World Keeper

by karami92

Original ONGOING Action Comedy Fantasy Male Lead Reader interactive Slice of Life Supernatural
Warning This fiction contains:
  • Traumatising content

Dale Mitchell, your average guy in a below-average job. But, what happens to him is anything but average. After hitting someone in his truck, his world was turned upside down, inside out, and more than fifty shades of grey.

Now, he seems to be something called a World Keeper, and must create and manage his own world. Is this his afterlife, or something else entirely?


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Den's Druid

Top List #400
5th Anniversary
Word Count (18)
Table of Contents
Chapter Name Release Date
Not a Chapter! Art Gallery! ago
Chapter 0: Prologue ago
Chapter 1: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 2: Feminine Wiles ago
Chapter 3: Thy Kingdom Come, Thy Will Be Done ago
Chapter 4: Magic? Magic! ago
Chapter 5: Market Value ago
Chapter 6: Mistakes Were Made, and Fixed! ago
Chapter 7: Keeper's Descent ago
Chapter 8: When Spirits Walk The Land ago
Chapter 9: The 72 ago
Chapter 10: Tame the Beast Within ago
Chapter 11: Plans for Tomorrow ago
Chapter 12: Revelations ago
Chapter 13: Alkahest ago
Chapter 14: Exposition, and New Systems ago
Chapter 15: Life Beyond Life ago
Chapter 16: Death Walks Among Us ago
Chapter 17: The Knowledge of the Ages ago
Chapter 18: The Great Leap Forward ago
Chapter 19: The Windfall ago
Chapter 20: Cuteness Shall Triumph! ago
Chapter 21: Believe it! ago
Chapter 22: The Power of Chakra ago
Chapter 23: The Birth of Power ago
Chapter 24: New Meetings ago
Chapter 25: Keepers Everywhere! ago
Chapter 26: Let the Games Begin! ago
Chapter 27: The Tournament ago
Chapter 28: Designer's Choice Awards ago
Chapter 29: No Naming Sense Here ago
Chapter 30: A Race Across the Plains ago
Chapter 31: The Road to Perfection ago
Chapter 32: Horsing Around ago
Chapter 33: Like Herding Centaurs ago
Chapter 34: Catching Up(And a Teaser) ago
Chapter 35: Tonight, We Dine in Hell ago
Chapter 36: The Hidden God ago
Chapter 37: A World Divided ago
Chapter 38: Systems Update ago
Chapter 39: To Anger the Gods ago
Chapter 40: Dual Domains ago
Chapter 41: Questionably Enchanting ago
Chapter 42: The Answer to ALL the Questions ago
Chapter 43: The Keeper's Visit ago
Chapter 44: My Goddess ago
Chapter 45: Promises Kept ago
Chapter 46: Meeting of the Gods ago
Chapter 47: Hungry Soul ago
Chapter 48: Lions and Spirits and Planning, Oh My! ago
Chapter 49: The Wraiths ago
Chapter 50: A Wealth of Knowledge ago
Chapter 51: Tubrock's Birth ago
Chapter 52: Kingdoms United ago
Chapter 53: The Sky Danced ago
Chapter 54: A Guided Path ago
Chapter 55: Doom? Doom. ago
Chapter 56: A Fox's Fright ago
Chapter 57: Underworld Woes ago
Chapter 58: Ore Really? ago
Chapter 59: Sad Truths ago
Chapter 60: The Pantheon United ago
Chapter 61: Irena's Revelations ago
Chapter 62: The Fallen Shall Rise ago
Chapter 63: Like Fish in a Barrel ago
Chapter 64: Dale's Camping Trip ago
Chapter 65: Waterfall ago
Chapter 66: No Rest for the Weary ago
Chapter 67: Bloody Gathering ago
Chapter 68: The Bloodied Hand ago
Chapter 69: The First Battle ago
Chapter 70: The Final Debt ago
Chapter 71: Make Him Proud ago
Chapter 72: The Cycle of Pain ago
Chapter 73: Dire Decisions ago
Chapter 74: A Mother's Hope ago
Chapter 75: War is Coming ago
Chapter 76: The Battle of Savir ago
