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Once I left Keliope’s room, I decided to walk out towards the living room, sitting down on the sofa. As I did, I pulled up the information about the new special title that I had received. Honestly… I felt like this title was a bit unfair, but deserving of its place as a reward for creating a ‘basic magic’ system.

‘User may gain an understanding of magic within their power. Usable once per month.’ It was… ambiguous, to say the least. I could vaguely guess it’s ability, based on the description. If I was right, it would allow a moment of comprehension when the user posed a question on magic. As long as said magic wasn’t outside the scope of their power, at least.

A one month cooldown is pretty long, though… Since this was an effect generated by the system, it was almost guaranteed that it would be one month for me, not something that could be sped up by fast forwarding the world.

“Daaaale!” A certain Lycan goddess called out as she ran into the room, her eyes sparkling as she looked at me. “Kelly said that you were going around and asking people about what they wanted for their own worlds!”

I blinked, turning my head to look to Accalia in confusion. I mean… I did say that it would make sense to get everyone their own sooner rather than later. I didn’t expect her to take that to mean that I wanted to get everyone’s done now. Though, that also didn’t mean that there was a reason to avoid it, now that Accalia had come directly to me.

“Sure.” I answered simply, deciding not to point out the correction. “She said that you had something in mind for yours?”

Accalia nodded her head in excitement, jumping over me to plant herself in the couch next to myself. “Yes! I’ve been giving it a lot of thought lately, and I think that I’ve gotten something that will work.”

Once I motioned for her to continue, she began explaining. “For the magic, I’d like to use one of the limited types of the Imagination system. It’s listed as ‘Familiar Binding’.” She gave a pause while looking at me, as if waiting for something. So, I went ahead and opened the market to take a look at that system.

Familiar Binding

This is a limited form of the Imagination magic system. Here, users are capable of creating their spells, but must take the time to store them inside of living assistants known as familiars.

40 Points

I nodded my head while reading through the system, and she smiled again. “I’d also like the first three or four tiers of monsters to get my world started. For now… I’d rather leave the game system out, until they join with the other worlds. And for the race, well…” She simply smiled, as if the answer was obvious. And really, it was. Only Ryone had actually made a change to her race when creating her world.

“That should work.” I agreed with a nod. So far, she hadn’t really asked for anything expensive.

“One last thing.” She held her hand up. “Could you buy ki for my world?”

That part made me hesitate. Not because I was unwilling to buy ki, but more because I had gotten used to it simply coming with most of the worlds so far. Now that I thought about it, Desbar didn’t start out with ki either, or Deckan. They would have only gotten it when they reached the merger, right? Taking a look at the market, I saw that each of the base energy types were listed for a simple ten points.

I gave another nod, and she shouted out excitedly, lunging forward and wrapping her arms around one of mine, burying her head against my shoulder. “Thank you, Dale! For the name, I was thinking of going with Kione. It’s a beastkin word that means ‘mother’s home’.”

Before I could answer, I felt the softness against my arms vanish, Accalia having pulled back and jumped to her feet. With a laugh, she started rushing out of the room, back to her own. Seeing her so happy like that actually brought a small smile to my face as I leaned back in the couch.

Well, now it’s just Tryval and Irena. I glanced towards the amount of points remaining, and decided to hold off for just a bit before getting the last two their own worlds. If I tried to get all four at once… five if Keliope ended up needing her own, then we wouldn’t have enough points for everything. Not quite yet, at least.

Instead, I decided to test out my new title. I knew that there was a certain magical conundrum that Ryone had been trying to puzzle out for ages, but none of us had been able to fully figure it out. So, focusing on my Sorcerer title, I mentally asked a question. How do you achieve a proper synergy while casting with Rune Magic, Geometric Magic, and Card Magic simultaneously?

Sorcerer ability has been activated!

My eyes shot wide open as I felt a multitude of images rushing through my head, some unseen force sifting through the various scenes, filtering them out. If it was looking for an example within my world, I knew it wouldn’t find it, because otherwise Ryone would have already known.

Gradually, the figures in the images stopped becoming random people, and instead it started showing… me. In different positions and areas, performing different actions, before finally settling on a single scene. This scene then began playing in my mind, over and over again, the information firmly embedding itself in my consciousness.

Once it was done, I sagged back in the couch, bringing a hand up to my head with a groan. “Well, at least you used it on a pretty good question.” A familiar voice spoke up, and I once again felt a softness wrapping around my free arm.

