There it was. The dices showed a 9 all together. So 20 was a nice number and now there was no way, that the next roll could be worse. and he could now see that the dices were ten-sided.
There was a 4. That´s the worst possible outcome you could get. So now a bit of fear crawled done the back of the young Avatar. One last try was everything he had left and if this one should also be a miss then he would be just a common human with some benefits and would need a long time to get beyond the line of superhumans.
So the dices got a last chance for greatness, turning like crazy until they laid still.
“YES, now Fortuna does like me!”
There was a 37 right before him and a big rock dropped from his heavy heart. With this he would be able to become a Avatar that could reach for the sky. Literally.
Now, how should he distribute the points. First on his list was survivability. And for this he needed a lot of HP. Only way to get them was by increasing his endurance.
For now he had a average 10 in all attributes and by increasing endurance to 20 he got 100 HP for a total of 200. Also he recognized an increase in his stamina by the same value.
Just as he was thinking about his future, he remembered, he always wanted to be a sorcerer. There had to be a way for him for being a  spellcaster of some sort because there was the resource of energy. Also high intelligence was a proven method for learning skills faster, also for spells hopefully. This has been the way in all the games, he had played.
So 10 points went into intelligence, increasing his energy pool to 200 points. Just testing what a high wisdom could do, he also pumped 5 points into wisdom and watched his energy regeneration rise to 1,5 points per second. Not especially remarkable but he spotted his perception rising 2 points.
Now there were only left strength, dexterity and luck. He was always somebody who favored a smooth body against pure power, so strength had to lose in the decision. Also luck was a very helpful way to get better loot in games.
So he increased his dexterity for 8 points and his luck for 4. The young avatar recognized a increase in his speed by 4 meters per second for a total of 14. Now he could run Usain Bolt ito the ground and go olympic. Thinking of his increased stamina there was a good chance for going for a world record in classic Marathon.
A look for his encumbrance showed him that he could carry 25 kg in easy and 50 kg in heavy encumbrance. There was much to be left for future development. Especially if you looked at his body. He had the looks of a Spartan warrior but could lift like a girl. Shame on him if this kept the way it was now.
When he ended the play with his attributes a new window with his skills came into view. From his former life he rescued some of his hard earned abilities but he wasn´t impressed at all.
He had Apprentice level in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, also Master in the languages German and English, but only Basic in Latin. He could also cook, assemble computers, write and play as an Apprentice, but for what this could be relevant he had no idea. And last but not least in the Basics he could tinker with toilets, electric cables and furniture.
He was impressed that he made it to Apprentice in Bows and Sword fighting, so his training in this part had not been in vain. But his knowledge in foreign myths, cultures and rituals was just in the Basics.
His best skills seemed to be left overs from his school time. He had biology and history as an advanced skill. So he could keep somebody alive  to tell him that Adolf Hitler was the biggest asshole in history.
By examining his skill list he discovered that he had 50 points left for investing in new skills.
The price list was also there. 1 point for a skill in the Basic level and doubling for each new category. So there was Basic, Beginner, Apprentice, Journeyman, Advanced, Ascended, Master, Legend and Deity.
So after thinking it over, he could advance one skill to Advanced or a bunch to a lesser degree.


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