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“Man, I forgot to absorb their power. I really have to get used to do this.”


Misako shook her head and sighed.


“Ok, then we can see this as a kind of training. I will remind you also in the future if you should forget it again.”


They went all the way back and Iranueel checked the soul orbs and was very satisfied when all of them were golden. Without any further hesitation he absorbed all of them which bumped him up to level 20.

“Hey, I also got 5 levels just now when you absorbed their power. This is amazing. Now I have little cushion myself again and take some risks again with this suckers.”


Iranueel grinned at her and then turned back to the car.


Misako followed him in a good temper and whistling a popular theme song. Iranueel now sent out his spirit sense in short bursts to not get surprised by any goons around. He somehow became a bit paranoid since he travelled together with the Japanese woman.


When they came into sight of their car they saw another one parked right beside theirs. And it also was the same model.


Iranueel was the first to reach the car and stopped right in his track when he saw a european looking guy leaning on their car. The avatar was sure that he saw nothing with his spirit sense when he last checked.


Misako almost crashed into him when he halted his steps and went almost instantly into battle mode.


“Hi, there fellows. You really took your time getting here, didn’t you?”


He wore a long grey trench coat, a white shirt and black knee high boots with a dark brown leather trouser covering slim thighs and an athletic body. Iranueel’s gaze fell onto the long katana on his back.


He was more than surprised when Misako suddenly went around him and threw herself with open arms into the guy.


“Levato! It’s a pleasant sight for my sore eyes to see you here. Did you get my message?”


He closed his arms around Misako and took a deep sniff of her hair. Then his eyes turned to Iranueel.


“Obviously I got it, because if not I wouldn’t be here saving your ass from the little army that’s gunning for this place right now. I took the liberty to twitter the local triad boss that you are with me and that he would get his ass handed to him if he messes with me.”


Then he held Misako at arm length away and gazed her deeply into the eyes.


“So now, you have to tell me the story how you messed this up. And also don’t forget that now we are even. It’s no small favour you asked of me this time and I even was tempted to give you up, but after some consideration your always friendly ways with me gained favour.”


“Also who is this young man behind you? He seems to be an avatar himself. I can sense his aura even if it’s a bit strange.”


Misako went to Iranueel’s side and clapped on his shoulder.


“This is my friend Iranueel. He saved me from sure and final death without asking for more than some information. He is a new born avatar and has shown himself a capable mage and resourceful in many ways. More than anyone would expect from one only a week old.”


“You are only a week and already made the triads your mortal enemy? You have some nuts I have to say. But a friend of Misako is a friend of mine, even if you have quite the delicious smell.”


Iranueel looked with a big question mark in his eyes to the woman at his side.


“Oh, don’t shit yourself now, Iranueel, but Levato here is a vampire, a higher one even. My past as a successful necromancer led me to his home and we became business partners and friends after half a century.”


“That is… quite a surprise. Some of the newer movies about vampires must have got something right when you can stand in bright sunlight and not turn to ash instantly.”


Levato frowned and abruptly stood only a inch away from Iranueel.


“Do not mention this crap again in my presence! It took me many years and more resources you can imagine to get myself a way to walk in the sun again. These movies and books you speak about are an insult for any vampire worth his name and if I ever get near any of the producers I will suck them dry, revive and kill them a thousand times over for their mistakes about my noble race.”


Iranueel swallowed hard. He felt the bloodlust and power of the creature before him like a wave pressing him down. Levato’s eyes were blood red and stared him down, promising pain and torture.


“I apologize for my words and my ignorance. I didn’t want to insult you or your people.”


Snorting Levato turned around and got on the back seat of their car.


“Get in and drive us to my home. I don’t take any chances with the triads. They are a traitorous kind and I don’t want to give them any reasons for trying an attack on us. I may be powerful but I only have one life instead of you guys.”


Misako got into the car also beside Levato and waited for Iranueel to take the driver seat before she told him, where he had to drive.


Iranueel programmed his GPS and went his way listening on the talk behind him.


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