Chapter 77: A Glimpse Beyond the Veil ago
Chapter 78: A Call to Arms ago
Chapter 79: Spelled Correctly ago
Chapter 80: Reputable Names ago
Chapter 81: Shameless ago
Chapter 82: The End is Neigh... Nigh? ago
Chapter 83: Advancement ago
Chapter 84: The Jerks in the Circle ago
Chapter 85: Watch the World Burn ago
Chapter 86: The True Language ago
Chapter 87: To End A War ago
Chapter 88: Turning Point ago
Chapter 89: Life Story ago
Chapter 90: Bag of Holding ago
Chapter 91: Spirits Be With Us ago
Chapter 92: The Race of Heroes ago
Chapter 93: Cowabunga, Dude! ago
Chapter 94: The Turn of the Tide ago
Chapter 95: The First True Ward ago
Chapter 96: Universally Bad Naming Sense ago
Chapter 97: Watching the Worlds Turn ago
Chapter 98: Need More? ago
Chapter 99: Alternative Facts ago
Chapter 100: D'ka Sha ago
Chapter 101: Hidden Knowledge ago
Chapter 102: Practice Makes Perfection ago
Chapter 103: Brain vs Brawn ago
Chapter 104: Hallowed be Thy Name ago
Chapter 105: The Demigod's Tale ago
Chapter 106: Core Studies ago
Chapter 107: Of Love and Loss ago
Chapter 108: The Truth and The Question ago
Chapter 109: The Once and Future King ago
Chapter 110: A Mother's Love ago
Chapter 111: A Daughter's Courage ago
Chapter 112: Meeting the Family ago
Chapter 113: Necessary Education ago
Chapter 114: A Wide Wide World ago
Chapter 115: Level Field ago
Chapter 116: The Devil's in the Details ago
Chapter 117: Deal with the Devil ago
Chapter 118: Happiness ago
Chapter 119: The Secret Guardian ago
Chapter 120: Decisions, Decisions ago
Chapter 121: The Fairiest of them All ago
Chapter 122: When Spirits Abound ago
Chapter 123: The Power of the Soul ago
Chapter 124: The Dark and Golden Age ago
Chapter 125: The Setting Sun ago
Chapter 126: Remember the Past to Make History ago
Chapter 127: Remember the Wraiths ago
Chapter 128: The Stars Shall Guide Your Way ago
Chapter 129: Dual Cultivation? ago
Chapter 130: Recruitment ago
Chapter 131: I'm on a Boat ago
Chapter 132: The Cliff at the End of the Sea ago
Chapter 133: Chumming the Waters ago
Chapter 134: Aeons Explained ago
Chapter 135: Through the Eye of the Storm ago
Chapter 136: The Man Who Would Not Be King ago
Chapter 137: Welcome to the Dungeon ago
Chapter 138: We've Got Gunning Flames ago
Chapter 139: The Crawl of the Dungeon ago
Chapter 140: Splitting the Spoils ago
Chapter 141: Homesick ago
Chapter 142: I Dream of Demons ago
Chapter 143: The Birth of Twilight ago
Chapter 144: I Want to Play a Game ago
Chapter 145: Pairing Off ago
Chapter 146: I Spy ago
Chapter 147: Resupplying and Setting Sail ago
Chapter 148: The Maybe Future Queen ago
Chapter 149: What Are They? ago
Chapter 150: A Gateway to a Brighter Future ago
Chapter 151: Transcending Language ago
Chapter 152: The Heart of the Cards ago
Chapter 153: Cultural Miscommunications ago
Chapter 154: Strength in Numbers ago
Chapter 155: For This Is War ago
Chapter 156: A River of Tiers ago
Chapter 157: The Demon's Hope ago
Announcement: Holding Up? Hopefully ago
Announcement: The Sun Emerges From Behind the Clouds! ago
Chapter 158: All the Time to Duel ago
Chapter 159: Underworld and Underdeveloped ago
Chapter 160: Strength in Unity ago
Chapter 161: Merkin, F*ck Yeah! ago
Chapter 162: A War on Economy ago
Chapter 163: To Review the Races ago
Chapter 164: Everything Has Its Price ago
Chapter 165: The Foundry ago
Chapter 166: Alme Dien ago
