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I am sick at the moment and have a hard time concentrating so this is all i have for you guys at the moment. So enjoy

Misako heard and saw the shooter. With shock she watched Iranueel got taken out, but she also noticed that his HP didn’t go down all to nothing.


Running like crazy she dashed to the first building in sight and tried to get to the sharpshooter in any way possible, knowing that he would try to end Iranueel as soon as he could.


She knew that Iranueel wouldn’t like what she was going to do but results do justify the means. So she called upon the power in her and searched for any lingering ghost in the town. Perhaps there were some graves in the vicinity that she could use.


But there was nothing that called to her. So she ran around the corner of the building and tried to make it to the next without getting shot.


A bullet stroke only a hand to her left the wall and the splinters hurt her face, but ignoring the pain she bolted to the house her enemy was shooting from. There were only 20 meters to cross and he had to reload so she gave her all and crossed the distance with amazing grace. On the way she figured a way to get to the roof and discovered some crates standing beside a wall where she could jump on to get upstairs.


Misako saw the guy standing up and drawing a pistol out of a holster under his left shoulder.

Her knifes were never far from her hands and naturally they did an almost perfect throw to the guy faster than him getting his weapon aligned on her.


He was painfully remembered that his opponent wasn’t just target for practice when the blade hit left shoulder and imbedded itself deep into it.


He cried out and lost his stance a bit, what was good for Misako because his shot didn’t get near her more than 2 meters.


She hurled around and used the momentum to make her next throw more powerful.


The shooter dove to the right and hurled himself to the ground. But the roof was old and never meant for this kind of action and so it gave way.


In a cloud of dust and debris he fell into the building leaving a hole in its ceiling. Misako heard cries of people from the inside when she raced to the door leading inside to put this guy out of misery, once and for all.


But before she could open the door, it flew open to reveal a young woman trying her best to get out of the house. Her eyes opened in panic and fear showing when she saw Misako with a knife in the hand right before her. She dove right fearing for her life when Misako was already striding to the inside.


Her enemy was just on his feet and cursing from the pain. The room in great disorder with dust everywhere hindering the sight, Misako threw her knife disregarding the chaos. But the guy had learned his piece and dodged surprisingly fast.


Pumped with adrenalin and anger he hurled himself at the woman before him.


Misako received him with a hurl using his own strength and weigh against him. He crashed against the wall behind her and got his air knocked out of him. In the next moment Misako was above him and kicked against his throat. He just got his right arm up to protect the sensible body part and rolled against Misakos feet dropping her to the ground.


Now both on the floor the guy rolled on top of Misako and used his greater weight and muscle power to pin the woman to the ground.


Misako could still use her legs and took the chance to draw her knee sharply into her foes groin, making him bend in pain and freeing her so. She rolled right and then hammered her elbow into the guys temple stunning him.


Then she got to her feet and drew her last knife from its sheath at her left thigh. With disgust and hate in the eye she burred the blade into the mobster in the most sensible areas like kidneys and breast. After the first into the kidney the guy scream like a pig spluttering blood everywhere. But his fight was over fast with the fury of a woman going down on him.


The fight was over and Misako came out of her blood rage and recognized for the first time that other people were also here. In the corner beside a massive oven heated with crackling wood were an old woman holding her crying niece in her arms. Angst in her eyes she pleaded the angel of death before her for mercy.


“Are there any more of theses guys in town?” Misako asked cool and with murder in her voice.


The grandmother shaked her head in denial.


“They came some hours ago and all but this one left for the woods. They threatened us with death if we tried to deny them anything.”


Misako nodded and eyeballed the ground for the mobsters weapon, discovering it in the pile of rubbish where he dropped from the roof.


It was a cheap pistol of chinese origin with an almost full clip. She took it and then ran outside to look for Iranueel.


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