In order to facilitate a natural environment for the race you want to use as the players in this world, I need access to that race. EverLasting told me that you would be able to find an option inside of the Reality Virtual interface to upload the race.

I watched Vivi’s words appear within the window on my computer, nodding my head. This wasn’t quite what I expected when I was told that I would be prompted for the race selection, but it was not entirely inaccurate. I went through the interface, and chose the demon race as the ‘primary race’ for Vision Expanse.

Thank you, Dale. Now, while you are there, you should see a selection for secondary races. You can choose to have these available at the start of the ‘game’ for players to select, and you may also select for there to be other civilizations that host these races, whether they are in other countries or planets.

I had noticed that option, and actually planned to ask her about it when we were done. But since she brought it up herself, I nodded, beginning to add in the other races. The only one that I chose not to add to this menu was the dungeon core race, because I could not imagine anyone wanting to play as an immobile dungeon stuck at the starting zone. Aside from that, the game likely had its own dungeon system.

Very good. You’ve chosen several races as viable both as a starting race, and as other civilizations. Do you have any restrictions on how you want these races to be unlocked, or shall they be available from the start?

“Available from the start.” While it was nice to give people the option to play as demons within the game, I definitely did not want to
force everyone into that race. The fact that I was able to set it up so that they could play their own unique races was pretty useful.

I understand. I notice that you included one race that has several variable options. Do you wish for those options to be freely chosen by the player, or shall it be left to chance which variant they begin as?

That one made me take some time to think. I knew that she was talking about the centaurs, as they were the only race I owned with ‘variant’ options. I just wasn’t sure if it would break the balance of the game to have the variants available to the players, since some of them could get quite strong. “Is there a ‘family’ system in this game at all?”

When she asked for me to elaborate, I took a deep breath. “If two players got together, would they be able to produce a child. And if so, would a player be able to play as that child?”

There is no system in place for such an occurrence. However, it is within my power to assign a feature like that, as it does not require additional purchases.

“It… doesn’t?” Now
that surprised me. I was expecting to have to purchase any little changes that I wanted to make here.

No, sir. As I am able to act with a certain measure of control within this world, including player spawn options, I am able to adjust this rule as it is not a system bought from the Keeper market.

“I see… what if two characters of different races wished to have a child?” I had never been particularly interested in purchasing a system like that for my worlds, because I did not see much of a point to it. If two people loved one another, then they would continue that love whether or not they were able to have a child.

However, in a video game things were different. People played games to live out the fantasies that they couldn’t have in real life. It made sense to make something like that possible here.

There is an option for a custom starting race built into the systems included for this world. Using that, I can merge the two parent races to produce an offspring sharing mixed traits of the parents. Is this something that you wish to be possible?

“Yes, please.” I nodded my head, watching the computer screen. “Is there anything else that you need to know, before we can get started?”

There is, yes. In this world, religion plays a heavy role. If you do not have any deities, I can invent a few to fill the roles as needed. However, if you already possess them, then I also have the option to incorporate those deities into the world of Vision Expanse.

Naturally, I wasn’t about to give up on that. Religion was equally as important to my own worlds, and Ashley’s company might be hurt if other deities were represented in the game while Ashley herself wasn’t. I began telling Vivi the names of the various gods and goddesses, as well as their domains. I was quite confused when Vivi asked for their personalities. However, rather than describing that about them, I suggested that she talk to them herself.

As I was just about to finish up with this segment, a thought occurred to me. “Vivi… would it be possible to add a second elven goddess?” I felt something stir inside of my soul as I asked that question.

Of course, sir. There is room for a potentially unlimited number of deities.

“Good… Leowynn, could you come out?” There was a moment of hesitation, before I felt the silver mist slowly seeping out of my body. When my daughter appeared standing next to me, she looked at me with a face mixed with concern and confusion.

“Are you sure, father?” She asked, glancing between myself and the computer screen. “I thought you wished to keep my existence a secret?”

“At first.” I nodded my head. “But I always planned to let them know at some point. And… I was planning to discuss it with Vivi, to make the information about you need to be discovered within the game. Would that be possible?”

Surely. I need only to insert her as a goddess for a foreign power. Players are often drawn to new information such as this, according to EverLasting.