Chapter 167: The Awaited Meeting ago
Chapter 168: Threadbare Preparations ago
Chapter 169: Reunions ago
Chapter 170: A Tournament of Champions ago
Chapter 171: Destruction ago
Chapter 172: Playing Dirty ago
Chapter 173: Crushing ago
Chapter 174: An Old Game, a New Player ago
Chapter 175: Kill it With Fire ago
Chapter 176: Finder's Keeper ago
Chapter 177: A More Fitting Game ago
Chapter 178: The Exam ago
Chapter 179: Bihena's Kathy ago
Chapter 180: The Life of Magic ago
Chapter 181: To Spend a Fortune ago
Chapter 182: Planning Ahead to Keep My Head ago
Chapter 183: Special Education ago
Chapter 184: Accalia's Monster ago
Chapter 185: A Swarm of Studies ago
Chapter 186: Ultimate Power ago
Chapter 187: Finishing Training, the Time Draws Near ago
Chapter 188: This War is Over ago
Chapter 189: The End of the Beginning ago
Chapter 190: Glamorous and Calamitous ago
Chapter 191: Motivation ago
Chapter 192: The Perfect Trap ago
Chapter 193: The Keeper Speaks ago
Chapter 194: A Tale as Old as Time ago
Chapter 195: Upgrades ago
Chapter 196: Domains for Days ago
Chapter 197: Maid to Order ago
Chapter 198: Selections ago
Chapter 199: The Citadel ago
Chapter 200: The Rules and the Reps ago
Chapter 201: Scarlet's Warning ago
Chapter 202: Bloody Bonds ago
Chapter 203: The Spirit of Destruction ago
Chapter 204: More Research! ago
Chapter 205: All Are Equal in His Eyes ago
Chapter 206: The Only Way to Travel ago
Chapter 207: Aeon Training ago
Chapter 208: Stare Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 209: The Will of the World ago
Chapter 210: Aurivy's Training Grounds ago
Chapter 211: The Guiding Hand ago
Chapter 212: Scum of the Earth ago
Chapter 213: Crushing Hopes and Dreams ago
Chapter 214: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? ago
Chapter 215: The Black Soul ago
Chapter 216: Lord of Nature ago
Chapter 217: Regret ago
Chapter 218: Loyalty ago
Chapter 219: Broken ago
Chapter 220: Another Origin ago
Chapter 221: A Pure Heart ago
Chapter 222: Holy Daughter ago
Chapter 223: Heaven and Hell ago
Chapter 224: The First Step ago
Chapter 225: Vacation ago
Chapter 226: The Start of a Daily Life ago
Chapter 227: To Show The Masses ago
Chapter 228: Look Upon The World ago
Chapter 229: A Date With Destiny ago
Chapter 230: Divine Dining ago
Chapter 231: Duality ago
Chapter 232: Lift Your Voice ago
Chapter 233: The True Sim ago
Chapter 234: Climb To The Top ago
Chapter 235: The Weird Trials ago
Chapter 236: Break The Bank ago
Chapter 237: Savage ago
Chapter 238: The Language of Magic ago
Chapter 239: Ancestor Fox ago
Chapter 240: Playing Catch-Up ago
Chapter 241: The King of Kings ago
Chapter 242: Salor's Choice ago
Chapter 243: Last Hope ago
Chapter 244: Min Maxer ago
Chapter 245: Pressing Matters ago
Chapter 246: The Wild Hunt ago
Chapter 247: The Evolution of Divinity ago
Chapter 248: Outward Expansion ago
Chapter 249: Incubation ago
Chapter 250: New Information ago
Chapter 251: A New Beginning ago
Chapter 252: The Last Flame ago
Chapter 253: Understanding the Beginning ago
Chapter 254: Martial Plight ago
Chapter 255: Scarlet's Secret ago
Chapter 256: The Living Death ago
Chapter 257: The Guild ago
Chapter 258: Slumming it Up ago
Chapter 259: The First Miracle ago
Chapter 260: Modern Conveniences ago
Chapter 261: Fyor's Final Steps ago
Chapter 262: The Laws Merged ago
Chapter 263: Cause and Effect ago
Chapter 264: Curing the Ninja ago