Glancing over, I saw the head of red hair and bright green eyes staring back at me. “Hey, Terra.” I spoke in a soft tone, leaning over to kiss her forehead. “That was… not how I expected to get my answer, though.”

Terra simply shrugged, leaning down and resting her head against my shoulder. “If it was something that had already happened in your world, then it would show you the answer from there… But, what you’re asking not only hasn’t happened in your worlds… The combination of Geometric, Runic, and Card magic hasn’t been completed yet in any world. After all… you were the one who submitted it to the system.”

I gave a small nod, taking my hand off my head and stretching it out. The air before me began to distort with multiple hues of magic arranged in an almost chaotic pattern. A small bit of golden smoke leaked out from my hand and into the distorted mass, before it solidified into the shape of a card.

This was the answer that the system had given me. It showed me how to create the template for a spell card with my own magic, and how to infuse that template with a combination of runes and geometric magic. Looking at the image, I could see a basic spell diagram, and outside of it was a circle of runes. Oddly, the image was animated, the runes rotating around the diagram.

“In card form, a spell is able to gradually fill up with the mana needed to cast it.” Terra explained, her eyes glancing towards the card as well. “This is the biggest benefit of the Card Magic system. It doesn’t directly enhance the power of the spell, but rather stores the spell to be used later.”

“Runic Magic is flexible and shifting, while Geometric is more rigid and defined. For the spell itself, it is easier to use Geometric as the base, with Runic magic acting to filter and empower the spell. When you look at the completed form, it’s obvious that this is the only way it could truly work. While the ideas may seem obvious, creating the template itself is an extremely difficult task.”

Saying that, Terra took a deep breath. “Honestly… if not for your world having discovered the possibility of Card Synthesis already, the system wouldn’t have given you the answer to that question. Creating a synthetic card naturally means that the template is used, but they already have the template filled and defined in their process, which keeps it from being easily identified.”

I nodded my head, still glancing towards the card, before my eyes shifted back to Terra. “How would you rate this kind of synergy?”

I saw her green eyes blinking for a moment. “Well, naturally you weren’t given the ‘perfect combination’, to let you have room to grow. It mostly depends on the spell stored into the card, but… With what you just made, it would have a forty percent increase in spell power, and an eighty percent decrease in its consumption.”

“However, that spell you just made would have a recharge period of six minutes before it can be used again without damaging the card. That’s the drawback to using the Card Magic system, cards need time to charge their mana between uses.”

Thinking about that, I was honestly quite satisfied with the results. “For a higher tier spell, it would be perfect, then. The casting speed would drastically increase, far more quickly than either of the other systems are capable of.”

Sadly, the system had only given me the ‘template’ for a first tier spell card. If I wanted to create second or third tier cards… Well, now that I had the answer, I felt my smile turning a bit more playful. With a flick of my wrist, the card vanished, being teleported onto Ryone’s lap. I wasn’t sure if she would notice it right away, but…

Dale… Nope, she noticed it right away. Did you just send me what I think you just sent me?

Have fun? I responded in a slightly teasing tone. I knew that her biggest hobby was studying magic, and her latest project was this fusion of magic systems. Now that she had a working final product, it was likely that she’d be able to make great strides in her research.

While thinking about that, I went ahead and purchased Kione for Accalia, before I forgot the details of the world that she had asked for. Then I began leaning to the side against Terra, letting out a content sigh. “You know, as much as I like being able to stay in the citadel, it really just can’t beat being home with everyone.”

Terra’s grip on my arm went just a bit tighter, hugging it closer to herself. “Yeah, well, I like having you around, too. Make sure to come visit us more often, will you?”

I gave a small nod, having already been thinking the same thing myself. “So, what did you think of my Watcher spell?”

Terra let out a long groan. “Did you have to name it something so perverted? And even set it to learn through mirrors… It’s like you’re asking for a twisted personality. Overall, though… I think the spell is pretty good. It’s a good rough draft of making an artificial intelligence through magic, as long as proper care is taken during its learning period.”

I was… a bit concerned how its personality might turn out as well, but its intelligence should be high enough to notice the difference between how people act in private and in front of others. At least, I sincerely hoped that was the case.

“We’ll see how it’s turned out once I get back. It should have had enough time to learn to develop a foundation for its own personality.” I explained, bringing my hand up and lightly resting it against her own. For now, it just felt nice for the two of us to sit together like this, so I was in no rush.


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