If it was just as easy to level in the near future, it would be a real good start to grind for a while and get a safety cushion in case he got killed. If this world was some kind of game then he had to be careful with choosing his enemies.
Turning north he tried to sneak his way into some bushes to avoid being seen by his next victim. But after getting stuck in some branches he had to let this idea get away. Going back on the path he tried to find a way to keep being unseen which wasn´t so hard after the way made a slight curve to the west. The place where his next opponent rested was surrounded by high bushes with dangerous looking spikes.
Iranueel was not in the mood to get his new clothes ruined, so he kept on the way and prepared his attack. By focussing on fire he visualized a small ball of fire in his right hand.
After a moment he could see the flame come to life. It had a weak yellow colour and seemed not very strong to him, as if a strong wind could extinguish it. He send more energy into the flame and watched it getting bigger und changing to a bright blue.
Iranueel heard suddenly a fizzle from the place right around the corner and a moment later a small creature came running. Its skin was some kind of bark like substance and standing only 1 meter high it gave a downright nasty impression when it opened its mouth filled with razor sharp teeth off polished hardwood.
When the little tree creature saw him it immediately attacked him with uplifted arms and opened claws. Just 5 meters away from Iranueel it did not have much way to make.
But Iranueel was prepared and cast his bright fireball at the enemy. Only that this small menace was faster than he had anticipated. It jumped to right just a moment before the fire could make contact with its bark and rolled on the floor.
Then it jumped up directly at Iranueel with opened mouth and screeched loud. He evaded fast by stepping three steps back and focused the fire back in a steady stream of destruction. The fire shot from his fingers and caught the wooden demon right into the chest.
Furious and neglecting his own defense it attacked the young avatar. Fast and nimble it clawed Iranueel  and hit his outstretched arms, leaving a bloody mark.
He fought for control of his spell after feeling the pain. Although he set the small creature on fire, it didn´t try to get get away from him. Instead it seemed to be determined to take him with it in the grave. A little bit suicidal.
Ending his spell Iranueel kicked the monster, trying to get some space for his next attack.
It flew back landing on its back and rolling to extinguish the fire in the same move.
Iranueel focused his magic in the earth right under it and made shackles from stone encasing the small legs of the creature.
Pure rage filled the eyes of the monster as it sensed its cemented ankles. It wailed like crazy when Iranueel concentrated again his magic into a steady stream of fire to burn its body in a pile of ash.
After the fight he stood silent for a moment and watched the park for activity. The fight was not silent and he would have to leave fast if there was a indication for the next battle right after.
But he could hear nothing and his spirit sense did not show any presence.
Looking back to his fallen enemy he saw 2 small acorns lying on the floor. Curious he picked them up and examined them. He could sense magical energy in them and he was sure that he could use them as a kind of arcane battery.
Grinning about his first loot he turned to leave the park in search of a safe place to stay.
“Nice fight young mage! I did not think you would search so fast for a challenge but you see me corrected. I just forgot to tell you something about your special power young man and then I will leave you alone!”


would be nice if you would give some feedback because english is not my first language


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