Chapter 265: Happiness ago
Chapter 266: The Queen's Request ago
Chapter 267: The Seekers of the Spheres ago
Chapter 268: Fyor's Future ago
Chapter 269: Spell It Out ago
Chapter 270: The Empress of Blood ago
Chapter 271: Training for the Invasion ago
Chapter 272: The Great Training Montage ago
Chapter 273: The Holy Knights ago
Chapter 274: It Begins ago
Chapter 275: Defend the Home ago
Chapter 276: Wolf's Bane ago
Chapter 277: The Deckmaster ago
Chapter 278: To Track the Traceless Foe ago
Chapter 279: The Most Unexpected Foe ago
Chapter 280: Completion Awards ago
Chapter 281: Selling the Goods ago
Chapter 282: Foundation ago
Chapter 283: The Unforseen Ruler ago
Chapter 284: Life Moves On ago
Chapter 285: Forged History ago
Chapter 286: Distant Horizons ago
Chapter 287: Shanir's Legacy ago
Chapter 288: The Path to Perfection ago
Chapter 289: Rising Stars ago
Chapter 290: Merlin's Preparations ago
Chapter 291: Styx ago
Chapter 292: Concealing Traces ago
Chapter 293: Hidden Agendas ago
Chapter 294: To Turn the Tides ago
Chapter 295: The Terrors in the Deep ago
Chapter 296: Drawing Water From a Stone ago
Chapter 297: Beyond the Mysterious Beyond ago
Chapter 298: Dull Blayd ago
Chapter 299: Schemes ago
Chapter 300: Secondary Objectives ago
Chapter 301: The Stone of Power ago
Chapter 302: The Power of the Stones ago
Chapter 303: Two Hundred Years of Night ago
Chapter 304: Trade Wars? ago
Chapter 305: Fear the Dark ago
Chapter 306: The Path of Salvation ago
Chapter 307: Sizable Siphons ago
Chapter 308: Gate's Hope ago
Chapter 309: Returning Home ago
Chapter 310: The Stakes ago
Chapter 311: Waters of Life ago
Chapter 312: Visitation ago
Chapter 313: Server Settings ago
Chapter 314: Twilight's Saga ago
Chapter 315: Charging for a Craft ago
Chapter 316: Marik's Dungeon ago
Chapter 317: Charging Extra ago
Chapter 318: Expectations ago
Chapter 319: Dancing Waves ago
Chapter 320: The Technological Super-Hydra ago
Chapter 321: A New Light ago
Chapter 322: The Dawn of a New Age ago
Chapter 323: A Vision of Tomorrow ago
Chapter 324: Stars and Stories ago
Chapter 325: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 326: Divine Revelations ago
Chapter 327: Aurivy's First Look ago
Chapter 328: The Hype ago
Chapter 329: Press Release ago
Chapter 330: New Divinity ago
Chapter 331: Shifting Focus ago
Chapter 332: Mirror, Mirror ago
Chapter 333: Scry Me a River ago
Chapter 334: Extermination ago
Chapter 335: Vanity ago
Chapter 336: The Passing of the Torch ago
Chapter 337: Time to Shine ago
Chapter 338: Return of the Traveler ago
Chapter 339: Luck of the Draw ago
Chapter 340: The Opening Slaughter ago
Chapter 341: Beholden to a Cause ago
Chapter 342: Invitation ago
Chapter 343: Opening Event ago
Chapter 344: Blood and Iron ago
Chapter 345: Unluck of the Draw ago
Chapter 346: Compendium of Magic ago
Chapter 347: The Eye of the Beholder ago
Chapter 348: Jinxed It ago
Chapter 349: Prelude to War ago
Chapter 350: The Slumbering Beast ago
Chapter 351: The Chosen Path ago
Chapter 352: Shattered Hopes ago
Chapter 353: Breaking News ago
Chapter 354: Fated Soul ago
Chapter 355: Shadows Lurk ago
Chapter 356: Expansion ago
Chapter 357: The Dragon's Dilemma ago
Chapter 358: Dragon's Duel ago
Chapter 359: The Dragon's Roost ago
Chapter 360: Departure ago
Chapter 361: Growing Pains ago
Chapter 362: Dinner Reservations ago
Chapter 363: Seeking a Path ago
Chapter 364: I'm Back ago