“Alright.” I gave another nod, turning to look at Leowynn. “So, what domains would you like here?” I felt my lips tugging upwards as I asked that. “Everyone gets three.”

Leowynn’s face flushed, having clearly not expected this kind of development. “U-uhm… Stars?” She looked down at her own dress. “Stars have always been a really big thing for me… Aside from that… Vivi, do you have any suggestions?”

There are several popular domains that have not been taken yet. The Beauty domain is a

“No! Not that one, please!” Leowynn’s face flushed even further as she cut Vivi off, her blush reaching all the way up to her ears.

Very well. You addressed the Keeper as your father. If you like, we could style you as a creation deity.

“I can’t be the creator.” Leowynn shook her head again. “That’d mean I came before my mother, Ryone. It wouldn’t make any sense.”

Understood. If you are the daughter of the Goddess of Magic and the Keeper, then perhaps you would prefer to have the Family domain?

“Family…” She hesitated again, before nodding. “Okay, I like that one. But, one more… stars, family… what could possibly connect those?”

If we carry Stars as your prominent domain, then Family could represent a major constellation within the area that you reside. By that logic, your third domain would similarly represent another constellation.

“Oh?” Leowynn looked in surprise towards the computer. “Okay, then… a constellation. Could… I be the goddess of Monsters? They’re a common theme in constellations, right? Especially… dragons.”

I could easily prepare this setting for you, yes. Now, Dale. If there is nothing else, I would like to inform you of a few options that have been included within the game settings.

EverLasting gave me the ability to create Admin accounts. This setting would be chosen upon creation of the account, and could not be changed later. While logged in on the Admin account, you will possess powers similar to that of a deity, as well as the ability to grant or remove levels, skills, or equipment.

“Admin account, huh?” That seemed pretty standard for a video game. I wasn’t sure whether or not to expect something like that from the Reality Virtual system, but it was nice to see that the option was considered.

This account is treated as secondary, and anybody possessing an Admin account may also log in with a normal player account if they simply wish to play the game. I was also instructed to warn you that, should an enemy in the Keeper Games directly infiltrate Vision Expanse, the Admin account will not be able to influence them.

Aside from that, I am currently rebooting the world. If you have any lore that you would like to include in the world, please tell me at this time, and I will see that it is placed in a fitting location.

I gave it a moment of thought. However, aside from Leowynn, I couldn’t think of any other special information that I wanted to hide inside of the game. Hearing nothing from me, Vivi seemed to assume that there was nothing else, her chat window going blank as she began to type out another message to me.

Very well, I shall use my own discretion. By the time this world has been installed on a device, it should be ready.

“That’s… fast.” I nodded, a bit surprised myself that it would be ready so soon. Though, she was probably getting things ready privately as we were setting up the different modifications. I turned my head, glancing towards Leowynn to see that she was doing her best to conceal a small smile. “Vivi, is it possible for a spirit to play the game?”

That depends entirely on the level of technology used to connect, sir. However, like all game worlds designed by EverLasting, Vision Expanse is created with the idea that it will be played over thousands of years. During this time, it is entirely possible for there to be a breakthrough that would allow a spirit to connect with the game.

So it wasn’t likely to be a thing yet with a group that had just unlocked the technology. However, there was hope for letting her play the game herself in time. Until then, if I chose to log in, she’d simply be watching it through my eyes.

Ashley. I sent a message out to the demoness, glancing back to my computer and switching over to the map. I could easily find the game company in Lenan’s capital, and see a very excited demoness flying in through the roof entrance. In her hand she was gingerly holding the new flash drive, though I saw her wing give a small twitch when I sent that message.

You don’t have to do so right away. But eventually, I’d like it if you were to make known that your company was actually founded by you. If people see the game as something literally brought by the gods, it’s less likely to fall out of style in the long run, I think.

After entering the building, I saw Ashley give a small nod, still walking towards her own office. Inside the company, I saw that there was a huge server room set up, even though the company didn’t seem to have released any prominent game titles yet. Something I imagine the employees were quite concerned over.

Nonetheless, once she plugged her flash drive into the computer, there was a moment of pause. Afterwards, she tilted her head back and began laughing uproariously. Her wings trembled as she clutched her side, and I didn’t even realize what she was laughing about until she sent a message. A week! Just transferring all this information to our servers is going to take a week!


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