If he wanted to be a sorcerer, he had to look for magical skills. On his search through the endless list he discovered the good old meditation, which increased his energy and stamina regeneration. Also there were ritual knowledge, casting technique, elementary knowledge for all the known elements like earth, water, fire, air, mind and ether. To top it off there was summoning of demons, ghosts and archons. But this was something that was not in his preferred direction.
As he was looking through the list he recognized a skill called spirit sense. In the description you could read that it let you sense any active spirits and souls in your near region, meaning everything that was able to think in a way.
Now there was really a way to testify if politicians had more brain than 100 meter country road. But he could see the use of such a skill in more than one way.
So he chose Beginner in meditation, air, water, fire, earth, mind and ether. But because he wanted to be a reliable caster he put more in casting technique and let it rise to Journeyman. It didn´t make him a powerful sorcerer but his spells would have a really tiny chance to misfire.
Known from many stories and games mages were not the most skilled frontliners in combat, and so the young avatar had to invest some skill in close combat. He had his skill with swords but it was near impossible to conceal a sword in public, so he chose knife fighting as a Apprentice skill. Just imagine somebody attacking him and then SURPRISE!
Poor enemy gets cut into filets.
Regarding his last skill points he chose sneaking and the most common languages on the planet as Basic skills: Arabian, Chinese, Russian and Spanish.
After thinking about his foreseeable future on planet earth as an immortal he understood that being able to speak with most people would be a big advantage to avoid misunderstandings in speech and action.
Just when he ended his skill selection he got a new window that told him that he got a special ability for his special kind of death. It was called soul catcher and to his anger there was no description of this particular power. He hoped that this did not mean, he would become some kind of demon snatching the souls of people and monsters alike. This was not the future he envisioned for himself.
Now he had only one window open. The name he wanted to call his own for the rest of eternity. It was not really a big problem for him because he used the same name in almost every game he ever played.
And so he called himself Iranueel!
With a flash of light he appeared in a park. Looking in every direction he could see that was in an asian town after seeing many buildings with typical chinese roofs. You could see the city expanding some kilometres in every direction reaching to the ocean. So he got stranded in a big city in asia with nothing more than a knife and clothes on his body. By examining his pants he discovered also 100 dollars. Not much to call his own but he was an immortal so time wasn´t an issue.
By examining the small park he discovered a pond in the center where he could see a transparent being floating a hand above the water. It seemed to not have taken notice of him so Iranueel took a closer look.
It seemed to be a kind of ghost. When he tried his spirit sense he got the impression that this being was only a minor threat for him. So it was the perfect testing ground for his first use of magic. As a ghost physical attacks would not do any good. So Iranueel chose to use lightning for his first test subject. He imagined electricity running down his arm and jumping over to his target.
Iranueel didn´t need to speak words or use complicated hand gestures. His high casting technique did make it possible for him to be a silent caster.
Static lightning rose from his left arm and then stroke directly to the offenseless ghost. It seemed to be stunned for a moment and then screaked in a high pitch. Wobbling it came closer.
Iranueel used the time to rise his right hand too and fire a continuous arc of lightning in his victim which tried to get out of the way of destruction. But for such a low creature there was no way to escape and so it got caught in the electrical discharging. After only 5 seconds it perished with a small scream.
In the moment it died Iranueel felt his power rise. He was now level 2 but the fight left a bad aftertaste in his mouth. The ghost wasn´t a worthy enemy but only victim of chance. After thinking for a moment Iranueel decided that was better than just killing a homeless man in cold murder to check his power.
After checking his mana he saw that he had not even used a thenth of his energy pool and even that regenerated fast. So he was good to go for his next fight. Curious he searched the park for more mobs to rise in level. Using his spirit sense he feeled a weak presence in the north of him only some 50 meters away.
Iranueel only shrugged with his shoulder and thought:
‘Easy experience is good experience’

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