Chapter 365: Graduation ago
Chapter 366: Resolve ago
Chapter 367: Conspiracy ago
Chapter 368: The Big Score ago
Chapter 369: The Grinning Shade ago
Chapter 370: The Golden Favor ago
Chapter 371: Avatars ago
Chapter 372: The Pantheon Parthenon ago
Chapter 373: Nebula ago
Chapter 374: Swarm Tactics ago
Chapter 375: Stormworld ago
Chapter 376: Ascension ago
Chapter 377: The Final Manifestation ago
Chapter 378: A New Age Dawns ago
Chapter 379: Counting Cards ago
Chapter 380: The Watcher ago
Chapter 381: Special Event ago
Chapter 382: Heart's Shadow ago
Chapter 383: To Call the Void ago
Chapter 384: Well Equipped ago
Chapter 385: The Pact ago
Chapter 386: Internet Sensation ago
Chapter 387: Conquest ago
Chapter 388: What Sorcery is This ago
Chapter 389: Synergy ago
Chapter 390: The Mirror's Analysis ago
Chapter 391: Financial Planning ago
Chapter 392: Lift-Off ago
Chapter 393: Spica ago
Chapter 394: Firsthand Look ago
Chapter 395: The Binding of a Soul ago
Chapter 396: Self-Reflection ago
Chapter 397: Return to the Meeting ago
Chapter 398: The Trade ago
Chapter 399: Dream Another Dream of Me ago
Chapter 400: Amalgamation ago
Chapter 401: Thick-Skinned ago
402: Mending a Broken Heart ago
Chapter 403: Echoed Fates ago
Chapter 404: Chapter Not Found ago
Chapter 405: Stare Into the Abyss ago
Chapter 406: The Fox and the Hare ago
Chapter 407: A Whole New World ago
Chapter 408: Foreign Relations ago
Chapter 409: If You Want Something Done Right ago
Chapter 410: The Path Ahead ago
Chapter 411: Karmic Justice ago
Chapter 412: Thawing the Frozen Heart ago
Chapter 413: First(?) Contact ago
Chapter 414: Long Live the Queen ago
Chapter 415: Disaster Awareness ago
Chapter 416: Beyond Perfection ago
Chapter 417: The End of the Line ago
Chapter 418: The Passing of the Torch ago
Chapter 419: Treasured Knowledge ago
Chapter 420: Shady Transactions ago
Chapter 421: Disaster Prevention Hotline ago
Chapter 422: The Life of a Shadow ago
Chapter 423: Troubled Times ago
Chapter 424: Sher Dien ago
Chapter 425: Political Maneuvering ago
Chapter 426: Carna Petra ago
Chapter 427: The Brightest Future ago
Chapter 428: A Star is Born ago
Chapter 429: Wish Upon a Star ago
Chapter 430: Thoughts and Prayers ago
Chapter 431: The Era of Champions ago
Chapter 432: The Greatest Plans of Slimes and Men ago
Chapter 433: Evolution ago
Chapter 434: Daughter of the Stars ago
Chapter 435: Family Understands ago
Chapter 436: The King's Tribute ago
Chapter 437: Sea God's Play ago
Chapter 438: Ill Fortunes ago
Chapter 439: Proof of Graduation ago
Chapter 440: The Earthshaper ago
Chapter 441: Like Fish in a Barrel ago
Chapter 442: Bear Witness ago
Chapter 443: Divine Insight ago
Chapter 444: Advanced Knowledge ago
Chapter 445: Revenge ago
Chapter 446: A Bargain ago
Chapter 447: A Chance to Grow ago
Chapter 448: Master's Trials ago
Chapter 449: Dungeon Battles ago
Chapter 450: Qualifications ago
Chapter 451: Investment ago
Chapter 452: Culmination ago
Chapter 453: Blasting Off Again ago
Chapter 454: One Giant Leap ago
Chapter 455: Home Sweet Home ago
Chapter 456: No News is Good News ago
Chapter 457: Community's Call ago
Chapter 458: The Brightest Light ago
Chapter 459: Divine Tree... Divinitree? ago
Chapter 460: Perfect Timing ago
Chapter 461: Fruits of our Labors ago
Chapter 462: Divine Unity ago
Chapter 463: The Oncoming Storm ago
Chapter 464: Dangers Above and Below ago

