

Three Chapters released so far and I enjoyed each one. Like many others before and probably after, there are a few mistakes here and there.. but nothing major. I shall change my rating in the future if the need arises but so far I enjoyed it.

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My thoughts on this story is...

It unique in how it using a different class then other stories by either OP on a DPS or Support cast and instead it something that most of us would not even think could be a class… Historian. Otherwise the story seems to follow a bit of the same plot in hiding his class while dealing with its difficult restrictions that if follows through will become a OP latter. Luckily the author of this story keeps you interested in it despite the same overall plot. For me personally, I did not find any grammar errors, but then again I good about auto fixing grammar as I read so might not notice it as much as others.  Anyway I enjoyed the story and continue to look forward to others chapters so keep up the good work Karides!

  • Overall Score

wow this fanfic is nice and enjoyable pls dont stop making a new chapter for this ff


put some thread about  other ideas and suggestion of other reader so that it can help you in your ff

  • Overall Score

When Good Writing meets Good Storytelling

Karides did an amazing job writing this story. There is a mix of virtual reality and reality and additionally the is humor.

The character interactions, and additionally some of the characters provide laughs making this a great story to read.

Reccomended highly!

  • Overall Score

Very enjoyable story =)

Awesome story =D

Only suggestion is to include details regarding the other races / kingdoms of the world at the moment it appears as though the humans are the only civilization or significance


Thanks for sharing cant wait to see what happens =D

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your story is like snapple mixed with cake baked in crack

first i would like to say that these ratings were here already but i only wanted to say something after you didn't come out with a chapter and i realized how disappointed i was.

secondly i love the way you write things. a million times better than me

lastly i would like to say thank you for writing this story. yours is indeed my favorite.


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Your writing style and the story flow are very balanced which is nice.


1. The main character doesn't have very much depth of character especially outside of VR with the only redeeming factor being the one 'friend' that he constantly tries to ignore.

2. There are a couple of inconsistencies. I found two plot holes of which one is pretty big but I don't want to discourage people of reading it because it really is a nice read.

Its fun to read and its not y'r standard FF.
Frankly I couldn't/ could barely put it down as I was reading whenever I had to wait with uploading stuff on the website I was building.

  • Overall Score

This is a must read.  It is very good.  Love how the story flows and how different it is compared to other vmmorpg ff..  love the MC and his class.. its so unique

  • Overall Score

Damn Good Webnovel Material Writing.

I was really surprised by the quality in this Fanfic. Its in only gets better and better and I hope that it keeps continuing at this pace so that other will be able to enjoy it also.