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 i know it's a short chapter but i hope you like it nonetheless.

The older Swordmaster came running back to check on Iranueel and after realizing that he was alive began to yell at him.


“Are you completely stupid?! This training circle almost depleted all of its energy trying to sustain your miserable life. You would have killed yourself 20 times over or more if it hadn’t saved your sorry ass. Do you know, what my master will do to you when he has to fill this place again with his power?”


Commotion could be heard coming from the main house and also from the baths. The doors to both buildings flew open and in the one stood a quite angry looking vampire and in the other a somewhat sparce clothed Misako with a distressed look on her face.


Levat stood suddenly only a meter away from Iranueel and grabbed him by the chest lifting him up as if Iranueel was light as a feather.


“You better have a good explanation for this or I will see to it, that the next 2 months will be a very unpleasant experience for you, young avatar!”


Iranueel looked a bit frightened at Levat and answered with shaking voice.


“I only tried to fuse all of my magic powers into one single destructive force. I didn’t know that it would backfire this bad.”


With blood red eyes and exposed fangs Levat rose him even higher.


“And what pitiful magic force would that be to deplete almost the whole circle for?”


“I got arcane mastery out of it.”


Levat suddenly let Iranueel fall to the ground where he crumbled to his back and dared not to even move back from the vampire.


With a look to Misako who had arrived just moments before to the scene he questioned her.


“Please confirm something for me. Arcane mastery is something which mages need years of training and plenty of resources for, am I right? It’s nothing that can be bought easily by the system, is it?”


Dumbfounded Misako stared at Iranueel.


“As far as I know, only very advanced mages use arcane magic. It offers many advantages, like less mana used per spell and the magic itself is stronger, also the uses for arcane spells are much broader. But you also have to learn casting techniques for it. As far as I know there are 5 different arts for it, but you don’t have to be proficient in all of them.”


Levat nodded to her and then looked back to Iranueel, who stood up now, knocking the dust of his clothes.


“Seems to me, that you made quite the catch here with your new magic, but you will have to charge this circle back to full power and that means some work for you. You will have to substitute 50000 points of mana and repair the damage in the ritual symbols. I think that will be around 4 weeks of work here and then also the ritual for Misako. She is safe here, so for the next 4 weeks you will work for me. That will also help you with your ritual knowledge and lessen the chance for big fuckup when trying to destroy the enchantment on Misako. In the regenerating time for your mana Razell will train you physically. And now that you will have other things to do, Misako can train her necromancy again, to get some power back for fights in the future.”


He nodded again quite content with himself, grinned at Razell and took an estimating look at Misako. The corners of his mouth twitched a bit and then a full blown grin showed on his face.


“My lovely lady Misako. Would you like me to accompany you to the baths? It’s quite dusty outside and I feel the need to get it of me and I would like to have some nice company at it.”


Razell looked like he wanted to say something, but a short look from Levat silenced him easily.


Misako smiled businesslike and turned back to the baths.


“Now then, we wouldn’t like to have a dusty lord walking around, wouldn’t we? And Iranueel?”


She gazed at the young avatar with anger in her eyes.


“Don’t fuck up again! Next time, it will be me who knocks your ass around.”


She went back with head held high and walking like the place was hers. The gazes of all men followed her back to the baths and there was nothing else heard in the courtyard.


Razell walked to Iranueel and knocked him on the back.


“So your ass will be mine after you have depleted all of your mana into the circle. Make sure to be healthy when we begin, because sure as hell you won’t be it when the training ends.”


And with a wolfish grin he went to grab a bite. Everyone else left Iranueel standing at the circle with his duty. He went to the line of the ritual circle and connected with it, pumping his mana inside.


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