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I really like the whole idea of the story....but my main problem was the main cast, i mean he was the one creating all the gods but they just seem more or less bossing him around, idk maybe it's just me but could of ben better i stoped at chap 45, i just couldn't get past that with all their personalities. Anyways keep up the gud work.

Danyel N
  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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  • Character Score

Great premise disastrious execution

Sooo much potential but you destroyed it with a stupid mc i mean a retarded mc actually ,also the girls are so generic ,that being and the reason i dropped this one also the problem with all his choices i mean come on even me if i stayed A FEW HOURS could think of o coustom world  THATS BETTRR and im not really so much in world building

I understand why would you create  a beautiful girl i would do the aame but seryously cant he make his own decisions its like from the moment that he created the first girl he became an idiot that just obeys everything that she says come on seryosuly and also cant he be more original when he created the world and its inhabitants ?




Stephen Lewis
  • Overall Score

I love world building/dungeons like novels so I am biased it's good just not for everyone currently caught up read entire story in 2 days 

Contains some tropes and cliche stuff (whatever I dont really think it really takes away from the story)

Interesting take on system-system?

It's an enjoyable read and a time killer (in my book that's a plus with a long back log of stuff to catch up on)

Tldr:its not for everyone but give it a try if you dont like it you dont have to read it 

Ps I dropped at ch 347 (its stale and I'm getting bored)

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
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Chapter 57: Underworld Woes

I read this a while ago, so the scores can be considered +/- 0.5 stars from what I have given.

Style: 4/5

I don't recall anything being in issue in terms of style. If I had read it more recently it would probably have a higher score, but since it's been a while it gets the benefit of being better than many works, but the doubt marks it down from a perfect or near perfect score.


Story: 4/5

I'm blatantly giving points here for the concept and the way some things have developed. I find it very interesting, but it loses a bit because thus far the greater plot hasn't revealed itself and most of the potential this story creates is being explored or not being explored as the author wants/wanted to make it available on amazon in order not to deviate too much from the main story. Personally I feel this is misguided at best, as the people who enjoy this story are likely to be the type who would enjoy the detours as it would more fully flesh out the world.


Grammar: 4/5

It's been to long to make an accurate call here. I don't remember any frustrations or annoyances distracting me as I read so the grammar could be a five, but a four is the safest bet.


Characters: 3/5

At this point in time, the characters are easily the weakest part of this story. Don't get me wrong there is a lot of potential to work with but whether it will come to anything or not is a bit of a toss up. Mainly it's just a lack of depth and motivations and given the nature of events in the story this is something that can't be helped to a certain degree.


Overall: 4/5

I enjoy the concept and have few issues with anything that has been presented so far. If you have read the authors other work World Seed this is in my opinion an overall improvement in several of the technical aspects of writing. On the other hand, there is the issue of the authors desire to monetize parts of the story he considers peripheral, but that I consider the real pay off of the story. This would be a lesser issue if the author had a complete work, but both stories are currently ongoing and update somewhat irregularly.

Radix Malorum
  • Overall Score
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Proficient writing and great premise. Bad pacing and plot development.

Reviewed at: Chapter 416: Beyond Perfection


The author is good at world building.  What's bad is the focus and pacing of the story. 

Spoiler: Spoiler

I think the author's writing is very proficient, but his pacing and plot development are the weak points.  I commend the way he kept track of all the different systems in his story but it's very hard for the normal reader to keep track of all of them.  If I had his proficiency in writing and I wrote this story I would've written a bit more stakes into the story and drastically decreased the number of POV chapters.


  • Overall Score

(Light spoilers) Not awful however their where a fair amount of plot holes. I got to chapter 60 and was very put off on how simple the system was, all the happened was he listed what he wanted and it was done for him. Multiple times the things he creates and sells were incredibly simple and sometimes he just fixed other peoples stuff yet somehow none of the other people who have been around for ages did it beforehand. Additionally it is slower than I would have liked for the actual detail involved. All in all, it might not be the worst book but there are other things to read. 

  • Overall Score
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Awesome premise, but that's not what the story is about

Reviewed at: Chapter 2: Feminine Wiles

Interesting premise that has a lot of potential for an unusual story. The making and building of worlds and civilizations. Unfortunately, the story just turns into a wish fulfillment fest, complete with a harem and doll-like side characters. The MC doesn't seem to remotely care that everyone he's ever known is gone. Instead he'd rather listen to infodumps and ogle catgirls.

Really disappointing. I feel misled.

