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Sorry for the long wait for the next fight but i want to establish a bit of background for my world and trying to get some new characters.

Give me your thoughts about it and enjoy reading.

When they arrived two hours later Iranueel saw a big building in western style surrounded by a 4 meter high wall with watch towers every 30 meters. It was rectangular build and one wall measured at least 250 meters. In the guarded space were several smaller buildings at the wall with a massive mansion in the inner court and a large garden around it. He could also see some training areas where people were training in martial arts.


They stood on a small hill and looked down on the vampire’s home when he said his first words in the last 2 hours.


“Welcome to my humble home. It’s not my biggest asset, but the one I reside the most in. Just drive to the entrance over there and we will walk the rest, so that I can show you around.”


Iranueel did as said and drove the car to the gate at the entrance, made of solid steel and with two heavy armoured guards watching over it.


Inspecting them Iranueel recognized silvered swords at their backs and strange guns at their thighs that he had never before seen anywhere.


Levato recognized Iranueel’s gaze and explained.


“I see, you have discovered the spellguns at your first look. They are my answer to anybody from the supernatural department visiting me with hostile intent. The man using them are normal humans but the guns are powered directly of my power, which gives them quite a punch. They would disembowel you with a single shot in your current state. Perhaps in some time you can withstand them better but for most creatures they are deadly as they come.”


Iranueel left the car and opened the door for Misako who was really pleased with that.


“A gentleman in this time, I didn’t see this coming. But I like it, please continue with that. Manners today are not what they have been in ages past but they haven’t been forgotten as I see.”


Iranueel took a bow and grinned widely.


Levato watched the scene and smiled slightly.


“Not all hope is lost on you. So now follow me and I show you around. The triads will surely try to make an appearance some time in the future, so it would be better if you know the land.”


He led the way and guided them through the gate with a short nod to the guards that opened it immediately after. The ground was plastered with old granite plates smoothed by many years of feet walking over them. Ornaments and reliefs carved into wood were on the walls inside the gate. They showed mystical creatures and also some vampires at their business. Some smaller gems were integrated in the eyes of the vampires and Iranueel had the distinct feeling that they watched him.


People were gathering and welcomed their boss and started to ask questions about business matters and other trivial things Iranueel wasn’t interested in.


“Enough! All of that will done later, now I have guests. Prepare some rooms for them and a feast for the evening. We will dine in the great hall today. Tell it the chefs.”


Levato turned around and with a frown said.


“I’m sorry but there seems to be some matter I have to care about immediately so I will leave you in Razell’s care. Misako, you already know him from some time ago. Iranueel, he is an avatar like you just a little bit older and more experienced in some areas. I would recommend some sparring sessions with him at some time. Now please excuse me.”


With that said he turned back to his assistants and walked with brisk steps to the main building, leaving said Razell back.


Iranueel saw a man in a black leather armour covering him almost completely. A black silken hood with strange red runes at the seams was on his back and also one of the spellguns on his right thigh in a holster strapped to his leg. It was made out of something that looked like obsidian and had the same strange red runes covering it. The grip was made with mahogany wood and looked as if it had been used many times over. A menacing aura encased the man that said to not mess with him. His dark brown hair was short like in the military and hard lines cornered his sun darkened face with a short beard. Eyes blue like Terence Hill watched him with anger in them.


Iranueel didn’t know what he did but it was obvious that the dark figure didn’t like him very much.


Razell had a designer stubble strengthening the impression of a hardened warrior and he pressed his lips together right now, seeming to grind hid teeth.


“Razell? I don’t seem to recognize you even though Levato said, we know each other. Can you give me a hint?”


Misako hadn’t recognized the tension in the air between the two men. She went right before the strange guy and looked him over.


“Uhm, I think you know me under an other name. I was once called Dennis. Perhaps that rings a bell?”


When talking to Misako his eyes lit up and a friendly smile plastered his face and completely change his whole demeanor. He almost seemed to be shy and bearish.


Iranueel was almost sure that this guy had a serious crush on Misako.


The said girl smiled wholehearted at him and all of a sudden hugged him closely. Iranueel only raised a brow and waited for an explanation.


“You made the ascension to an avatar. How awesome is that! Last time I saw you, you were an old tattering grandpa instructing Levat’s guards in swordfighting and shooting. How long have you been an avatar and why didn’t you visit by the way?”


Razell was stumbling back a bit when Misako gave him a fist stroke to the shoulder and tried to regain his footing. All his hostile behaviour against Iranueel had vanished and he gazed at the other man as if to call for back-up. Iranueel only raised his hands and shaked his head as if to say, not my business.


“I was busy with things my former master ordered me to do. After all I still work for him, and that has been for the last 15 years, I think. Time passes quite fast if you travel around the world. I wanted to visit but every time there was a new problem to be solved.”


Curious Misako watched him making excuses.


“Problem, huh? You are his hitman, am I right?”


Razell let his arms hang down his side.


“Yeah, I am. I know it’s not the best job around but I have to make a living, you know. I always have been a fighter and when I ascended I just didn’t want to change my ways. My Master took me in and gave me work so that I could get my bearing. I’m grateful for this and all the other things he did for my family.”


He looked up to the Japanese and then glanced shortly to Iranueel.


“By the way, who is the guy besides you. He seems to be alive and kicking, not one of your minions.”


“Aha, there is someone jealous. Don’t be. Iranueel is my friend who helped me get out of this mess. He’s also an avatar and a fledging mage with some excursions into the close combat department. When everything came down on me he was my saviour in my time of need and helped me to get away from the bad guys and since then killed anybody trying to mob me.”


Razell looked Iranueel over from head to toe and then bowed to him.


“Please excuse my rude behaviour and take my thanks for helping the esteemed Lady Misako. I am in your debt.”


A bit taken back Iranueel answered coyly.


“It’s ok, I did what I wanted to do and it’s not that I didn’t profit from her watching my back also. This new world as an avatar is quite overwhelming and I am grateful for her advice and help.”


Misako watched the two men amused and nodded shortly.


“Ok, now that this is cleared, we can move forward and find a way to get this beacon spell on me erased. Dennis, oh sorry, I mean Razell, please help Iranueel acquire all the necessary ingredients while I take a bath and relax a bit. See you later, guys.”


And then she turned and walked to one of the smaller buildings with steam coming out of the tilted windows.


Iranueel and Razell looked at each other for a moment and then both shrugged.


“Women are always the same.”


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