  • Overall Score
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 OK why the fuck is the mc so whiped like come on he created Terra why does he have to wait until she wakes up, bow down like a peasent (he is a god)  come on that shit pisses me off I bet a lot of hopeful readers stop reading because of shit like that I love the concept of the story but the characters are shitty plain and simple your mc sucks 

  • Overall Score
  • Style Score
  • Story Score
  • Grammar Score
  • Character Score

I think this is a pretty decent read. Even though it's not exactly what I hoped for, I read up to chapter 356, titled Expansion. I recommend this story if you are into Comedy, Adventure and some light but always present world building. I mean, the author is really creative from my perspective. He made an easy to follow plot, not many errors in the logic of the story and even if he did, he tries to correct them. Some were even corrected pretty well with the support system he uses. The only real problems might be that some of the characters are a bit dull or don't have really well-developed personalities and that the story focuses a bit too much on Dale. It might be better to show and detail more of his interactions with his citizens/believers and how the other gods interact with the world too. Now into a more detailed review:

Style 3,5/5

Don't get me wrong I think that the way you write is pretty well accomplished, particularly when the story centers around Dale. The problem that I have is that whenever you try to show some other perspectives it doesn't feel as alive as it does when Dale is thinking or talking. Your ability to describe events is okay too and I can see that through the story you have gotten better but it's still somewhat lacking when you explain more complex information. Anyways, in general, I think that you are pretty good and there's still room for you to improve. Practice describing and multiperspectivity as a piece of friendly advice.

Grammar 5/5

Well, I just want to congratulate you.

Story 4/5

The story is really new and fresh. I really love all the concepts that you used for the story. Different worlds, all of them have different laws and properties, multiple races, interesting approaches to the cliche type of world (like the game world and the cultivation world). Also, the rules and restrictions of the keeper are really interesting too, pretty creative. So, why did I not give you 5 starts you might be thinking. Well, it's mainly because of the underdevelopment that the card world and the dungeon world have. I mean, we don't really have any information about them, especially the card world. We mostly hear about Earth and the keepers daily life. From my perspective, it feels like all of the citizens are not really there too. Also, even though I think this invasion and attack between the keepers are really interesting, it just feels like some kind of background thing so far. 

Character 3/5

I think that Dale is really well done so far. In the beginning, he might have had this really empty personality and he was pretty dumb in general but I think that you rapidly fixed that. For the story to not go into the Harem end was a good move too. Really well accomplished the Bihena feelings part. In the end, Dale is a pretty decent character created so far. But unfortunately, I think he is the only well thought character in the long term. I mean, Aurivy, Accalia and the keeper's daughter might be cute. Tsubaki might be cold and loyal. And the other Gods might have some minimal traits too. But that's it. For example, the horse dude. His only trait is being horny and having a daughter. The dwarf, he only likes to craft things is competitive and talks in a specific way. The goddess of Fortitude (Keliope) is just a battle maniac like Bihena. Udona is a Neet. Anyways, I think you understand where I am going. I think that if you could show interactions between them, with their believers, some perspective where you can develop them it will be really interesting for the readers to see. I saw some reviews that just talked shit about the rest of them, but don't get me wrong, the characters are likable, it's just that I think that you haven't given them a chance for them to appear and steal the limelight from Dale. The 3/5 is only for Dale and some scenes like the one with Bihena and her feelings, the one from Udona and the sister memory problem, and the recent ones from Ashley.

Overall 4/5

In the end, this story looks promising. I want to know more about the world building though, and see some in-depth development for other characters and how the citizens of the world live. The keeper games will need some real advance too because I can't feel them in the story at all. The style you have is good and will keep improving, and as it does I'll keep coming here to upgrade your style score. The grammar is well done and the creativity behind the concept is absolutely genius-like. You might even want to say ''god-like''. (Pun intended).

Anyways, I've favorited and followed the series on royal road already so I hope to continue reading your work. Thanks for your time.

  • Overall Score

Not Quite As Advertised

I was hoping for a cool world building story when I saw this. However the story itself is not really progressing that way.

The writing style is fine and the plot is fairly organized. However, there is not much creativity. Despite the fact that the MC is supposed to be building a new world, he simply follows old cliches and does not have many original ideas. There is very little detail given as to how the MC is changing his world. He mostly just takes pre-written ideas and applies them to his world.

The side charecters are similarly dull. They follow well known cliches, and do not show much individuality or interesting personality traits. Also, the MC's excuse that he is a pervert only makes him less likable as a person, and in turn makes his assistants flat and objectified.

Overall it is not a bad story, it is simply not a great one. Being able to come up with good characters and plot-points is difficult, and this story does fairly well in attempting it. However, the story definately needs an overhaul.